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  1. Phirewriter added a post in a topic OMG! THEY KILLED GLENNY!!!   

    Indeed!! My wife is generally fairly squeamish and usually doesn't like violence or horror movie stuff, but Daryl is one of the only reasons she'll watch Walking Dead with me. I may have to agree with her a little bit in that Glenn and Abraham's deaths were all little to graphic because unfortunately unlike zombies man can and does have the capability for such mindless cruelty and violence to one another and hits a little close. Now we just have to see what the retribution is concerning Negan because as we know the novel and TV storyline don't always follow the same path.
  2. Phirewriter added a post in a topic 1/25 AMT Streetle Beetle   

    Ah, thanks for the info. Never got into those show rods. Too bad, the Tow'd was such a cool dune buggy. I have my childhood build but is certainly worse for wear.
  3. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Revell 30 Model A Ford Production Halted?   

    Even if there was some damage to the tooling or whatever is the reason, I remember the same situation, theories etc... when there were no '70 Cudas to be had. Then we got the Sox and Martin car (and more Cuda kits afterwards) Regardless of what the reasons are I'm sure Revell will produce more. It certainly seems like it's a profitable product for them not to produce more. Tower Hobbies is showing both A's as temporarily unavailable and not discontinued. (Tower is under the same corporate umbrella as Great plains distribution and owns Revell) that's my first go to as far as what any Revell kit status is. My LHS is also a distributor and while out of them, is confident he will have more as soon as they are available. I don't have any of these kits yet, however I will never pay some eBay seller $75 or more for the kits. Patience is a virtue grasshopper.
  4. Phirewriter added a post in a topic 1/25 AMT Streetle Beetle   

    The Meyers Tow'd would be great to see again!  As far as I know that never was converted into anything so hopefully it's still in Round 2's vintage tool bank somewhere. 
  5. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Mike Dowd   

    Thoughts and prayers for his family! I've known him since the Auto Modelers Group in Milwaukee was founded. Great guy and always eager to promote the hobby. He was instrumental in the founding of the Milwaukee NNL, a contributor to the modeling magazine's and almost always at all the local shows and swaps. As with anyone here in our community it is indeed a great loss. 
  6. Phirewriter added a post in a topic '70 Chrysler custom   

    Color, stance, excellent!!! Nice job. That look would really translate well to the real car. While stock it's a good looking car despite it's battle cruiser size. This looks sleek and streamlined.
  7. Phirewriter added a post in a topic 1/25 AMT Streetle Beetle   

    Thanks, good to see that version coming out too. Built one as a kid, still have the body but the chassis disappeared at some point.
  8. Phirewriter added a post in a topic 1/25 AMT Streetle Beetle   

    I wonder since this is a limited release, if the Supergasser Bug isn't too far behind. This version in neat but I'm more interested in the shortened "stock" bodied drag version. 
  9. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Renwal The Visible Automobile Chassis   

    Revell consulted no one about this kit. This was originally brought out by Renewal in the early 60's and is rather generic. As to reissuing it, first off the V8 was permanently changed to be hand crank driven so it will no longer match up to the transmission on the chassis. Nor can it be electricaly powered to function with the chassis as was in the original kit. Revell may have the molds yet for the plastic parts of the chassis but the numerous parts ( rubber tires, electrical components and hardware) were outsourced and more than likely cannot be found today. Looking at my kits, the huge amount of hardware alone would give production planners and purchasing agents nightmares! That's not even taking into consideration proprietary components like motors, gears and electrical parts and contacts. Some of the smallest stuff can often lead to huge costs on kits like this pricing them out of the final cost/profit equation. If after all these years Revell thought it was viable to bring it out they would have. 
  10. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Batmobile at Auction   

    What a sad demise for that poor '59 Dodge.
  11. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Myers Manx Dragster   

    Very cool!! I believe there was an article by Don Emmons about building a replica of the "Purple Potato Chip" dune buggy dragster. Looks very similar to yours. I have the issue, I'll try to find it. If memory serves me he modified a piranha dragster chassis and used a Convair motor.
  12. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Can anybody identify this   

    I've got a Hawk go kart, very similar in design but has slightly fatter slick tires. That orange kart is neat, I've never seen one with a replica motor. The few kart models I've seen all had electric motors of some kind. If the Hawk mold exists Rd2 might have access to it, would be neat to see it out again.
  13. Phirewriter added a post in a topic bugatti type 35   

    Great looking build!!! Monogram really needs to reissue this.
  14. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Annual '65 Ford Fairlane 500 # 5165-150   

    Model King reissued the Chevelle a number of years ago, so it does exist in the modified stocker form.
  15. Phirewriter added a post in a topic Any info on this kit   

    This a JF kit. It was designed by Ed Newton around the time JF was producing resin kits for Testors. It was a hauler for a Mercury based hot rod with a narrowed body and open wheels. The component parts are still listed on his site  (Cosmic Hauler) but not the whole kit.