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88 Chevy K2500 Shop Truck

22 February 2015 - 03:29 PM

This is the final result of this build. The paint is Dupli-color Gloss Black Acrylic Enamel with Krylon Metallic silver for anything silver. The frame/chassis is airbrushed. The body was at one point airbrushed,but it didn't turn out very good. Everything engine related from the intake up was from a Monogram GM NASCAR.  The decals are a mixture from a bunch of kits. The CB antenna is from Roscoe's Monaco and the Radio antenna is a piece of stretched parts tree. The mirrors are from a Monogram F-250. Cowl hood is made  from an MPC 69 Charger gas tank, flipped and filled in. The visor was pirated from a Dodge Monster Truck Diecast. The toolbox is solid wood. The exhaust is Evergreen tubing with Mufflers made from a wooden dowel rod.The wheels and all 4X4 parts are from Revell's 77 GMC. Base kit was the USA-1 Monster Truck.The rear window has real window tin on the inside. I still need to print my shop decals for it, which will involve me getting white decal paper. I don't know why the  side picture made it look like it  sits like it's a gasser. It doesn't sit that way in real life. All comments, good or bad, are welcomed. Thanks for looking. IMG_1678_zps171c725a.jpgIMG_1676_zps18e8bda4.jpgIMG_1679_zps2dad0c2b.jpgIMG_1680_zpsfe0d0ff3.jpgIMG_1681_zpsbc78d492.jpgIMG_1684_zps89fe46ea.jpgIMG_1694_zpsfa2eab7f.jpgIMG_1695_zps39d08dd5.jpg

85 Camaro Z/28

22 February 2015 - 03:27 PM

This is the old Monogram snap kit that is no longer marked as such. I painted and built everything on this except for the body today. My dad painted the body with Deltron Gunmetal Poly a good while back. The wheels are from the Revell/Monogram 37 Ford Sedan. They fit the tires from the kit with very little modifying. Any comments, good or bad are welcomed. Thanks for looking.IMG_1687_zpsc0b0969c.jpgIMG_1688_zpsb40a505f.jpgIMG_1690_zps87d7881e.jpgIMG_1691_zpsd9b73b22.jpg

78 Dodge Monaco Custom Street Machine

15 February 2015 - 12:39 PM

This was supposed to be my 2013 Cannonball Run entry. Considering I finished it yesterday, I would say I am just a little bit late. Lol. I started with the latest release of Roscoe's Cruiser from MPC. The front roll pan is a modified custom piece from the AMT 65 GTO.  The wheels are Cragar Protechs from the AMT 32 Ford Phaeton Reissue from the 90s. The hood scoop is from the most recent reissue of the MPC 67 Charger.The air cleaner is also from the 65 GTO, slightly modified. The mirror is from a Revell 50 F-1 pickup. The grille is just a piece of mesh from a Chevy truck air cleaner. I shaved the door handles and trim. The paint is Duplicolor Orange Mist Metallic. It is pictured with my 2015 Cannonball entry. Thanks for looking.  All comments, good or bad, welcomed.IMG_1660_zps584c70b6.jpgIMG_1662_zps066e114e.jpgIMG_1663_zpsbdd62bc7.jpgIMG_1665_zpsc93a987e.jpgIMG_1666_zps38f29ecd.jpgIMG_1668_zps5576410d.jpgIMG_1669_zps8c1b39d8.jpgIMG_1671_zpsee89910f.jpg

1992 Mercury Cougar XR-7 2015 Cannonball run

09 February 2015 - 05:08 PM

OK, here is my Cougar. The cage is scratchbuilt from 1/16 Evergreen tubing. Wheels and tires are from Monogram's 55 F-100 Street Rod. The decals on the rear window are from a NASCAR kit and Roscoe's Monaco. The body paint is Dupli-Color gloss Black and because it blushed on top, it gave the car the typical peeling 90s beater look. The front bumper is primer and the hood is Dupli-color Graphite Grey Metallic. The Maroon interior really gives the car a 90s look as i don't think I've seen a vehicle newer than like 99 with a burgundy interior. I went for a built in a LKQ yard type look and think I hit it pretty well. The kit is virtually box stock, I had to modify the front wheel backs a little bit. The worst part of the build was when one of the front wheel backs decided to go MIA for about an hour and screw with me. I still need to make some license plates for the front and rear.All comments welcome. IMG_1658_zps89c52a95.jpgIMG_1653_zpsf63c2d64.jpgIMG_1648_zps1f6bd5ec.jpgIMG_1652_zps99accc0f.jpgIMG_1646_zps11344d18.jpgIMG_1650_zpsbc99644f.jpg

My finished 2014 builds

27 December 2014 - 01:35 PM

Since everyone else is doing it, I figured I would too.

1. 1967 Charger Barn find


2.1997 F-150 Work TruckIMG_1278_zps55afa139.jpg

3.1974 Chevy C-10. My grandpa's old truck


4.1937 Ford Sedan Dirt trackIMG_14971_zps78796b95.jpg

5.1965 Chevy Shop Truck


So, I completed 3 trucks and 2 cars. Not very many, so I hope to have a lot better finishing percentage for 2015.