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  1. Terrible Box Art

    In those Ertl days most box art kits didn't have the windows installed. Apparently whomever they had photographing builds had issues with reflections caused by shiny things like glass. If you look back on many of those kits they have poorly airbrushed reflections added to the photos.
  2. What did you see on the road today?

    The June Sprints are this weekend at Road America. Between this event and the historic races in July you can park anywhere off 1-43 north of Milwaukee to watch traffic and tick the boxes off for just about any exotic, sports or rare cars you can imagine heading up there. Have to miss the Sprints this year but often the parking lots around the track are almost as interesting as the event cars. Made the ride home from work rather interesting today.
  3. Also depends on the person doing the master. He works with with many people, some far more talented and exacting than others.
  4. Round2 June 2019

    The "Grape Krate" is an often reproduced phantom Krate bike. I have one myself but was never part of the original line of Schwinn Krate bikes. Many collectors feel like it was a natural that should have been produced. Blue, magenta, and numerous other colours where part of the standard Stingray/Fastback line over the years. The list in the previous posts are indeed the only factory versions/colours. The only variations are the disc brake versions, seat stripe design and shifter design changes. There are also rare single speed Krates along with more recently produced single speed replicas from Schwinn. I've seen some really nice custom Krates including Blueberry and Strawberry (magenta) Coal or Koal Krate (black) and other tribute style bikes with really well done decals, etc... that unless you know what your looking at would pass for a production build.
  5. What Irked You Today?

    It's not just plastic. In part of the city where I'm working I've seen drivers that throw anything and everything out their car windows from fast food containers to full garbage bags. This spring after the snow melt with all this trash now blowing around, the local news does a story on how terrible the neighborhoods look and interview a local complaining that "somebody" needs to do something about this. (IE; pick up their waste) Yeah right, people aren't driving through just to litter your corner of the world.
  6. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    I'd think they probably tooled up a new body, interior and glass. Permanently altering the original mold wouldn't make sense for future reissues. Just too bad they used such ugly wheels on the series car, imagine it with a set of Torque Thrusts or daisy mags or anything but those cheapo truck wheels.
  7. 1941 Lincoln

    Nice! One of my favourite of the Monogram Classic series. Is it an original issue? The blue looks nice and deep.
  8. Pro Touring Dart

    I knew the car looked familiar, really captures the look of that Duster well!
  9. Pete Brock / Bobby Allison BRE Datsun’s

    Awesome! Have always liked the BRE Datsuns, yours look great. The Daytona coupe looks great too, what kit did you use?
  10. Pro Touring Dart

    Very nice, colour combination works great. Where did you find the hoodscoop?
  11. 1971 Petty 1/16 Roadrunner

    Would be interested if the shape of the front bumper and valance panel was done correctly. Sorry but that's way off. Upon further scrutiny of the photos the rear wheel opening and quarter panel looks wonky, the lower bodyline appears nonexistent and the shape and details of the rear bumper are wrong. Clearly the Charger DNA Has not been removed or changed enough to look correct.
  12. 1966 AMC Ambassador

    Wow! Very nice. Growing up we had a neighbor who had one in a color I can only describe as close to Ford's Emberglow.
  13. What if Model car Boxart

    With the Monogram '70 Challenger's separate front grill/valence panel and rear tail lights it would seem to be a fairly easy conversion. With the 340 available for the R/T only a revised exhaust and intake would be required for the underpinnings. Plus the faux brake cooling scoops for the lower quarter panels and necessary seat pattern changes.
  14. Wet sanding on a pearl will damage the pearl effect. All waterborne paints generally require a clear coat and most hobby lacquers or enamels will work. Automotive waterborne paint is generally always cleared with a 2k clear. So the answer is to clear and then sand and polish any imperfections. Createx has very good tutorials and general information on their website concerning topcoats for Wicked and AutoAir.
  15. 1963 Corvette Z06 "Tanker"

    The Z-06 was a Hi-Po/racing option available in 1963. In addition to the fuelie motor w/a 4 speed, a giant 36.5 gallon fuel tank was also installed. Hence the nickname.