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  1. Just picked it up there tonight, thanks!
  2. Yes indeed, kinda surprised the various diecast/toy and kit manufacturers didn't get ahead of this movie. I was aware of the movie for almost a year before it was released. Strike while the iron's hot as it were.
  3. I would say some of those weren't even 1/32 as some of the guys I slot race with bought them for the bodies. They came out to around 1/35th? (or smaller) Kinda obvious when a correctly scaled GT-40 or Ferrari dwarfed them.
  4. This was at the Milwaukee NNL a couple of years ago, it definitely rekindled my interest in these kits.
  5. Thanks for the update, I'll be watching my LHS. I don't subscribe (to any magazines anymore) only because I'm tired of getting paper shreds instead of a readable copy.
  6. Ray was a notorious re-caster, so that doesn't mean too much. The guy who mastered that body is a good friend, he's been doing work for Jimmy as long as I can remember.
  7. Balsa foam isn't a cheap date either. I worked with a guy who was carving vac formed masters for slot and R/C car bodies and he used expanding foams from both Smooth-On and Alumilite. Basically pored into a box approximately the starting size he needed and carved away once cured. Not too expensive compared to some of the other ready to use products. Otherwise the suggestion of sign foam is good, shouldn't be too hard to find a shop to give/sell you some cut offs, just look for a shop that offers 3d signs and chances are they're working with it.
  8. Well if it's someone else's work, you're copying it, and it certainly is one of Jimmy's bodies. Pleading ignorance doesn't make it ok. Took all of 30 seconds to Google "1/25 1958 Chevy sedan delivery" and his was one of the first to show up. His stuff is priced low enough that someone shouldn't have to resort to this, nice move. Stopping by his shop tomorrow, I'll be sure to show this thread to him.
  9. The MPC trike kits were based on models constructed by Denny Johnson. You can clearly see the T'ranchula body was used on the original model. If you go to the contest and show thread and look up Tim Boyd's coverage of the last Toledo NNL he (along with some other members) has some excellent coverage with notes, etc... Denny's models along with Richard Carroll's and Ira Dahm's were some of my favourites from that time. BTW Denny also conceived the Zinger's brought out by MPC.
  10. I dunno, after attending a show/swap last week for the first time in a while I'd say first!🤪 If you have enough money to fill your trunk with kits, you have enough for a bar of soap! If it was one or two guys that's one thing, almost smelled better out back with the smokers. Sorry for going a bit off topic but jeez...
  11. The only reason that kit will never be reissued has nothing to do with the original builder, Steve Scott. Yes he's a bit odd to say the least, but the molds simply no longer exist.
  12. Phirewriter

    The Kookie Kar

    If you have Amazon prime there's a documentary about Von Franco's (a custom culture artist) recreation of the Lightning Bug version of Norm's car called "The Car That Ate My Brain" Definitely worth a look.
  13. At one time Fred did have a catalog with small B&W photos for reference, about 24 or so photocopied pages. Probably have one in buried with my model magazines but haven't referenced it in years. If you asked nice the good folks at Model Empire they would procure one for you back in the day. When I got word he was pulling the plug I bought everything I thought I'd need that I already didn't have. Since Model Empire is in my backyard I've stocked up on a few more just in case. He had quite a few road racing, Indy and Can Am decals that no one else has produced as far as know. I know there's a number of guys making muscle car stripes too, but all seem to be solid colours. Fred had nice metallic silver and gold versions ('68/'69 Torino side stripes come to mind) that I haven't seen from some of the other makers. Keep in mind Fred silk screened his decals and therefore was able to produce colours not normally available unless you had an Alps printer.
  14. Bill Mitchell's personal Firebird certainly shows the Italian influence with it's styling.
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