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  1. Phirewriter added a post in a topic HVLP Mini Spray Gun   

    I totally understand, I've use a variety of spray equipment both professionally and for hobbies and have a habit of "if I'm going in, I'm going all in" with certain things and loose sight of the fact it's not practical for everyone or every job. A gun such as your looking at are nice for bigger scale subjects. Go for it!!
  2. Phirewriter added a post in a topic HVLP Mini Spray Gun   

    That gun looks exactly like one sold at Menards. If so definitely stay away from it! As stated above, the seals are junk. A friend bought one to paint motorcycle parts and after one use it leaked right out of the needle/nozzle assembly. He brought it to me to repair and upon disassembly found the seals basically melted out. If you looking for a gravity gun I would suggest spending the money for a quality one. Grex make a number of nice guns both in a smaller trigger airbrush (with a fan tip) and larger touch up guns and you definitely can't go wrong with a SATA or Iwata.
  3. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Revell Ford GT (Snap)   

    I really like the paint, the silver and graphite combo works great on this car, nice job! I've been thinking about painting one of mine in a similar fashion, this has finalized my decision.
  4. Phirewriter added a post in a topic DIY Paint Booth with no ventilation, question.   

    Forgot to mention in my earlier post, charcoal furnace and air purifier filters are readily available from a number of outlets. While they're on the expensive side they should work for an indoor application for light use.
  5. Phirewriter added a post in a topic DIY Paint Booth with no ventilation, question.   

    Createx and other waterbourne paint will take a lacquer clear like Testors or Tamiya so a 2 part clear isn't necessary for a nice finish. I use Auto Air on some projects. I would still try to vent outside if possible.
    I have yet to find a water based or acrylic clear that works well. I know there are proponents of Future and I've tried it, however all the models I used it on are now showing cracks in the clear. They were sprayed around 10 years ago.
    I personally use hobby lacquer and automotive 2 part clear but have a large exterior vented spray booth, use a pro quality mask, gloves and eye protection. You can be effected by other means than just inhaling fumes.
  6. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Monogram Classics   

    I've mocked this kit up with the wheels and tires from the MPC 1932 Chrysler and they look much better. The only issue is the tires look a bit skinny, but still is a vast improvement over the kit rolling stock.
  7. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Unique TV/Movie vehicle   

    I remember seeing the Damnation Alley van sitting in back of Dean Jeffries' shop years ago while visiting some friends in L.A.        That thing was big, spotted it while on the freeway and a couple of days later drove over to see it.
  8. Phirewriter added a post in a topic How Do You Select Your Projects?   

    Eeny, meeny, miny, moe... 
    Seriously though, my projects begin mostly will some inspiration. Other people's builds, a photo or artwork, somthing seen at a car show, sometimes for a club build. Problem is I've so many started projects I'm trying to finish one before starting another. I began a notebook to keep track of ideas. I also put post it notes on boxes that have additional parts or are started projects. It's helped me get on track to finishing some long in the works kits.
  9. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Anyone from Wisconsin?   

    The Auto Modelers Group out of Milwaukee has a Facebook page that is updated often. The old website was abandoned due to the fact the guy running it passed away some time ago.
    There are pictures posted after every monthly meeting, lots of great builds to look at!
  10. Phirewriter added a post in a topic MPC Bed buggy   

    Not at the top of my list for show rods, however has lots of neat parts. Wheels, tires and a corvair motor for my pile of dune buggy kits and those cool Woodlite headlights for classic cars, vintage customs or hot rods.
  11. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Question for you airbrush users   

    I use a regulator/moisture trap, however I find having the additional control at the brush is beneficial. I didn't realize this valve was your primary source of pressure control, however you shouldn't have any problems using the small air valve alone. As you get used to painting with your airbrush you'll find that becomes easier to find the right combination of mix and pressure. PM me if you have any questions.
  12. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Road Race Cuda - Project "HELL BOY" - flares done   

    Looking great so far! Couple of questions, first where did you find the rendering and what's the source of the hood you're using?
  13. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Top 10 TV cars   

    Bewitched always had a nice assortment of Chevy's season to season. I Dream of Jeanie always had Pontiacs. Were the cars of Mannix mentioned?
  14. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Question for you airbrush users   

    I think you'll be happy with it. I have one on a gravity fed Talon and it works great. 
  15. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Round 2 February 2017 Product Spotlight   

    Nice to see the 1/32 Mustang since slot cars share hobby bench space.