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  1. Hi All, Thanks for chiming in with your thoughts on this as well. And Hi LL3, I might be taking you up on your offer as I do need one more Blue Angels Yellow enamel to finish the, well, Blue Angel F18 I was working on. I did go back to MegaHobby and poked around on their site again. If you look at the Model Masters Metalizers Paint Category I noticed a box set that might not have been there before. It's called Fantasy War Figure Metalizer Paint Set. From the description: Includes 5 1/2oz Metallizer Lacquer Paints plus 1 1/2oz thinner. Colors Included: Brass, Aluminum, Steel, Gunmetal, Burnt Iron I use Magnesium and Titanium quite a bit as well. But sounds like something will be available. But I will still need to figure out what to do about the Model Master Car and Truck 1/2oz enamels. All the feedback here has been quite interesting for sure!
  2. Hello Fellow Modelers! I went on MegaHobby yesterday to buy another round of paints that I needed. They usually carry everything I need and then some. Well yesterday I noticed that in the Model Master Car and Truck 1/2 oz bottles, there were colors that were out of stock and I noticed that some weren't even listed. I noticed the same in Model Master Metalizers 1/2 oz bottles and in the Military FS Series as well. I was looking for Blue Angel Yellow. Anyway, I sent MegaHobby an email asking if and when they were planning to stock up and they said the Testors was discontinuing some of these and that they wouldn't be restocking them. They did go on and say that Testors would be re-releasing these in some new way? After a mild panic I wanted to come on here to see if any of you had any inside information on this. I have plenty of cars that I am dying to work on and Model Master Paints are my go to paints. If you have any thoughts or have heard the same or have any news on this, please chime in, I would love to hear. Thanks! Steve
  3. Update! Just wanted to share with everyone that I did get exactly what I ordered! Maybe took a little while but I'm a happy camper! Thank you Model Car Garage and I hope you're hanging in there okay! I've got plenty of kits on the shelf so I'm sure I'll be shopping there again sometime soon!
  4. Hi Gabriel, Thanks for sharing that with us. I am not sure where you came across that but if you do know Bob let him know his loyal customers are out here wishing him the best! If I thought he lived anywhere close by, I'd jump in my car and go give him a hand with things. I encourage others on this board to do the same. Leave a good message to Bob here and let him know we're all thinking about him and wishing him the best. Sometimes even the smallest of gestures can help quite a bit!
  5. Thanks for the Feedback! Like I was saying I'm still a very happy customer of theirs. I was hoping someone would chime in and say this is when they go on vacation every year or something. I'm sorry to hear about the owner's Mom and I hope she's doing okay. I will move on to other cars and when the parts come in go back to this one.
  6. Hi! I recently placed an order with Model Car Garage. It's the first time in quite a few years that I have. And in previous years my purchases with them have been great. However, a few weeks ago I made a purchase with them but I haven't heard anything from them. I did get an email saying they received my order and they are processing it, but nothing since. Does anyone here know anything about them and can offer some insight? They are still in good standing with me, I'm just wondering what might be going on there is all. Thanks for any help on this! Steve
  7. Thanks for the answer and for the picture! I see exactly what I did different. And you'll probably chuckle a bit which is okay by me! I glued the fenders to underneath the body first. You have the fenders glued to the chassis first. I'm not sure why I did that, but at least I did it multiple times! Hahahaha That picture explains it plain as day Thank You!
  8. Very Nice! I like how you added the touch of primer to the body. It makes me want to sand it up and finish the paint job just like when I see the real cars out on the road. Can I ask a question? I have built this car and the 65 Corvette as well. And I never could figure out how to install the radiator. I tried several different ways and strategies and I just couldn't get it in there. Can you tell me your secret on how you did this? I this same kit in my collection and as soon as I know I want to build it. Nice Job and Thanks!
  9. This is the Testors / Model Master / Jimmy Fintstone Kit Mercohaulic. I built this several years ago and it was fun to build. Most of the work of course was making sure I gave it a nice smooth finish. And for my skills back then, I think it turned out great. The color is simply the Testors Metallic Blue in the small 1/4 ounce bottle. I always welcome any comments and criticisms. Enjoy!
  10. Very Nice Build! I was admiring the paint job and I had to re-read the paint that you used. When I was first going over your post I saw Testors and I had just assumed you had used the Testors one coat lacquer. Because the paint looks really great on that car. But then I remembered that there is no Red Pearl for the one coat lacquer so I went back to re-read what you did use. And that's the Acrylic Paint in those tall square bottles! You did a great job with those. When I first saw them, I bought a handful and played around for a bit was wasn't quite sure how to get good results, especially on the body of a car. But after seeing what you did, I'm really going to have to go back and revisit this. Nice Job! When using those paints can you talk about what you did to get such a nice finish? And, I have this kit as well, how was it trying to fit the body over the chassis, any tips there? The body is contoured all the way around and the firewall budges out quite a bit so I'm sure there is some trickery on getting the body over all that. Nice Car!
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