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  1. I like it. I think it makes good use of any otherwise useless 4 door wagon. I like to see people being creative and building their skills.
  2. I believe you can ship through Fastenall as well. Might be an option to look into
  3. In case anyone from Round2 is watching they can just go ahead and reissue that kit anytime now
  4. I wouldn't mind seeing the old Racers Wedge kit make a return. I know Model King repoped it about ten years ago but they are hard to find these days.
  5. Way back when All American Models offered a resin blazer kit. They still turn up on ebay once in a while and typically sell for pretty good coin when they do.
  6. You could drop the Revel cab onto the AMT chassis and be a good ways there. You could use the interior or the AMT fleetside bed as well but you would have to scratch build the exterior. Luckily none of it is particularly complicated in shape so it would be doable if you have some scratch building skills.
  7. I would also like to see this kit get reissued with the fleetside bed sometime soon. It was one f my personal "Holy Grail" kits for many years
  8. I'd like to see this kit get a reissue soon. Nice work on your build.
  9. Just saw on Instagram that board member Blair Pletcher has passed away. I didn't know him but was an admirer of his beautiful weathering jobs. May he rest is piece.
  10. I don't know why he disappeared off of here but he runs The Lowrider Page on Instagram so he's still alive anyways.
  11. If you PM me your address I will send you out a set of the wheelz you need.
  12. Thanks for the help gentleman. I hadn't test fit the sidewalls when I asked, just assumed they would be loose fitting. Good to know otherwise
  13. Can anyone suggest a good glue to glue the sidewall insert in with on a set of old AMT drag slicks? I don't have any spares of this tire to experiment with so I'm hoping to get it right the first time. Thanks!
  14. I'd take the MPC AMX in 1/25th scale as well as the Lindberg mini pickup offerings from the early 90's
  15. I remember a time when that RoboCop Taurus was everywhere at rock bottom prices and still didn't sell. I cannot vouch for kit quality but the subject matter seemed to be universally unappealing.
  16. There is a lowrider version of that kit available if you want to save a bit of time.
  17. Aquariums make good displays cases for the large scale stuff. New ones aren't too expensive to purchase and you can cut a piece of plexiglass for a top to keep the dust out. Colored aquarium gravel can make a neat base to set your completed model on in your aquarium display case.
  18. Please do not automatically label a comment regarding your behavior as smart assed simply because it did not agree with you, that is rather childish. I wasn't concerned with my comment sounding friendly, you are correct. I also did not intend for it to sound mean either. I simply wanted to bring attention to the way you come across to some of the members on the board here. Not unlike yourself I was simply calling it as I see it. Also, assuming that I would not be interested in your particular subject matter of choice simply because I did not agree with one aspect of your behavior is a little bit much. I am very interested in the Pocher kits and would love to have a go at one someday when my skills are up to the task. Its going to be a long way in the future with how fast I'm building skills now, lol.
  19. It will be good to have you doing something other than pointing out something negative in every other build or under glass thread.
  20. The revell version has factory style wheel flares where the aoshima uses an aftermarket style. The revell has better body proportions in my eyes. They are both 1/24 scale. The KingCab revell offered in the past as a 4x4 and a 2x4 was 1/25 scale.
  21. That was a beer so they probably had to rename it. I'm excited for its arrival though, missed it the first time around
  22. That's awesome! I remember seeing kits like this on the shelves when I was a little kid. Made me want to try my hand at modeling so badly
  23. Use a drill to turn them against a fine wire brush to add wear to the tread surface. The wires on the brush will get down into the tiny low spots where sandpaper doesn't. I have done lots of 2 piece drag slicks this way and it works well.
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