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  1. God's speed Mr Connery, the first and best 007.
  2. Nice! Really like the Renwal Golden Chaparral, hoping that if Atlantis has the molds for that and the Lola T70 they will reissue them.
  3. I'm a big fan of Kaiju movies, of course Godzilla, and especially the Shōwa era films. I've always been inspired by the movie sets and the amazing work that went into them. It's interesting to note that even into the 2000's and with the availability of CGI that the movies still relied on lots of miniature work.
  4. Really nice! Definitely is better looking as an open car than the original woody wagon.
  5. Looks great. Yeah it's basic but bear in mind that the molds date back to 1960. Still these old hot rod kits certainly have a look that's really cool.
  6. That was reissued a while ago in Monogram's SSP program but I've still seen them at shows for reasonable prices.
  7. Very nice, looks great in that shade of green. You realize you're now going to have to build this and paint it black.
  8. 40% off of nothing I'm interested in doesn't matter. I don't buy kits just because they're cheap. Besides with their upcharge the discount puts it within a couple of bucks of my LHS pricing and will support them before HL.
  9. Looks great! Given its age and manufacturers origin you really did a nice job. I've got one in progress right now and found a large paperclip that looks to scale for the front fender support. I'll take your advice for the rear rubber flap and remove it although I'm undecided whether I'm going stock or mild cafe racer at this point. I also managed to find a headlight lens from a large scale kit in my parts bins to use but will need some fiddling around to look good.
  10. I've never seen the original '36 in any other color than tan, yet the PC89 original issue '58 T-Bird was molded in a number of colors. I've got black, cream, yellow, and red plus I believe there were other colors as well. The cream and yellow have the color listed on the box end seal.
  11. A Hendrix or SRV guitar, Neil Pert's drums or, well insert your musician/instrument of choice here. I'd completely understand that, it was something that was used to create incredible music. That's ☝️ nothing more than a dunce hat...
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