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  1. Airfix VW Beetle?

    There's 2 available, one is a quick build (Lego type assembly) and I don't believe they list scales on those. The other, a glue kit is 1/32. I've seen the quick build kits at H-L but only a Lamborghini and Bugatti so far.
  2. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    The rear greenhouse is not shaped correctly. The lower window bottom to top line is more parallel as is the upper window. Looks like most of the issue is in the rear roofline shape, seems to rise at the rear. Hard to tell from the photo but the bodyline over the rear wheel looks wonky too. Appears to extend into the rear door too far. The door handles also appear to be almost level on the real car while there's a distinct difference on the resin kit. Who's the caster?
  3. Childhood models that you replaced in adulthood.

    Both Aurora and MPC made wolfman/werewolf kits and both had glow in the dark parts on various releases.
  4. What about promos?

    The '64 Ford Galaxie come to mind as a promo being an entirely separate tool from the kit. We have the modified stocker and the craftsman style kits to show for that.
  5. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    It's shown on Stevens international site as TBA at this point.
  6. AMT to MPC Molds/Kits/Tooling?

    The topic Jim posted above was the one I was looking for. Seems like an unusual situation if in fact that tooling was cut by AMT and later went to MPC. My thoughts are perhaps that MPC ended up with the promo/kit contract with MPC for '68 and was easier for them to simply purchase the tooling from AMT. The 3 kits that AMT put out for '68; the Camaro, Impala and Firebird were custom versions only and it was my understanding that decision was made to release them that way because MPC had secured the license/contract for those after the tooling was cut or near completion since they appeared in their line that year. Unfortunately with most of the players from that era no longer with us the story will probably never be able to be told as to why that occurred. I have only my inventory of old kits to compare for my styrene archaeology investigation to try to make sense of tooling changes.
  7. AMT to MPC Molds/Kits/Tooling?

    I know this has been discussed on another thread floating around here (couldn't find it) but my AMT boxed '67 Barracuda is roughly the same as my '68-'69 MPC Cuda kits. My book is currently packed away but the Hot Rod Model Kits by Terry Jessee touches on some details about the arrangement between George Toteff and AMT after he left to start MPC. My understanding is the '28 Ford was the first kit released under this arrangement.
  8. Round2 Feb. 2019 video

    For what it's worth the Revell '31 for Sedan/Woody original and some some subsequent issues including the last have similar wheels. They are big and littles however but look great on period rods.
  9. Yellow tags at Hobby Lobby

    Full-time pay is advertised as $15.25 hr. Don't remember what part time starting wages were but are above $10 That pay scale must keep the employees somewhat happy since many are still there after my local store opened 5 years ago. The management there leaves much to be desired however.
  10. Round2 Feb. 2019 video

    They do indeed look like the wheels from the Avanti kit. If that's the case they're Halibrand magnesium wheels that were offered as a dealer installed option. I believe they are model number 7011 according to the information I have. Haven't seen them go by any specific name. I'm happy to see the wheels offered as a set. Have plenty of projects that can use all those.
  11. Reveal your user name origin

    My name is a nod to my profession for 25 years in the neon business making signs and art. Books on neon had references to early neon as liquid fire amongst others, therefore my name; with a play on spelling.
  12. Childhood models that you replaced in adulthood.

    "It was a trike but, the rear was a corvette, maybe 71 or 72 with a springer front end off a motorcycle." This kit?
  13. Everyone Bring In Their Brass Monkeys???

    Currently -6° F in my neck of the woods, supposed to drop to -25° F tomorrow plus whatever the wind chill lowers that to. I know there's some of you who live in areas where this is more common but not around here.
  14. I suffer from CSBM too!

  15. eBay: contest for record highest asking price

    My dog loves to rip the stuffing out of those, wonder if he's played with a half a million chew toy 😋 My mother had tons of those and lost the majority of them in a house fire. The remaining ones we washed and give to the dog whenever needs to "kill" something.