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  1. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Looking for MPC Skorpion wheels & tires   

    PM sent.
  2. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Rear wheels from AMT '56 Ford Victoria   

    PM sent.
  3. Phirewriter added a post in a topic House of Kolor 1 oz bottles   

    You might find what you're looking for here:
  4. Phirewriter added a post in a topic I was not really sure to post this car   

    This car was featured as Captain Nemo's car in the movie "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" The Nautilus Car was designed by Carol Spier and was entirely custom made for the production. The chassis is from a Land Rover fire engine. A fibreglass body was then added and a steel sub frame then constructed in the engine bay to house a Rover V8.
    This information was included with paper work and articles that came with a rather hard to find kit from Wave that I've had for years.
  5. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Harry Pristovnik   

    When your website hasn't been updated in 6 years I refuse to believe it's anything but Mark's personal plastic playground. I cannot seriously think that this is a museum to be shared by everyone when you go this long without any updates. If it's any kind of "living entity" that's news to me.
    Please,  please consider a reputable automotive museum as some listed above if you want to donate any of his incredible models. His talent needs to be shared with more people than the few who are able to go to the NNL or happen to be able to swing by Utah. That's IF Mark's available for "an appointment" see his stuff.
  6. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Elfin 400 Repco (Aussie 60's Big Banger Sports Car)   

    Looks great, I really like some of the cars that raced in the 60s that don't get the exposure of McLaren, Lola, etc... I've got a couple of vintage slot bodies of this car too that hopefully will be made into slot cars someday. 
  7. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Toxic Pond Dio, My Homage to 50s B Horror Movies   

    Cool diorama and the MST3K reference is great!!
  8. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Any resin kits based of Moebius Chryslers?   

    The issue with JF bodies is that he draws from a number of builders for the masters. Some are truly talented and exacting builders and some, well....
  9. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Balancing (too many?) hobbies/life?   

    I totally understand your dilemma. I too have more interests than time. I actually try to schedule stuff ahead of time since some of my hobbies earn me a little extra income (art and pinstriping) I play a number of musical instruments too and that's for my relaxation and pick up when the mood hits. My wife thinks I'm crazy but is also a bit envious since she's really not into much except her tv shows.
    Warm weather finds me in the garage working on vintage mini bikes, restoring old muscle bikes (Stingray type bicycles) and my motorcycles. I do RC and slot cars but not competitively so that's done when I feel like it as well and I squeeze in model building in as the mood strikes as well ( not just cars either) Plus if I really feel the need to blow off some steam I'm not far from my local shooting range.
    Just like to keep my mind and hands active I guess. My late father wasn't much different and certainly had an influence on me. He was active with his interests until the end.
    Plus it helps to have a job that's cool and doesn't suck the life out of me so I have ambition to do stuff when I get home instead of  just crashing or getting beered up to forget work.
    I don't feel for me at least it's about focus, I feel blessed that I can indulge myself in my interests don't mind jumping from one to the other unless I'm trying to finish something for a show or deadline etc.... 
  10. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Revell Q2/Q3 Flyer   

    Oh I know, but they could send anyone really. I know that I'd rather be spending my weekend doing things I want, be it modeling or whatever. Regardless of what the compensation is, he still has to put up with quite a bit. As long as I've known him (looong time) he's been a public face for the company and has had to deal with some very interesting people and situations. Don't know that I could do it.
  11. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Revell Q2/Q3 Flyer   

    I didn't mean to go off topic with my previous post, however I think that we owe Ed Sexton a huge round of thanks for taking his valuable time and attending these shows to give us a preview of Revell's future releases and answer our questions.
    Thanks Ed!!!!!
  12. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Revell Q2/Q3 Flyer   

    Nice to see your respect of the builds Ed was gracious enough to bring. At the Milwaukee NNL there were enough morons picking them up and handling the kits as though they were brought solely for there own entertainment. If I were Ed I'd think twice about bringing those to some shows. They aren't built for free out of the goodness of someone's heart.
  13. Phirewriter added a post in a topic NNL East and the most wanted list!   

    Well good for you.
  14. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Revell 1/8th L.A. Chopper   

    One of the problems regardless if the plastic tooling still exists was that many if not all the Revell 60's and early 70's motorcycle kits sourced their tires from Japan. Therefore any reissue would incur immediate tooling cost.
    This seems to have been a common practice amongst other kit companies. Monogram's early 6 in 1 and hot rod kits like the Green Hornet and Black Widow also had Japanese tires. That's why the reissued kits have different tires than the originals.
    I know tires don't seem like a big deal, but it could make a difference on the kit being profitable or not after additional tooling money was invested.
  15. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Vlene Japan Toyota Crown Athlete   

    Outstanding on all counts 👍👍👍