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  1. That painting is beautiful, Mr Leynnwood was truly a master! I think these days with most art created digitally, lots of people don't understand or appreciate the time and talent involved with creating a hand drawn illustration or painting. I'm by no means diminishing digital medium (still takes time, talent and imagination) but face it, there is a point, click and you're done perception associated with it. There's still many of people who still want hand drawn/painted art and are willing to pay for it regardless if it's from an established professional artist or not. On that note I've always wanted to see a book or books featuring all those amazing artists that created paintings and illustrations for all those old model kits (automotive, military, sci-fi, etc....) Unfortunately it probably would be difficult since so many have passed away over the years.
  2. Indeed it is! If one were to have Chip Foose, Steve Stanford, Keith Weezner or any other automotive fine artist or illustrator of your choice create a rendering of your car what do you think they'll charge you? $50 and a six pack?
  3. Yeah, I had a couple and ended up with this factory case along with some other interesting Ford models when I came into a collection many years ago. It still amazes me that something like this still exists after all this time.
  4. A nice reference book for gas station photos is Pump and Circumstance : The Glory Days of the Gas Station by John Margolies I believe it's out of print as my copy has a 1993 publishing date. It's worth seeking out and doesn't seem too hard to find on eBay or from other secondary market sellers.
  5. Yes, although it's not as bad as some multi piece bodies but still requires a bit of finesse. As to the box art it reminds me of some automotive coloring books I've seen over the years were the line art of the car was clearly traced from a photo and the juxtaposition to the drawn background it's placed within is off perspective, like this box art. The under car shadows and light source are not rendered well plus there's a lack of depth of field for lack of a better description and I think that's what's giving the sinking drivers side look to the box art.
  6. Overall I like the design, a take on the full width '70/'71 Torino GT light would look good, something to fill that big back area. Kinda surprises me that after all the reworking of all the other lines and details he just threw Camaro lights back there almost like an afterthought just to be different. Those wheels though... Looks like he was looking at a gas stove burner grate for inspiration. All the wheel/tire ideas posted would look much better.
  7. Nice work, pick up your pencils and pens and go. As artists, and that includes anything creative, as in model building too, we're our own worst critic. Don't let yourself get in the way of doing something enjoyable.
  8. Nice work, keep going!
  9. Really cool build! I know Lindberg gets a bad rap for some of their kits but I grew up building the various hot rods and they've always had a certain charisma for me. These were always the type of kits along with Pyro and Hawk (no Palmers thank goodness) my aunt or grandma would buy at Woolworths to keep me entertained while visiting, lots of fond memories. I hope if R2 has more serviceable molds they'd run some more of those cool little hot rods regardless of scale, etc...
  10. No license issues with VW, Tom Daniels has made it clear on his website, FB and elsewhere on the interwebs that he feels he was burned by Revell/Monogram in the Hobbico bankruptcy and won't play nice going forward. My guess is whatever the Germans have in their tooling bank that has any connection to TD won't be seen for some time unless they maneuver around this issue. Hopefully Atlantis has enough serviceable Tom Daniels tooling to keep us interested for a while. Maybe if we're really lucky the Germans could sell the remaining molds to Atlantis, provided there's any advantage to a deal like that. Although with some of the tooling probably still located in China there's that bag of worms to get around.
  11. Went to their FB page and could not find any photos (or any other information) for the Charger other than an old publicity shot of Petty posing in front of his car. The box art is shown in a short video and that's it.
  12. Many, many years ago Gary Conley had a T bucket with his supercharged motor plus a number of motors on stands displayed at the Chicago Hobby Trade Show (don't remember if it was even called RCHTA back then) They were very impressive to see and hear running. Wish I could post something but that pre-dated smartphones and only have film images. I'd rather have a 1-1 kit car for that kind of money.
  13. Those van kits are really neat, had them way back and are unfortunately lost to time. Would love to see them again!
  14. Yup, yup and yup, except at least when I was at the location on 70th something and Burleigh a few years ago it was more like a hoarder's basement than and actual store. Plus the owner is rather less than pleasant. There's also a Happy Hobby (same family) location on the northwest side of Milwaukee (76th and Good Hope) that I'd refuse to enter as one may get some kind of infection. As you've guessed I'm not a fan. There's several other hobby stores in south eastern Wisconsin that are worth the effort to patronize.
  15. Not exactly the breed (he's a Havanese) I had in mind when we were looking for our next dog, we previously had a Jack Russell. We took him in after our neighbor fell seriously ill shortly after she got him, he was only a few months old. We just couldn't let him go to the shelter, Oliver has been our loyal companion for 11 years now.
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