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A Verry Sick Friend

17 October 2013 - 07:24 AM

Hello every one, my name is, Richie, I'm  friend of Michaels, well Gothic Kustomz, he has been admited to the hospital, for sever Pneumonia, he has told me there is some kind of build off that he has started????, and that I need to get a hold of a guy, named ????? about some deal he made, but didn't say his name, so I hope the the Mr ???? will read this, and leave a message for Michael to read, nice I found his name a Benjamin Bow, so sir if your read this, please get a hold of Michael, I'm at the hospital now, going to hang out with him for a few hours, thanx every one on Michaels behaf....

Kustom Karz, build off,

26 September 2013 - 04:06 PM

OK, here's an idea, depending n how many people wanna do this, this will be a contest, voted on by your peer's, say starts OCTOBER 1st. till say Last day of January, open to all ages, and all levels of builders.




(1) Any kinda Kustom, any make, year, model, or style, car, truck, SUV, low rider's, street freaks,  even rigs, just like the car show folks.


(2) Can be a new kit, an old one, a current project,


(3) Must be able to post W.I.P.'s, from start to finish, ( meaning if ya enter, ya gotta start posting the W.I.P. pic's) If there are no W.I.P pic's guess what, your out.


(4) Scratch building is a go, so is kit bashing.


(5) NO PE parts, (photo etch), lets see some talent.


(6) No build bashing.


(7) Be respectful of other builders,


(8) do not show finished builds, these must be in progress,


The winner will get a prize, yes from me personaly, ok, yeah thru the mail, if your interested, then post your name here, and what you might have in mind for the build, not the actual build, but what your gonna enter.


MR JORDAN WHITE,  Aoshima Nissan Terrano (Pathfinder)

KENNYBOYFerrari 340 Competizione (Gullwing America).

DrKerry, "Panic Tang"

Kratvmnd, '76-'79 Nissan 330 Cedric.

BKcustoms,  '51 Henery J Kustom.

Jantrix, '49 Ford Kustom.

JasonFl, '? Mercury.

Mr.Camaro, CJ Jeep Hot Rod.



OK, we have 8, I know for fact there are more kustom, mild to wild, builders out there, :D

War Child

13 September 2013 - 12:04 AM

Yes, War Child, you, have been warned:








And so...... The Birth Of War child:


I'm still doing the '49, just taking a break to get the body on this done, then back to the easy stuff.

'49 Miss Majestic

26 August 2013 - 07:46 AM

Well here we go, this is another full on Kustom, 1949 revell Merc, so stay tuned,


Nothing but the cry'n now:


The new grill, time to fit and shape, then to the rear:


'65 Tattoo Dancer

15 June 2013 - 09:46 AM

 Inspiration build, "SIGH" I'm gonna do this one, I have everything i need right here, this will be sorta just outa the box, with a few scratch built things, ummmm sorta:




Using Windex as a dechromer, tho I'm sure ya could use Amonia, as that is the leading ingrediant in Windex, hmmmmmm, I got a jug of that too, should try it out see if it works:


Most of the suspension that will be scratch built, so keep an eye out on here.