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  1. Just about any '68-'72 spectaflame are my favourite ones. I've been photographing my collection recently, so here's the race team series "Heavyweights" with a hot pink 917. Although it looks red it's actually a candy fluorescent pink. I've got this casting in a number of colours and both US and Hong Kong castings. I've have at least one casting variation of all the sprectaflame era Hot Wheels and a number of cars in every colour available to shown the "rainbow" of available colours. The only exception is a reproduction rear board Beach Bomb since I don't have five figures to spend for an original.
  2. Very impressive collection, nice to see that there's other slot car enthusiasts here!
  3. Very nice, that Manta Ray doesn't look like it's seen any track time! Great find!!
  4. Well the Lancer isn't coming back unless they reissue this...
  5. Agreed, kinda clunky looking for lack of a better term. Seems like it needs more wheel (bigger rears) to balance it out, at least in my eyes. Not sold on the front intake either, plus the extra sculpting on the front spare/luggage cover is too busy for my taste. I also understand that most of what is showing up online are guesstimate renderings, so who knows... I'll just wait to see it when one shows up at my neighborhood Chevy dealer.
  6. Don't forget to top off the blinker fluid and check your chrome exhaust bearings while you're at it.
  7. Well just to give you an idea of what the mentality in his family, mommy came flying into the parking lot and parked in the only disabled parking space we had (she's not handicapped, at least not physically 😋) and was yelling at every employee she encountered until she got to me. Certainly could understand were he got his unfounded sense of entitlement. Yikes! At least I can look at my kids and grandkids and know I'll never have to contend with that kind of nonsense.
  8. I had a kid in his mid-twenties working for me a while ago. When I had to fire him, his mommy stormed in the next day to yell and scream. After I told her the numerous reasons for his termination she demanded to talk to the owner of the business who simply said if I fired him, he was fine with that. Those are the types of parents that stunt a kid's development and make them unable to deal with life as they get older.
  9. Just strap it to the roof... Seriously I have a large older cooler that I use for just such situations. Use it not only for models but anything I might be worried about with temperature sensitivity. Picked it up at a yard sale for a couple of bucks and can fit an 1/8 scale car with towels for protection if needed. Never had any issues and have have left it in both the interior of my car and trunk on very hot days. (the trunk of a black car can get a wee bit toasty) Very nice Camaro BTW!
  10. Have 4 HL stores in reasonable driving distance from my house and only one had items that were marked down. The girl there told me that one guy bought everything including aircraft and military kits. He had stood waiting as the kits were being repriced and filled up two carts.
  11. Great trade with ford f-100! Thanks for the excellent transaction!
  12. In those Ertl days most box art kits didn't have the windows installed. Apparently whomever they had photographing builds had issues with reflections caused by shiny things like glass. If you look back on many of those kits they have poorly airbrushed reflections added to the photos.
  13. The June Sprints are this weekend at Road America. Between this event and the historic races in July you can park anywhere off 1-43 north of Milwaukee to watch traffic and tick the boxes off for just about any exotic, sports or rare cars you can imagine heading up there. Have to miss the Sprints this year but often the parking lots around the track are almost as interesting as the event cars. Made the ride home from work rather interesting today.
  14. Also depends on the person doing the master. He works with with many people, some far more talented and exacting than others.
  15. The "Grape Krate" is an often reproduced phantom Krate bike. I have one myself but was never part of the original line of Schwinn Krate bikes. Many collectors feel like it was a natural that should have been produced. Blue, magenta, and numerous other colours where part of the standard Stingray/Fastback line over the years. The list in the previous posts are indeed the only factory versions/colours. The only variations are the disc brake versions, seat stripe design and shifter design changes. There are also rare single speed Krates along with more recently produced single speed replicas from Schwinn. I've seen some really nice custom Krates including Blueberry and Strawberry (magenta) Coal or Koal Krate (black) and other tribute style bikes with really well done decals, etc... that unless you know what your looking at would pass for a production build.
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