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  1. Phirewriter added a post in a topic AMT and MPC new releases for 2016   

    The MPC woody/pick up is what's become of the '28 A Tudor. Although originally issued by AMT it was in fact developed by MPC as were other kits sold under the AMT. Chances that the mold inserts for the tudor are long gone at this point. 
  2. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Vanishing Point Challenger   

    Passed on that one too, so I was unaware those parts were in that kit as well. I have a couple of the first release's of that kit from the 80's, that's it.
  3. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Vanishing Point Challenger   

    Same old '70 Challenger that has been around for a while. Still has a separate roof that needs to be glued and blended into the body. On the plus side it has the correct hood sans the blower opening, looks like a newly tooled part going by the parts layout on the box bottom. I saw it at my LHS yesterday and passed on it so I don't know if it has the correct rally wheels. Box art build up looks nice though.
  4. Phirewriter added a post in a topic october show   

    No iHobby show this year. Allegedly they are reforming under the HMA (Hobby Manufacters Association) for 2016. I guess a new name will solve all the management problems the hobby show has had over numerous years in the past. The RCHTA shows at the Stephens Center in Chicago were some of the last good shows with participation from all the then current model manufacters. Poor management and the internet have reduced the show to a mere shadow of what it once was.
  5. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Has Anyone Built This Kit? Quality? MPC 1960 Corvette   

    Wow! Nice build!! Any more photos?
  6. Phirewriter added a post in a topic New kits versus modified reissues.   

    Often throughout the 60's when both a hardtop and convertible annual kit was offered the convertibles where usualy run first. After that run the manufacturer went back and cut a roof into the tooling and ran the hardtops, not always but was mostly common practice. This is why many AMT closed cars have the convertible interiors. Back then nobody made much of a fuss about the incorrect rear seats and side panels. This is also why just as annuals were simply updated until the next major body change, convertibles can't be reissued either. The molds simply were changed. Often promos dictated the order or change to a kit since many of the kits were based off the promos. Some promos were only offered as a convertible and changed to a hardtop for the full detail kit run for that year. 
  7. Phirewriter added a post in a topic New kits post the Revell '29 Model A Roadster   

    I agree, a '34 with the right combination of engine/driveline and rolling stock along with a choice of 3 window or roadster bodies would be as revolutionary as their (Revell's) new tool '32 was when it first appeared.
  8. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Regarding your questions on the AMT Dodge Deora kit reissue...   

    Any information on what wheels will be included? The later reissues do not have the same rims as the original. While somewhat correct for the 1/1 version they are not the same as first or second issue. I don't have my kit in front of me but I recall it had a nice set of chrome reverse wheels and Halibrand mags similar in style to what was available in the original issue Revell '31 Ford sedan/woody kit. Plus the diameter and width of tires were different, with plastic covers to make the tires wider. Thanks for the update Tim, with the inclusion of the clear bed cover and tonneau this will be a must have despite the numerous Ertl reissues I currently have in my stockpile.
  9. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Whats the weirdest kit in your stash?   

    Just goes to show how toxic this message board has become. I've been a member on this mb for many years, however life got in the way and only recently have I had the time to resume building and spend some time here again. I think I'll just stick to the building for now. This is not the place it once was. As for "world class" most of those people don't seem to be here any longer, wonder why? Thank you Tim and Art for your insightful posts, I'll have to find them elsewhere for now. The armchair C.E.O.s, engineers and taste makers can continue with their conspiracy theories and name calling, apparently you know more than everybody.
  10. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Which Dodge Challenger kit is better, the Monogram or Revell?   

    I won't comment as to which is better, I'll let Mopar experts take that one. The Monogram kit dates back to the 80's when they were coming out with numerous muscle car subjects. The Revell version is a plastic version of the Vanishing Point metal kit so there are definate differences.
  11. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Greenfield News & Hobbies   

    After the dust settles at GNH as Paul Harvey always said, stay tuned for the rest of the story.
  12. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Figure Lindberg will Reissue this Jewel?   

    Many of Lindberg's 1/32 racing/sports car themed series of kits that originally were issued in the early to mid 60's were sold as slot car bodies only. That's why many of the cars such as Ferrari 250, Cobra Coupe, Porsche and others have these tires or poorly done generic wheel/tires. The neon issues are a prime example. Lindberg did in fact release some rtr slot cars and complete kits along with the bodies. The slot cars are somewhat difficult to find, however don't go for too much due to their rather poor quality.
  13. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Greenfield News & Hobbies   

    I guess if the Jones's weren't such a bunch of jerks I might feel differently. As stated I stopped going to Dennis's store and the north 76th store was run by Scott who wasn't much better. Cool junkyard or not, I have a problem handing my hard earned money to them. I've known Alex Geiger and his family (Milwaukee's original Hobbytown, now Model Empire) for many years and he's always been great to deal with. I have been able to find most everything I need hobbywise there or at Greenfield.
  14. Phirewriter added a post in a topic No intrest in Sport Sedans ?   

    The 1962 Olds from Johan was also a 4 door hardtop. Nice kit but really difficult to find. I have a nicely built one I picked up at the Toledo show 20 some years ago and have never come across another.
  15. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Observations   

    After many years of observation in the hobby industry it really seems that the car modelers are most guilty of hygiene issues. We have as many if not more military hobbyist's come into the store and they are rarely hygienically challenged. As a automotive modeler it is kind of embarrassing.