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  1. I never really cared for the body on that Vicky but do like the wheel/tire combo and is a great source for other parts. Definitely looking forward to picking up a few more of them.
  2. That looks great!I That car inspired me too when it was featured and started one myself a number of years ago (I'm really good at starting projects 😋) I used mostly stuff from my parts inventory, some scratch built items, Pegasus wheels and was trying a couple of different resin track noses. Again outstanding build!! Thanks for a bump for inspiration!
  3. Very cool! Nice to see a hot rod powered by something more unusual and interesting.
  4. Love it!! Great job! The rolling stock looks cool, the color is perfect for this car and as Claude is doing so am I with a Riviera chassis under a '70. I'll be using some of the custom options as they look clean and tasteful in my opinion. My late father bought a new one in 1967 and I'll be using my '67 to build a replica of it as well.
  5. I have a can of this innovative product 😄 Any longtime or older readers of SAE should recognize this.
  6. Excellent job on a very fiddley kit! The Ala Kart looks great too, nice pair. The orange bubble top custom/rod posted above is Fritz Schenck's Roswell Rod, I believe some years ago someone offered a resin kit of it.
  7. 1/27 has been Kyosho's Mini Z series scale for many years. The actual scale of the bodies varies due to chassis size. Their R/C cars are great quality wise but unless things have changed in recent years replacement parts can be a pain. Last I bought anything Kyosho was around 10 years ago.
  8. Well done! Those older Lindberg hot rod kits are simple and lacking in detail and accuracy. This build just goes to show with a little talent and vision they can be made into little gems. I have an nostalgic enthusiasm for these kits as my grandmother would buy me these when I came to visit since they were generally half the cost if not less than the mainstream kits at the time. She always made sure I had something to build if I was staying the weekend. I love to see highly finished versions of these kits and there been a few posted over the years here. I just need to get mine on the project completion list too. Again great job!!
  9. I too would like to see the return of those Heller kits. Unfortunately some of those along with numerous IMC molds were sold/leased? to Union Model Co. of Japan and were released in the late 70's and early 80's After that they seemed to have disappeared and Union, although still in business is a completely different company and no longer in any hobby related ventures. An additional note, in the late 60's and early 70's AMT also re-boxed aircraft kits from Frog, Hasagawa and possibly a couple others.
  10. AMT had a business relationship with Johan starting in the mid to late 60's There were numerous AMT releases that were made by Johan. The '67 Toronado, '69 and up AMX's, and the early 70's pro-stock Maverick to name a few off the top of my head. AMT also released IMC's GT40 MK2 and a number of Heller F-1 cars and other racing subjects so AMT's reboxing of kits wasn't just limited to Johan tooling.
  11. That AMT AMX will never be seen again given that it's a rebox of the Johan kit, those molds are long gone.
  12. Was watching your WIP thread and it came out great! Well done!
  13. The Ideal body is for their Motorific cars that run on a slotted track (not slot cars) they use a chassis that accepts AA batteries. The buggy is the remnants of the Bed Buggy by MPC. Too bad the Woodlite headlights are gone, probably the best feature of the kit.
  14. The Dream Rod/Tiger Shark was built on a Jowett Jupiter chassis with the VW front end. Was locally owned and I had a chance to see it before it went to Minnesota were it was restored to the original Dream Rod configuration by Mark Moriarity. It was quite a mess and would have been a real challenge to restore the Tiger Shark version much less back date it to the Dream Rod.
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