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  1. Those came with chrome versions of the Heavy Chevy (Camaro), the King Kuda and the Boss Hoss Mustang, all with a black or white interior. The white interior versions are much harder to find. There's also 2 versions of the catalogue that came with the Club Kits, one (early version) showing resin prototype models of certain cars and the Rear Board Beach Bomb and the later issue that has regular production cars, the side board Beach Bomb, plus the expanded line of Sizzlers and the 1/43 Gran Toro's. Not sure about the iron-on, seems like some do and some don't. Not sure if it has anything to do with early or late production or just if they were available at the time of packaging.
  2. Jeez, thanks for that spoiler... Not all of us have the time to sit and watch the race live, guess I can stop and take it off the DVR now.
  3. More than likely this car, of which there were kits from Eldon then Doyusha. Doyusha probably tooled and/or moulded it for Eldon since the original kit was sourced from Japan. Images from Google though I do have the complete set of Eldon Hot Rod kits, only the Sand Dragon was never reissued.
  4. They've been getting into guitars too, guess there nothing they'll try to get their greedy paws on and throw a monkey wrench into another hobby.
  5. Unfortunately the Carrera Cheetah has been out of production for a bit. The good news is that it was available in both 1/24 and 1/32 and Carrera does reissue cars on a regular basis. If you're not interested in eBay perhaps joining some slot car forums or Facebook groups to find what you're looking for might be a good idea. There's a number of good ones out there. In my area Facebook marketplace turns up used tracks from Carrera, Scalextric, etc... so you can get your feet wet rather inexpensively.
  6. $87,000 US ?? MSRP for a fully equipped one here in the states is around $39,000. What's the hike in price, taxes?
  7. TD has thrown in with Atlantis for now so perhaps it's that.
  8. Harry Bradley had been a designer for GM for a number of years and in 1967 left to help with the initial design of Hot Wheels for Mattel. Different books on Hot Wheels history have him either leaving with copies/photos or simply had seen the final production design. Regardless, he simply drew up his design for the Hot Wheels version along with 15 others for their debut run. It just so happened that the Hot Wheels version made it to market before the 1:1 version did. 1968 was the introductory year for the redline Hot Wheels. He left shortly after to do independent design work, MPC being one of his clients in the late 60's into the early 80's.
  9. I guess I don't see what the big deal is. When you factor values of toys of this era (yes in 1968 models were just toys) and consider that rare Hot Wheels from the first years of production regularly dive deep into four (sometimes five) figures and rare large scale slot cars bump into the low thousands, I'm not surprised to see rare/htf kits reach big money. I'm not even going by auction dollars, just basing it on what I've witnessed at slot car specific shows and Hot Wheels conventions. It's all relative I guess. As for Mr Herrick or any other true pro builders out there, if they can squeeze that kind of money out of a buyer, more power to them!
  10. Yes indeed, kinda surprised the various diecast/toy and kit manufacturers didn't get ahead of this movie. I was aware of the movie for almost a year before it was released. Strike while the iron's hot as it were.
  11. I would say some of those weren't even 1/32 as some of the guys I slot race with bought them for the bodies. They came out to around 1/35th? (or smaller) Kinda obvious when a correctly scaled GT-40 or Ferrari dwarfed them.
  12. This was at the Milwaukee NNL a couple of years ago, it definitely rekindled my interest in these kits.
  13. Thanks for the update, I'll be watching my LHS. I don't subscribe (to any magazines anymore) only because I'm tired of getting paper shreds instead of a readable copy.
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