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Stroh's Lite 1989 Thunderbird

13 February 2013 - 11:08 PM

So I managed to finally get my hands on the decal sheet to do this car, it would almost be one of my Holy Grail cars and so I am slowly working on it. Paint is Tamiya TS-15 for the body, the inside is AS-20 Insignia white. I filled the front air intake on the left light, along with blending the nose clip and rwar clip with the main body section.
I have had a few issues with dust, orange peel etc and then I rubbed it back and got a good covering of 2K and so far I am happy with it all.
It is nice to make progress with a model and I have now decaled this beast. The decals are by Race Scale and went down really well, I used a little Micro Sol & Set to help here and there but for their age they were fantastic. I have washed the body with some warm water and detergent and then polished with a soft dry cloth, I think I might leave it like this rather than a gloss topcoat. I will get to doing a chassis for this one soon, I want to keep painting some bodies while we have gorgeous weather here