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  1. ssroczyn added a post in a topic Tamiya Subaru Impreza WRC '98 - '99   

    Very nice builds of this car!
    Do you mind posting a few pics of the under carriage?
    I'm curious to see what you did!
    Great Builds and Thanks!
  2. ssroczyn added a post in a topic Almost Box Stock Bad Actor   

    Great Job on this Car!!  I really like the look that you
    gave it, it came together very well!
    And on another note, every time I convince myself that I'm not
    interested in this kit someone such as yourself comes along and
    shows me a build like this.  Now I'm fighting hard to not log onto
    Great Job!
  3. ssroczyn added a post in a topic 57 Corvette Gasser   

    Nice Build on a troublesome kit!  Successfully building this
    kit could be a great initiation task for any model car building
    club in my opinion.  I'm like three steps away from finishing
    my own!!
    Do you have any pictures with the front end flipped open?
    I'm interested in seeing how you did the hinges!
    Nice Car!
  4. ssroczyn added a post in a topic IMSA Mustang .   

    Nice Car!  I've been waiting to see a build of one of these posted!
    Any chance you could show some pictures of the interior?
  5. ssroczyn added a post in a topic 1969 Camaro   

    Nice Car and I really like the color!

    Can you share with us what kind of
    paint and color you used?

    Great Job!
  6. ssroczyn added a post in a topic I See a Little Silhouetto of a Man   

    That is awesome, seeing that made my day I love Wayne's World!!!
  7. ssroczyn added a post in a topic 56 Ford F100   

    I'm currently in the process of building three of these including this
    Ed Roth version. The other two are the Red Street Demon and the
    the Blue Street Version. Of the three, I noticed the same type of
    fit with the hood of the Ed Roth Version. I wondered why the "newest"
    version had the worst fit.

    So, win, lose or draw, I'm pressing forward with my builds hoping for
    some success!

    I think the bigger challenge of the Ed Roth kit will be the decals! I
    have a small bottle of Testors Dark Red that I plan to use to fill in
    the gaps between the decals and the edges of the truck.

    Hope you decide to give it a try!

  8. ssroczyn added a post in a topic Bugatti EB110, Revell, 1/24 ***NEW PHOTOS ADDED***   

    Great Job on a very difficult Kit! The finished
    results are just like I imagined it would be!!

    I really do like this car and the kit! And you have
    inspired me to take mine off the shelf, blow the
    dust off it and give it another try!

    Great Job and a Great Looking Car!

  9. ssroczyn added a post in a topic Bugatti EB110, Revell, 1/24   

    I'm very glad to see someone not only attempt this build
    but succeed in building it rather well! I like this car alot!

    I tried this build about 10 years ago and dang near almost
    finished. But at the very end it didn't seem like it was all
    going to fit together all that well. I have another kit on
    standby in case I ever decide to tackle it again. And after
    seeing this post, I just might!

    I also have this same kit from Airfix which is rather nice
    it was fun to compare the parts between the two kits.

    I'll be anxious to see the final build!!

  10. ssroczyn added a post in a topic Chevy II El camino style   

    Very Nice car indeed!

    Can you share with us what color the body is?
    That is a very nice pearl!

  11. ssroczyn added a post in a topic '77 Firebird Formula tribute build   

    The only way that I can think of to say this is:

    Dude! This is a Way Cool Build!

    I need to put together my list of Top 10 Favorite Builds
    in this Forum and this one would be in it. The Subject
    Matter and your Finished Build are Awesome!

    Nice Job!
  12. ssroczyn added a post in a topic What have I got myself into... Mustang Triple.   

    Good Luck with this, I'm working on a triple build myself, 3 Revell 56 Ford Pickups!

    I'll be following this!
  13. ssroczyn added a post in a topic Peugeot 206 '99 WRC   

    Great Job, I like this car!

    Do you have any pictures of it
    from underneath? I'm curious to
    see what you did!


  14. ssroczyn added a post in a topic 37 ford   

    Very sharp car!

    Some of my favorite cars on this forum are the ones
    where the builder had a clear vision of what they wanted
    to do and then executed superbly! You have clearly
    done that here. Everything came together very well!

    This car is very sleek and nicely done! Great Job!
  15. ssroczyn added a post in a topic '60 Chevy Pickup "Purple Nurple"   

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for sharing that! I always wondered if that color would
    look good on a car, and in your case a truck, and it looks great!!

    I have a 59 Implala that I have been planning to use that same
    purple on and now that I see your truck I'm convinced!

    I like it!

    Thanks Again!