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  1. TuffXR added a topic in Wanted!   

    Dick Landy Decals. 1968 Dart
    Hi guys. Im starting to build some super stock cars, and im after some decals or you may know some one who may have them. Im after Dick Landy decals for his 68/69 Dart.
    Any help or leads would be fantastic. I know Slixx did them some time ago. I have contacted them and they dont have any and arnt looking at doing any more any time soon.
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  2. TuffXR added a post in a topic My Aussie Fairmont.   

    Depends where you race in VIC. Calder yes Heatcote no.
  3. TuffXR added a topic in 1:1 Car Reference Pictures   

    My Aussie Fairmont.
    Hi guys im new just found this place. Wow talk about some great ideas for me. This is what i race here in OZ. It is a 1967 XR Ford Fairmont. Runs a 387 Cleveland full manual C4 3,500 stall thick wall tail shaft and 4:88.1 9" rear. Wheels are the good old Centerline Autodrag. 5.5 fronts with 165s and the rears are 8.5 with 275/60/15 best time to date is 10.40 @ 132mph on the bottle and 10.90 aspirated.

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