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  1. Vintage Auto Art

    The name on the link says Will Davies, however Art Fitzpatrick was Pontiac's acclaimed ad artist from 1959 thru 1972. He did the auto renderings while Van Kaufman was responsible for the background and people for the illustrations. This is the first time I've seen Mr Davies's name attached to GM ad art as some of the subjects I've come across have been for Chrysler and it's various divisions besides the usual book covers he did.
  2. Indy Rod

    Extremely cool! What media? And on what type of paper?
  3. Kookies Tee in a plastic kit ?

    If you have Amazon Prime check out "The Car That Ate My Brain" Artist Von Franco's quest to build an exact replica of Norm's T. Has lots of historical video and is excellent reference for building any one of the versions, many of the changes are explained in the narrative.
  4. Mr. Porsche's model train layout: yes, THAT Porsche

    Rod Stewart's layout was featured on PBS's Tracks Ahead (I think) a number of years ago. Even my wife, who generally doesn't pay much attention to stuff like that was impressed. I don't have room for a layout in my basement, will be occupied by my slot car tracks when they're finished. I do however have a number of trains, Walthers beautiful Hiawatha set and I'm working on completing Con-Cor's GM Aero Train in HO plus I have a number of interesting pieces of rolling stock I've collected over the years. Still have my Bachmann set from my childhood that's set up around the Christmas tree when we put one up. For now that's about as close to a layout that I'll have.
  5. Test Shots and Other Parts Oddities

    Ford never made a factory Deuce town car but it was produced as a Model A.
  6. Mr. Porsche's model train layout: yes, THAT Porsche

    I agree. I pulled up the video to my 70" TV, thought it was cool watching on my phone but wow! What an incredible layout! Thanks for sharing.
  7. remember the AMT "Iron Horse" Mustang?

    Thanks for the link, certainly sheds light on the designer's intent on some of the features for this concept. The 2018 NNL Milwaukee featured showcars and a beautiful build of this kit won people's choice for best theme. Hopefully enough of the tooling for this kit exists for a possible reissue at some point as this is one of my favourite concept cars kitted from the 60's along with the Chevy Astro 1 (that has unfortunately been modified for the Scorpion drag car) I have a MiB original and a couple of nice rebuilders but more is better...
  8. What Irked You Today?

    Yeah, they have constant reminders to not text especially since it's illegal to text while driving here. Does no good. Until recently I had a long commute to work, could write long novels about the ignorant nonsense I'd see almost everyday.
  9. What Irked You Today?

    Our state DOT has information boards hanging over the various interstate and state highways. Often between traffic time and alerts there are general driving messages, the best I've seen to date... "Camp in the woods, not in the left lane!" Should be flashed all the time as far as I'm concerned.
  10. 40 Ford Mild Kustom

    Ditto, digg'n the look! What's the source of those wheels!
  11. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Oh I hope so! Thanks for the heads up. I've considered handing a set over to a resin caster but he's not overly interested in casting them and fear they'd sit and eventually be lost.
  12. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Could you provide a link for these, please!! Googled the heck out of the name you posted plus 3d printed Richard Carroll tires and couldn't find anything. Have a couple sets but are still on their blister card, would rather use these. 3D Scale parts is listed on Shapeway's site but didn't see those listed.
  13. Thank Goodness!!

    I dunno, seems at little rusty for that kind of money.
  14. A number of years ago Tamiya offered a number of their 1/24 slot bodies through their website, the King Cobra being one. Was lucky enough to pick up multiples of all the bodies offered at the time. Planning on restoring some of my vintage slot cars and turning some into static kits. They can be found on the auction sites but may be listed as "K" body (King Cobra) or "M" body (McLaren) etc... That's how they were listed through Tamiya, probably to avoid licensing. At the time they had reissued the Lotus 30 and 40, McLaren M1B, Ferrari 330 P2, Porsche Carrera 6, Lola T70 spyder and the King Cobra. Their '65 Plymouth was also listed but seemed to have sold out almost immediately.
  15. All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2018

    Ha! I see what you did there