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  1. Great work. Awesome job on the interior detailing!
  2. Nice job - as others have said the interior looks fantastic!
  3. In complete honesty it’s not a style I usually go for but that looks beautiful. So tastefully done - great work!
  4. So far I have been really impressed with the kit. It appears I have all the pieces needed to build both the 440 and the HEMI motors which I think is great. I’m going with the HEMI but it’s nice that I can put together the 440 in full and have it as a spare for a future build.
  5. So I mentioned in my last thread that I just finished up my first kit in about 8 years - Revell’s ‘57 Ford Wagon Gasser. Since that kit was so much fun I’m already jumping into a new one - Revell’s ‘68 Dodge Dart Hemi. This kit is in the same lineup as the gasser ‘57 so it should be a great build. I’ve done some preliminary work including cutting the rear fenderwells. Hoping the weather changes soon so I can get this one in primer. I will post updates as they happen!
  6. Love it so far! Great detail on the door panels.
  7. I know others have said it but that paint work is fantastic - love the Buick grill too!
  8. I wish I could make those haha - fortunately for me they were included decals. This was a cool kit that I wouldn’t mind doing again in stock form.
  9. This ‘Stang looks great. Huge fan of the teardrop scoop!
  10. Thanks for the kind words! Definitely excited to get on to the Dart (and I just bought a Spirit of ‘57 kit today!). This site is so inspiring and has so many great resources for taking these builds to the next level. Looking forward to sharing more and seeing more of what the folks on here are building.
  11. Well it’s been just about 8 years since I’ve posted anything on here or really built any models. Being stuck home I decided to finally crack open this kit I hd around It’s a 1957 Ford Wagon Gasser. Being my first build in years I was a bit rusty but I had honestly forgotten how enjoyable it is. Overall this was a pretty good kit. I made the mistake of not test fitting - specifically the 2 chassis pieces, which led to an issue with the stance. Apparently the frame part wasn’t molded exactly right and there’s a bit of a gap in the front - chalk it up to a lesson re-learned. This build definitely rekindled my love of the hobby and I’ve already purchased my next kit: 1968 Dodge Dart.
  12. Alba

    57 Chevy Nomad

    A little update to the Nomad: It's not actually all glued together, but just a test fit of the body and to see how it looks. First time really using the Bare Metal Foil. A little wrinkly but I think it came out ok.
  13. Alba

    57 Chevy Nomad

    That paint was pretty fresh ... I wasn't expecting a whole lot out of it ... and now that's it's dried even more it looks pretty decent. It's no show piece but once it's done it'll look good ... plus I'm going for more of the "hot rod" look so I think it'll work out ok.
  14. Alba

    57 Chevy Nomad

    Here are a few pics of the body. The paint didn't come out all that great as it was sprayed with a rattle can, but once the trim is finished I think it'll really make the body look great.
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