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88 Chevy K2500

01 September 2014 - 12:50 PM

This rig started out as the AMT USA-1 kit. I used the leftover 4X4 suspension and wheel/tire combofrom the 77 GMC I used to build my Grandpa's truck. I made it an 88 by scribing the two lines in the headlights. The interior is based loosely off of  my Dad's 88 K1500 (Note: the floormats are Peterbilt mudflaps, in both scales!). The cowl hood is from the MPC 1969 Charger 500. Try to guess what it originally was. Made the ladder rack out of Evergreen tubing. Not sure if I will use it or not. Going to go with either black and red, black and white, or red and white for the paint . Well, here it is in all of its primed glory. Thanks for looking.IMG_1419_zps6cbfd8c1.jpgIMG_1420_zps005a6a0c.jpgIMG_1421_zpsef1537bb.jpgIMG_1425_zps4c542ec6.jpg


Did Lindberg's Chevy California pickup ever exist?

24 August 2014 - 01:36 PM

I remember seeing this kit at their website before Round-2 bought them, and it is nowhere for purchase online. Announced but never finalized? If so, any chance of Round-2 releasing it? I think it's a reissue of the Testors Boyd's Hauler.Here's what it was supposed to look like. ehobbies-com_2272_3877275815__44994.1403Thanks for any help.

Pap's 1974 C-10

22 August 2014 - 03:59 PM

I finished Pap's 85th Birthday present a few days early ( I finished it last night, PC is now up and running). I had some help from a master painter and body man for the blue and clear (said person is my dad). Dad also ran the pin striping tape that makes up the "Racetrack trim". I had to redraw a majority of the decals because of fading and cracking on the 1:1. I was going to just leave the bug guard off (I couldn't figure out a way to mount it), but then my mom gave me the idea of "Pap just bought it and hasn't installed it yet in the real world." Display case is from Hobby Lobby. I can't wait to see the look on Pap's face tomorrow! Well, here it is. All comments welcome. Thanks for looking.IMG_1410_zps64dbcb7a.jpgIMG_1411_zpse9bbcfa1.jpgIMG_1413_zps9bf7cbfa.jpgIMG_1414_zps591d2738.jpgIMG_1415_zps55d1a600.jpgIMG_1417_zpsbf838822.jpgIMG_1418_zpsd60d82d7.jpg

Primed1- A 1997 Ford F-150 Work Truck

13 July 2014 - 04:59 AM

This is the Lindberg kit of the 1997 Ford F-150 XLT. I originally planned for the truck to be gloss black on the body, but the paint refused to cooperate. So out came the rattle can primer. I'm not happy with it as it was built a while back in my noob glue bomb stage ( chassis  and interior, body had bad paint). only scratchbuilt piece is the hitch. Thanks for looking.IMG_1283_zpsf36641c7.jpgIMG_1278_zps55afa139.jpgIMG_1282_zpsb7ba48a3.jpgIMG_1279_zpsfae2494d.jpgIMG_1280_zps61be5880.jpgIMG_1277_zps482525ee.jpg

Finished! 1974 Chevy C-10- A replica of my my Grandpa's old truck

29 June 2014 - 10:09 AM

Hey guys! I'm starting a new project for my Grandpa for his 85th birthday this August. It will be building his 1974 Chevy C-10 Pickup. I will be using the Revell 1978 GMC kit for the project. The suspension used will be from a Monogram NASCAR kit (Pap's truck was 2 wheel drive, not 4).The engine/transmission were from Monogram's 37 Ford street rod(his truck was an automatic). The wheels are from AMT's 76 Gremlin, as they are the closest wheels I could find(I know of the Monogram Step side with rally wheels, but they are lug, not 5) The grill has already been started and will (hopefully) resemble his as closely as possible. My deadline will be his birthday, August 23rd. Well, here are pics of my progress so far.  PapsC-10WIP001_zps423f1c3d.jpgPapsC-10WIP002_zps31f5fec1.jpgPapsC-10WIP003_zpsa575cec4.jpgPapsC-10WIP005_zps624cffbd.jpgPapsC-10WIP004_zps488fdcf4.jpg