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  1. Looks great! Given its age and manufacturers origin you really did a nice job. I've got one in progress right now and found a large paperclip that looks to scale for the front fender support. I'll take your advice for the rear rubber flap and remove it although I'm undecided whether I'm going stock or mild cafe racer at this point. I also managed to find a headlight lens from a large scale kit in my parts bins to use but will need some fiddling around to look good.
  2. I've never seen the original '36 in any other color than tan, yet the PC89 original issue '58 T-Bird was molded in a number of colors. I've got black, cream, yellow, and red plus I believe there were other colors as well. The cream and yellow have the color listed on the box end seal.
  3. A Hendrix or SRV guitar, Neil Pert's drums or, well insert your musician/instrument of choice here. I'd completely understand that, it was something that was used to create incredible music. That's ☝️ nothing more than a dunce hat...
  4. If I retired tomorrow (still few years away) I'd have enough interests and hobbies that I'd be busy until I go room temperature. Some guys I've talked to, even quite a bit younger would retire and sit in front of the idiot box and swill barley pop with no other ambitions, they think I'm nuts. Why would I want to do things and stuff....
  5. Since it appears that it's not a Redline it probably dates post 1977. That casting was in Hot Wheels line for quite a while. Still pretty neat! Cool find!
  6. They're still out there, until recently I was buying them at the Harley museum gift shop. Haven't stopped for a while since the current situational nonsense.
  7. Acrylic paint will be flexible when dry but even that can be adjusted a little depending on what products are being used. Think of a vinyl model tire as a good comparison.
  8. Try looking at artist's quality paint sites like liquitex.com There's lots of interesting mediums the can be formed or manipulated to very interesting effects. Haven't personally tried them for model building but have used certain gels for artwork. Some figure modelers I know use them to good effect. Try youtube for some ideas, not that there's model car specific tutorial videos that I know of, but certainly should have some techniques that can be utilized. Basically acrylic paint is a polymer/plastic. Just remember better quality will get better results.
  9. I probably have a few issues yet. My dad ordered from them back in the 70's. Was the only way to get certain diecast lines here in the States such as Brumm, Rio, Solido, etc... I now am caretaker of his collection, mostly 1:43 spanning everything from classics to (then current) racing subjects.
  10. Looks great! Yes the non plated parts are rather flash heavy, I was able to clean it up and mold the multi piece body together in about 45 minutes. Thank goodness the chrome parts are very clean and nicely plated. Your paint work and color choice looks great too!
  11. My better half worked for H-D for many years at the Juneau Ave headquarters. While their licensing dept has to keep value in the brand, they unfortunately have a propensity to be rather heavy handed and short sighted (and perhaps a bit greedy) Heard many a story over the years...
  12. Not exactly, different seat pattern and steering wheel, different taillight lens and housing and of course with the bumper change comes a different exhaust system. Plus don't forget the elimination of the side vents on the front fender. The emblems are different on the nose and trunk, size and shape of the V8 emblems on the fenders are different and no portholes on the removable hardtop. The '56 also had vent windows and sun visors but don't remember if they made it into the kit. Those are the big ones that are easily seen.
  13. Nothing like recycling box art, same art is used on their 1/32 slot cars too. I've got a number of their slot cars and they're definitely not on higher end. That's really unique if nothing else, I've never seen 1/43 offerings from them.
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