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14 July 2010 - 03:55 AM

Fella's Not meaning to start nuthin, But one of the guys at the forum I happen to mod on has told us all there, that HIS computer got a VIRUS from frequenting Modelers Haven, and ANOTHER member ALSO said that that forum had been haveing Virus problems! I'd be VERY CAREFUL about going there if I were you's!!! BOTH of these members are ALSO members in GOOD standing here, so I believe them, and I'm staying AWAY from MODELERS HAVEN!Posted Image Posted Image

Hi George. The Modeler's Haven is an Invisionfree board, and as such is unlikely to generate viruses as described above. However, in the unlikely event that this did happen, I would appreciate it if either you, or the other members affected, could PM me directly with details and I will get in touch with Invisionfree to investigate the matter more thorougly.

Bill MacDonald
Forum Administator
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