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  1. Unless I missed something in cost breakdown theories, etc... one thing that's overlooked is the the number of kits produced just to make acceptable profit margins on the basic costs for running the kits. Remember in those good old days of $2.00 kits they (pick your model company) also ran many thousands (in some cases millions) of copies as it were. Now days two to five thousand is a big number in some cases so the price needs to be adjusted to make up the difference just to make it worthwhile to do a production run. Also that tooling that's "done and paid for" years ago by say AMT or any other old tooling was still purchased at a price by the current owners of said tooling regardless of when it was originally cut. Therefore there needs to be a baseline cost factored in running the mold for current production. Remember Round2 wasn't just gifted those molds by Ertl/RC2.
  2. Our LHS carried DTR kits for a brief period but due to the very small print/disclaimer that the dirt version would have to be largely scratch built, stopped since they received lots of returns from customers thinking that the cars on the box could be assembled from the contents provided. Never gave it too much thought but of you're going to market a kit as they did, there is a bit of deception going on there.
  3. If you have any interest in dinosaur or prehistoric models the old Aurora Prehistoric Scenes jungle swamp has a small version included perched on a tree.
  4. Mr Baker was an incredible and highly influential drummer, unfortunately not so much an incredible human being. Still he will be missed.
  5. Phirewriter

    Model Dating

    No- "Your" expectations were pretty much "Their" expectations, too... Hey, at my age and the fact l do occasionally look in the mirror, well let's just say I'm a realist.
  6. Or... could be used as a warmer for your very expensive pizza delivery vehicle.
  7. Race cars at the 24hr Lemans were/are required to have provisions for luggage. Those were deemed big enough for a pair of suitcases, although placement dictated you probably didn't want to pack anything that would melt.😁
  8. Much of the tooling was changed and modified for the the Early Iron series in the the early 70's and as mentioned is irreversible.
  9. I seem to remember someone posting on one of the boards I look at indicating he wanted NO negative input for anything they posted, interesting... That said between this hobby, my professional pursuits and some of my other interests I always remember something I learned/was told many many years ago, there will always be someone better, more skilled, etc... than myself and therefore I always try to take inspiration or something positive from that in hopes of improving my own skills. Hopefully the members who post here can have that attitude given some of the excellent quality work displayed on this forum. This hobby, at least for my purposes is for my personal enjoyment and as a creative outlet, not to be the best or better builder than my fellow modeller. (I don't enter contests either other than the occasional NNL)
  10. The Pie Wagon show rod has a hopped up flathead too, the headers probably won't be of any use but it does have nice finned heads and a 3 carb manifold.
  11. The kit has stock wheel covers and the custom wheels are Kelsey Hayes spoked mags the name of which escapes me. The original had Hurst mags.
  12. Just about any '68-'72 spectaflame are my favourite ones. I've been photographing my collection recently, so here's the race team series "Heavyweights" with a hot pink 917. Although it looks red it's actually a candy fluorescent pink. I've got this casting in a number of colours and both US and Hong Kong castings. I've have at least one casting variation of all the sprectaflame era Hot Wheels and a number of cars in every colour available to shown the "rainbow" of available colours. The only exception is a reproduction rear board Beach Bomb since I don't have five figures to spend for an original.
  13. Very impressive collection, nice to see that there's other slot car enthusiasts here!
  14. Very nice, that Manta Ray doesn't look like it's seen any track time! Great find!!
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