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  1. to alexis I had emailed revell about the chevy sport 4x4 pick up this is what they wrote back to me I asked about mad mudder also Hi, No plans on the Mad Mudder right now, but we are planning on a reissue of the 70s Chevy Step Side.
  2. if you make a few of these i'd buy one also
  3. I know this is not correct but I like what I have got done on it so far never mind this post cant post picture to it
  4. thanks I tried just adding to the front and didn't ad to the back then I fond this post back to the drawing board I guess
  5. I just found this post will it work for the gmc with plow kit from revel with it being in 1/24 scale or are the measurements different
  6. thank you for answering me that helps out alot
  7. for some time now I've been wanting to build the plow truck with a long bed just got done cutting the bed box and bed sides got all the parts put together just have to fill the gaps now but the problem I'm having now is were to cut and stretch the frame I have never stretched a frame for a model kit I just build box stock if anyone could help and explain were to cut and add to the frame. thank you mike
  8. went to load pic and it said file size to much i'll retake pic soon sorry about that
  9. i'll buy a copy from you also are you for sure adding the ws hood with it?
  10. by the way the bobble head is from funco but it's discontinued what a shame
  11. that looks to be the best goblin head yet i've seen a few others their ok but yours looks more like the real thing i just found this online it's a bobble head of the green goblin and was thinking of doing the same thing but as of the rest of the truck i don't know about
  12. sure let me put the tank on the frame and i'll get a few shots
  13. thank you to all that helped i did get the tank painted
  14. thanks for the tip now i can paint the tank
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