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  1. Dragonknee added a post in a topic Drag racing car collection (Need Help)   

    Thanks to all who responded, any other info is much appreciated. Thanks Jim

    Please, no selling on the forum. I will ban any further posts on the kits. It is clearly stated about no selling in the "intro" messages for the forum. Thank you for your cooperation. PM's are permissible. -- The Moderator
  2. Dragonknee added a post in a topic Drag racing car collection (Need Help)   

    Im really looking for leads or help as to what I could do with this collection.... If its swaps or trades... or leads to a wholesale buyer of older kits that would help alot. Thanks
  3. Dragonknee added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Drag racing car collection (Need Help)
    My name is Jim and I am getting ready to do something with this collection of model drag racing car kits still in wrapping (tons of older and some newer kits). I am posting here because I see this is a specific to drag racing models. Just a little info for those who want to know. It was my wifes late husbands passion on top of owning a classic alcohol fuel injected blown funny car from 1982. The kits are in boxes that I have yet to unpack and there are at least 25 boxs full of kits. I am going to get a whole list of cars and I really would like to figure out what to do with them as a collection. Here is a partial list of just one box pulled at random. Im not sure what they go for but will be talking to others who know and getting some idea of value. If they are something that is worth a lot, then email me and let me know what you think of them. . I also have a huge collection of diecast funny cars and rails that need to also do something with... So for my first post this says it all. Any and all help is welcome Thanks Jim

    1)Revell Blue Max Funny Car ( Harry Schmidts)
    2)Revell Pioneer Avenger Funny Car #2
    3)Revell Don Schumacher Revells Super Shoe 1974 Vega Funny Car
    4)Revell Gary Densham's NEC Communications Avenger Funny Car
    5)Revell Chuck Etchells Kendall GT-1 Funny Car #2
    6)Revell Eddie and Ercie Hill's Pennzoil Top fuel Dragster
    7)Revell American International Motorsports Dragster- Scott Kalitta
    8)Revell Gary Ormsbys Castrol Fuel Dragster (1991 NHRA Top Fuel Champion)

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