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  1. Thanks for the feedback and kind words! This car is one of my better builds! And Yellow it is! Thanks for the help and I will finish this and post it in the "Under Glass" section!
  2. Hello Fellow Modelers! I am almost done with my Tijuana Taxi, I literally have 3 more pieces to put on. But before I can finish, I was hoping to get a little feedback from you. It's concerning the yellow taxi sign on the roof, currently I have it yellow outlined with white. I have a "Taxi" decal to apply to it. But, I am not completely sold on it being yellow like that. I do admit, it's growing on me. At first I had it red but I thought that was too dark. And I thought about the body color orange but not sure about that as well. So I will ask all of you, yellow? Or something else! Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Thanks for looking! I have a 1958 Plymouth Belvedere (Christine) that I will do in this same red. I'm looking forward to that build!
  4. Here's the Eliminator that I completed a few years back. I thought for sure this would be a pretty straight forward kit. But as it turned out, I couldn't get it to fit completely together correctly. I didn't count on that! But I did like the color that I painted it so I thought I would share! The front grille is from Model Car Garage, I did like that part! Enjoy! All comments and criticisms welcome!
  5. Hi Mark, that paint is Model Masters Black Metallic over Testor's Gloss Black. I got very comfortable over the years using Testors Paints. If you're going to buy some, better do it quick as I think most of or maybe all of the Model Master enamels are going away. I hope not though!
  6. Thanks for looking! I really did enjoy putting this one together, considering what it looked like when I got it!
  7. I found this 67 Chevelle at a Garage Sale. It was painted metallic purple from a spray can and the engine was painted some kind of florescent orange. Luckily what was put together I was able to take apart and clean the paint off. Thank you Easy Off oven cleaner! My Likes about this build is I love the paint, and decals. I think everything went together in that respect. My Wishes about this build is that I wish I could have done the front grill better. I tried a few things but I couldn't get it to look the way I wanted. Enjoy and all comments are most welcome!
  8. Hi All, Thanks for chiming in with your thoughts on this as well. And Hi LL3, I might be taking you up on your offer as I do need one more Blue Angels Yellow enamel to finish the, well, Blue Angel F18 I was working on. I did go back to MegaHobby and poked around on their site again. If you look at the Model Masters Metalizers Paint Category I noticed a box set that might not have been there before. It's called Fantasy War Figure Metalizer Paint Set. From the description: Includes 5 1/2oz Metallizer Lacquer Paints plus 1 1/2oz thinner. Colors Included: Brass, Aluminum, Steel, Gunmetal, Burnt Iron I use Magnesium and Titanium quite a bit as well. But sounds like something will be available. But I will still need to figure out what to do about the Model Master Car and Truck 1/2oz enamels. All the feedback here has been quite interesting for sure!
  9. Hello Fellow Modelers! I went on MegaHobby yesterday to buy another round of paints that I needed. They usually carry everything I need and then some. Well yesterday I noticed that in the Model Master Car and Truck 1/2 oz bottles, there were colors that were out of stock and I noticed that some weren't even listed. I noticed the same in Model Master Metalizers 1/2 oz bottles and in the Military FS Series as well. I was looking for Blue Angel Yellow. Anyway, I sent MegaHobby an email asking if and when they were planning to stock up and they said the Testors was discontinuing some of these and that they wouldn't be restocking them. They did go on and say that Testors would be re-releasing these in some new way? After a mild panic I wanted to come on here to see if any of you had any inside information on this. I have plenty of cars that I am dying to work on and Model Master Paints are my go to paints. If you have any thoughts or have heard the same or have any news on this, please chime in, I would love to hear. Thanks! Steve
  10. Update! Just wanted to share with everyone that I did get exactly what I ordered! Maybe took a little while but I'm a happy camper! Thank you Model Car Garage and I hope you're hanging in there okay! I've got plenty of kits on the shelf so I'm sure I'll be shopping there again sometime soon!
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