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  1. 1963 Corvette Z06 "Tanker"

    The Z-06 was a Hi-Po/racing option available in 1963. In addition to the fuelie motor w/a 4 speed, a giant 36.5 gallon fuel tank was also installed. Hence the nickname.
  2. The Monogram GT40 roadster is a slot car and not a kit.
  3. Speaking of smart cars

    Smart Car crashes... Sorry couldn't resist.
  4. Speaking of smart cars

  5. What he said👆 One of Jimmy's best pattern/body makers is into professional cars and the hearses are really nice! There's a coffin table available too.
  6. Hobby Lobby

    I have 4 HL stores in close cruising distance and none of them have had anything on clearance nor do they have anything new other than some Revell restock. One of them allegedly had the Chevelle and Boss Mustang but never restocked.
  7. Childhood Cars

    Hey David, you'll want to check out this; https://www.recovertoy.com I would search YouTube for restoration videos, there's a ton of them. I also belong to a Facebook Hot Wheels restoration page if you're so inclined there's a number of pages dedicated to restorations there too.
  8. Childhood Cars

    The Matchbox auto transporter is a beauty, finally found one that's at least complete. I restore vintage Hot Wheels and Matchbox in addition to my other hobbies. There's a company in Australia that's has almost anything you'd need to restore Matchbox, Corgi's and Dinkys including reproduction boxes.
  9. Childhood Cars

    Nice! You've got some awesome cars there. I still have many of my old toys. My parents made clear to me I'd better take care of what I had because it wouldn't be replaced. Couple that with a father that collected diecast and built models, I had a good roll model. When I moved out and started my own life they pretty much kept everything I didn't take and now I thankfully have it.
  10. Very interesting, thanks for sharing the photos.
  11. Monogram Ferrari 275P vintage kit

    The Monogram 1/25 Elva was only available as a slot car unfortunately, I think it's a bit nicer than the AMT. The Cooper Ford was reissued by Monogram as the Shelby King Cobra, but only as a RTR slot car about 10 years ago.
  12. Monogram Ferrari 275P vintage kit

    The Ferrari 275P, Chaparral 2D, rear engine Scarab and the Porsche 904 all have been done in the SSP program years ago (Chaparral more than once) Provided the Germans have the tooling they certainly could be run again. Now the AMT Can Am cars (Lola T70, Chaparral 2C, McLaren Elva and Hussain) who knows? Again like Monogram's kits they were slot bodies that had full curbside kit versions.
  13. I think this kit would sell just on it's sexiness alone.

    Cheetahs were notorious hot boxes due to the headers running over the footwells. Simple solution, slice the roof off as Ralph Salyer did for the Cro-Sal Special. Rather evil handling too, a number of books on early 60's road racing shows them twisting up and pulling the front wheels up upon leaving corners. Not to mention quotes from those who drove them said they were a handful. BTW Carrera made a really nice 1/24 slot car if you really need a Cheetah fix.
  14. I think this kit would sell just on it's sexiness alone.

    Almost everyone in the slot car biz in the 60's had a vac formed Cheetah body. Cox had a styrene body on a number of chassis as technology advanced, however they also offered it as a model kit. Like their Chaparral kit it's very difficult to find.
  15. Weird cars Post em here.

    Yup, looks like the Eddie Hill twin engine dragster with 5 additional pairs of motors photochopped in. With the motors at those angles there's no way to link them together from crank to flywheel.