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  1. 69 Camaro outlaw....

    Tyrone, awesome build! What paint did you use for the finish? Ep
  2. I have a few questions about the Wild Willie Borsch Charger Funny Car. 1) What kind of injector is it that he ran that was similar to those in the Jungle Jim Vega and Ed The "Ace" McCullough's Duster? It's similar but not quite the same as those. 1a) Does anyone offer it in 3D? If so, what's it called? 2) What is the Orange color used on the body? 3) Did someone ever offer the arm that rested on the window frame in resin at any time and in 1/16 th scale? Thanks, Erroll P
  3. BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - New pics 10-14

    Sir, if I may ask, how did you prep the brass to be primed? You didn't wash it like you would with plastic did you? Did you wipe it down with anything or scuff it before priming? Ep
  4. Cavalier project

    Where did you get your Weld wheels from? Looks good so far.
  5. 32 Ford A/SR - FINISHED

    Well done sir, well done indeed! Now on to the ProMod Vette!
  6. Revell '41 Willys "Demon II"-Now Under Glass...

    Joe, any chance that you will come to Houston in July for the HAMS show?
  7. Tamiya DTM D2. x2?

    That Ford Duplicolor laid down really nice. Did you shoot it straight from the can?
  8. EBay is your best bet
  9. Trying to remember the lineup of all the Revell 16th scale drag cars: Funny Cars Jungle Jim Vega Mickey Thompson Grand Ams ( Revellleader, U.S.MARINES) Army Vega Mongoose Duster Revellution Dusters ( blue/white, burgundy/white/black) Snowman Charger Snowman Vega Chi-town Hustler Hawaiian Charger ( old 73', new 14'/15'?) Top Fuels Snake Army R/E Mongoose Navy R/E Big Daddy R/E Da Fast Guys R/E Jeb Allen Praying Mantis R/E California Charger F/E Tony Nancy F/E Prudomme F/E Beebe & Milligan F/E Did I miss any??? Ep
  10. The front wing looks to be different. On the Snake car, it looks to be more a rectangular shape where as on the Allen car it has more of a airplane wing look.
  11. Monogram Ferrari GTO 1/24 Scale the 5 year build

    I may be wrong on this but I think your paint woes stem from your original paint..... Acrylic. Once you sprayed the primer ( I guessing it is lacquer) that's where the problem began. You sprayed lacquer over, what I believe to be, acrylic enamel and that's why you're having the paint issues. If the problem persists maybe you could strip all the paint down to the bare plastic and start from the beginning. Just a suggestion. Hope this helps.
  12. Pro Mod -63 Corvette

    Could you show us a mock up of what you have so far? Thanks, Ep
  13. Pro Mod -63 Corvette

    Very nice work sir. Please, don't be a stranger. Hope to see more updates soon. Ep
  14. 2006 FedEx Monte Carlo

    I think I'm going to miss it. Going to see nephew's son in championship b-ball game. Good luck to you though.