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  1. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Whats the weirdest kit in your stash?   

    Just goes to show how toxic this message board has become. I've been a member on this mb for many years, however life got in the way and only recently have I had the time to resume building and spend some time here again. I think I'll just stick to the building for now. This is not the place it once was. As for "world class" most of those people don't seem to be here any longer, wonder why? Thank you Tim and Art for your insightful posts, I'll have to find them elsewhere for now. The armchair C.E.O.s, engineers and taste makers can continue with their conspiracy theories and name calling, apparently you know more than everybody.
  2. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Which Dodge Challenger kit is better, the Monogram or Revell?   

    I won't comment as to which is better, I'll let Mopar experts take that one. The Monogram kit dates back to the 80's when they were coming out with numerous muscle car subjects. The Revell version is a plastic version of the Vanishing Point metal kit so there are definate differences.
  3. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Greenfield News & Hobbies   

    After the dust settles at GNH as Paul Harvey always said, stay tuned for the rest of the story.
  4. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Figure Lindberg will Reissue this Jewel?   

    Many of Lindberg's 1/32 racing/sports car themed series of kits that originally were issued in the early to mid 60's were sold as slot car bodies only. That's why many of the cars such as Ferrari 250, Cobra Coupe, Porsche and others have these tires or poorly done generic wheel/tires. The neon issues are a prime example. Lindberg did in fact release some rtr slot cars and complete kits along with the bodies. The slot cars are somewhat difficult to find, however don't go for too much due to their rather poor quality.
  5. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Greenfield News & Hobbies   

    I guess if the Jones's weren't such a bunch of jerks I might feel differently. As stated I stopped going to Dennis's store and the north 76th store was run by Scott who wasn't much better. Cool junkyard or not, I have a problem handing my hard earned money to them. I've known Alex Geiger and his family (Milwaukee's original Hobbytown, now Model Empire) for many years and he's always been great to deal with. I have been able to find most everything I need hobbywise there or at Greenfield.
  6. Phirewriter added a post in a topic No intrest in Sport Sedans ?   

    The 1962 Olds from Johan was also a 4 door hardtop. Nice kit but really difficult to find. I have a nicely built one I picked up at the Toledo show 20 some years ago and have never come across another.
  7. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Observations   

    After many years of observation in the hobby industry it really seems that the car modelers are most guilty of hygiene issues. We have as many if not more military hobbyist's come into the store and they are rarely hygienically challenged. As a automotive modeler it is kind of embarrassing.
  8. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Figure Lindberg will Reissue this Jewel?   

    As a kid I loved Lindberg kits (though not this series so much) I wish Round2 would reissue some those cool hot rod kits. Even though many were 1/32 or other odd scales. As a kid I had fun assembling them and many are actually pretty cool designs.
  9. Phirewriter added a post in a topic 1/25 MPC Carl Casper's Cosmic Charger Fuel Dragster   

    Can't wait for this one! I have most of my kits from my youth, however this one disappeared at some point. This kit has some great memories for me as it's one of the first models that ended up with a decent paint job due to my father's help with spraying it. He was a model builder too and was always willing to show me stuff if he felt I was up to it.
  10. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Observations   

    Lack of hygene is not restricted to just shows. As a manager at the soon to be defunct Greenfield News And Hobby I have to deal with people every day that should be spending money on soap instead of kits! One of our cashiers has a can of Lysol behind the counter that she will spray as some of these stink bombs are leaving.
    And why is it that people with breath that's worse than a bag of dead snakes have to talk to you 2 inches away from your face, keep backing up and they will continue to move up on you. Yikes!!! Some people really have a lack of regard for personal space.
  11. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Greenfield News & Hobbies   

    The owners of Happy Hobby actually accused us (GNH) of torching the National Ave location! Never mind all the building code violations and the general dirty, disorganized conditions in the store.
    I had it on good authority that they were close to having the building condemned due to all the violations and the general state of disrepair of the structure.
    And yes they are a really weird bunch, the family owns a couple of other businesses. They are all run in pretty much the same odd way. They seem to have not been socialized very well during their formative years.
  12. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Greenfield News & Hobbies   

    Actually our closing has nothing to do with online shopping or anything else for that matter. The owners simply wanted to retire - PERIOD!
    One of Milwaukee's oldest and best art supply stores (Artist and Display) is also closing this spring. Their reasons are exactly the same, they are a very successful business, however the owners are getting older just want to retire and enjoy life. With no family to take over the business they just pulled the plug and that's that!!
  13. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Greenfield News & Hobbies   

    One of the more ridiculous things that I've seen at Happy Hobby is their kit pricing (to address one of the quotes above) For instance, after they would attend iHobby or simply see any kits listed as discontinued, they would a least double the price. One day a kit is $22.99, go in the next day suddenly it's $44.99!! Never-mind there might still be a years worth of inventory in the distribution pipeline. I haven't been to any of their stores for many years now, but when I used to stop in that's generally what I noticed.
    Just to give you an idea of how goofy they are, and I'm speaking about Dennis at the Burleigh store in particular. He actually kicked me out for basically just shopping. After asking if I was buying anything, I responded no, not right now I'm just looking. His response: "if you're not buying anything just GET OUT, your wasting my time" That was the last time I ever set foot in a Jones family operation.
    It is amazing, given their attitude towards customers much less all their other offbeat business practices, they have survived as long as they have. I'm sure any modelers on this forum from the Milwaukee area have some tale to tell about Happy Hobby, I've certainly heard plenty from my customers!

    Anyway, as it stands right now Greenfield will be operating as usual until February 1st
    After that we will be going into liquidation until the end of March or until we are cleaned out of most of our inventory, which ever comes first.
  14. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Greenfield News & Hobbies   

    Unfortunately the owners have decided to retire and although the business had been for sale over 2 years they couldn't find a buyer. The owners have 3 daughters, none of whom wanted to take over and run it. Some of the employees have been there over 25 years or more and are really affected by this.
    It has also come to my attention that long time Milwaukee store(s) Happy Hobby is also closing their doors after many years. (No great loss there however) That leaves Model Empire as one of the last independent stores in the Milwaukee area.
    I have worked for GNH during their transition from the Cudahy location to the Greenfield store many years ago. Three years ago I was hired back as part of the management team and currently run their art department, including teaching airbrush and art classes. In addition I have been running the slot car department, web site and Facebook page.
    Oh well on to new adventures!

    If you find yourself in the S/E Wisconsin area, give Model Empire a visit. Alex has a really great store with lots of automotive kits and a great slot car selection with all scales of cars and track.
  15. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Box art and your decision?   

    Agreed, I have numerous kits in my collection that are there for nothing more than the box art. Why else would anyone in their right mind actually make an effort to buy Palmer kits? (some of the cooler boxes from the 60's/early 70's, despite the contents) There are plenty of bad, cheesy kits out there that have some of the best artwork. Not only do I enjoy the art but it is somewhat of a time machine for me when I descend into the styrene cavern. I still buy for subject matter on kits that I will/would/might build regardless of the box art.