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  1. Rick, have you given up on this bad boy??🤔🤔
  2. Rickard, any updates on this bad boy?? Ep
  3. Sweet!! This bad boy is really taking shape now.
  4. Looking Sweet brother!! Can't wait to see it on all fours, and maybe even a mock up with the body????
  5. I forgot, you can also try AlteredStatesmodels.com. They have a 1/16 th scale 32 Ford body.
  6. Try looking through Shapeways. Hit the search bar for whatever you're looking for. Hope this helps. Ep
  7. Can anyone tell me if the parts from these two kits are interchangeable? Specifically, the wheels and tires. I have several older kits that need the tires to be replaced. Can I use new tires on the older wheels/rims? Thanks Ep
  8. Rik, how about these: https://m.facebook.com/1724228587633546/photos/a.1724242310965507/2495209443868786/?type=3&source=48&__tn__=EH-R They are from Dancing Bear Scale Components on Facebook.
  9. SWEET!!! An update on this bad boy makes me happy!! Hopefully, it will be on all 4's sometime soon. Always looking forward to your updates. Getting closer to the finish line with each update. Keep up the good work, Rickard.
  10. This is SWEET!!! 9 years?? Bro, it's time to get 'er done!! Can't wait to see more. You're killing it! Hope that you get more time for this bad boy. Thanks for the update.
  11. Rick, I have an idea for you if you haven't thought of this already. I saw that you have already drawn a "lip" around the passenger side window opening for the window. If you haven't cut out these openings yet, may I suggest to you to take a strip of Tamiya 2mm Fine Line tape and placing it around the edges of the window openings so that it may act as a clean, straight guide for cutting out your window openings. I think this will give you a very straight edge as a result of following the tape as you make the cuts for the windows. Hope this can be of a help to you. Ep
  12. Sweet!!! Can't wait to see the engine installed along with the rear end and all the other pieces you have for this bad boy!! It's coming along nicely.
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