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  1. Another Airtrax kit completed. I really enjoy building those unusual european cars. Still learning, but every build seem to turn out better so far.
  2. Vilperi

    VW 411

    Thanks for all positive comments. It´s really fun to build these oddballs as they seem to bring back memories for many peoples. Airtrax kits are not complete kits and take some donorkits and some scratch building to make it complete. On this I used an T3 bus engine wich isn´t factory correct but close enough for me. Suspension is built from modified AMT enginestands and various evergreen strips.
  3. Vilperi

    VW 411

    Haven´t being around for a while but thought i could share one of my latest build. I have no idea if the 411 was ever sold in US. This is an resin kit from Airtrax and mastered by Juha Airio completed whit parts from Revell VW camper and beetle kits.
  4. This was a year of resin for me. I don´t have a clue hwo casted the 57 Mercury but I´m sure it´s not Modelhaus. The Volvo is made by Airtrax and the Plymouth is my own copy from an AMT kit. A 69 Charger is the only plastic kit I built this year. Not so many built this year but my bench is clean for 2014
  5. Bs.Design in Germany does eurospec Kadett as sedan and coupe. Complete curbside kits with white metal parts. Not the best resin kit I worked on, but there isn´t too many Opel kits available.
  6. Vilperi


    Having a builderblock de luxe for six months I´m back again. Thougt I had to build something for a modelmeet with 4 doors as a theme. Found this And two weeks later it looked like this Not the most common lowrider subject, and thats why I like it
  7. This is an Volvo L3314 Laplander, in sweden more knowed by it´s nickname puppy. And yes it´s all scratch built except for wheels and axles. There is a resin kit available but it´s in 1/72 scale,and doesn´t fit on my shelf
  8. I live in the small "town" Mullsjö in Sweden, and will try to defend our blue and yellow flag with a WIP. Maybe a subject for the autoquiz ? /Stefan
  9. Vilperi

    62 Valient

    Really nice build. Do anyone know if they ever been reissued since 1962?
  10. This could easily motivate ME to start a sierra tan 1965 malibu 300 project. As a replica of a friend car that has been under "restoration" for 30 years.
  11. This one I will follow! Will there be anything left that will look like 66 Barracuda?
  12. Living in Sweden its not quite politicly correct to drive American cars unless its a rebadged Daewoo. So I will keep driving these two
  13. Thanks for all your nice comments, feels great to passing on some inspiration. My time at the workbench is quite limited, so i have lot of time thinking out the next step and how its should be done.The section job was done in about two hours when I finally started. The onebar flipper caps is pirated from an AMT 40 Ford delivery, dont know if all realeses has them. Could use another set for an upcoming project. /Stefan
  14. My latest build inspired by Ron Dunn´s old custom. An 3 scale inch section job, custom grille from AMT 51 Cevy upsidedown and slightly reshaped, 57 T-bird headlights and AMT 58 Impala custom taillights cut in halves. Painted whith a mix of silver,gold,copper and bronze to get an early 50´s feeling. Tryed to build after the device less is more.
  15. Vilperi

    32 Chevy

    Thanks for all kind words, great forum and many skilled builders, I will be spending some time here. /Stefan
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