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  1. Those look terrific! Did you do the modifications to the Revell Darts or are the bodies resin? I think the Brazilian cars look much better than the North American versions with the elongated c pillars and the modified front ends.
  2. That Ferrari is cool. As far as the most expensive, The Hot Wheels rear board Beach Bomb in Bruce Pascal's collection is valued at $175,000. He bought it some years ago for around half that if memory serves. As much as I love my Redlines if someone offered me that kind of money for one of them I'd probably let it go. Curious to see what a Windgrove build would go for if one came up for sale. One can visit the The Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum website and find the profiles of many builders that I'm sure would command far more money for their work than $40k. Seems like a bunch of hype for a blah SUV regardless of make and who built it. If one had the money to spend on a replica there's a long list of both race and street cars that are far more interesting with much more historical significance.
  3. The car on the the left is a 1965 Plymouth Fury from Johan on the right is the '65 Dodge Coronet from MPC. Good luck with your search. Edit, the box says AMT but the kit was tooled up by MPC and as we all know the chassis was used under numerous kits thereafter.
  4. I haven't finished watching the coverage on my DVR, but when I quit around the 3am point the commentators already where predicting a win for Toyota, no surprise. More interested to see the results for the other classes.
  5. My accident was caused by another driver on the phone, not paying attention and of course the end result was crippling me without a scratch on him despite hitting me at a stoplight going 40 mph. So seeing idiots driving and texting, etc... is an EVERYDAY IRK for me!
  6. I'll agree with you to a point based on what I see on the local bike trails I ride on. In my case I was in a bad car accident over a decade ago that left me with multiple issues including limited use of my left leg and a lifetime of chronic pain issues. Up until recently bike riding was one of the things I could reasonably handle but things have unfortunately got to the point where electrical assist would be helpful dealing with hills and off road excursions. I'm now taking a serious look at electric bikes so I can enjoy one of the few outside activities/exercise I can still do beyond walking. There's numerous bike trails near me both paved and off road and I love to take advantage of them when I'm up to it. I'm also a lifelong motorcycle rider and have had to adjust for that as well, moving from sport and standard bikes to a cruiser style with a lower center of gravity. Riding is one thing I would have a very hard time giving up!
  7. Round2's marketing and production guys aren't picking subjects in a void and the entertainment and Sci-Fi market makes up quite a bit of their customer base. Round2 knows who butters their toast so I'm sure sure they are confident about sales expectations for this kit. I for one am happy to see the Black Beauty coming out, I have a really crummy resin version I bought years ago because that was the only thing available and I was unwilling to cut up any of my kits to replicate it. My friend was set up at Wonderfest this weekend and he said it generated quite a bit of attention, but again, different customer base.
  8. There's one you don't see built everyday, looks excellent!
  9. Not enough details or scale realism? If it's not above the OP's skill set he could bash it with the Revell '67 Vette and whatever small block he'd prefer. Then it would only be partial junk, kinda junk, a little junky, sort of junky...
  10. Monogram's High Performance Series kits from the late 80's had wiring and other details added to a number of kits.
  11. Very nice builds! Over the years I've been collecting 1:24/5 scale bikes both plastic kit and diecast. Looking forward to doing some bashing and customizing one of these days. Your builds inspired me to go to my shop and start messing around with them, again...
  12. Lack of communication is one thing, receiving nothing in almost 2 years (probably never) is taking the money and running. It does make me sad, this was one of my favorite publications. I have every issue from #1, the latest 3 not withstanding. Part of it is my fault for not filing a claim with my CC earlier but I like many I'm sure, was holding out hope TRJ would get their stuff together and make good on their orders and subscriptions. The big lie as far as I'm concerned was blaming it on COVID. Funny, nothing else I ordered during that time failed to get to me. This included art supplies, model and hobby items, OTHER BOOKS AND PUBLICATIONS and much more. Also dealers getting issues 83/4 but not domestic subscribers? I dunno, too much stink floating around Coonan.
  13. The one piece interior was simply the method and technology model makers had back then. As far as the integrated bed and cab, the first years of the kit starting in '61 were replicas of Ford's unit body pick ups and not the bed and body on standard frame rails we're all used to.
  14. I ponied up for a two year subscription starting with #82 plus some additional swag and quite a few books. Never received a thing. Customer service number had been disconnected and no response to numerous emails as well. By all accounts I've seen the magazine is done. I know there's many hopeful readers but the lack of any decent communication other than empty promises over the last couple of years was pitiful. He couldn't even communicate in a timely manner on the FB page or the website, instead making pathetic apologies on the H.A.M.B. forum. He at one point did post apologies to the foreign subscribers on the FB page with no mention of the domestic orders he failed to fulfill. The latest posting about being back in 2022 is just more nonsense. As far as I'm concerned Steve Coonan is a thief.
  15. I typically will keep kit boxes or at least the tops if the art appeals to me, usually vintage kits. I've framed some of the box tops and sides for my basement walls and now that I finally bought a mat cutter can make them a little classier. I also have vintage 60's magazine ads that will be framed, they include model kits and accessories, slot cars and other cool toys and diecast subjects. As far as parts, I have a lifetime accumulation and simply try to keep them organized and give away/trade anything i don't think I'll use. Between my friends and my local model club someone always seems to be in need of something. I'd rather help a guy out if possible instead of just throwing away unneeded parts. I've also made parts bags over the years and sold them at local shows as well.
  16. My late father built one when it came out, I still have it although it needs some TLC after being stored for many years. He was an engineer so complex kits appealed to him as well as the subject matter. He was able to assemble it with all the functional features. I have a MIB that he also had along with the Ertl reissue. As far as I know the only thing that was simplified was the elimination of the rotating headlights and possibly hollow vinyl tires instead of the solid rubber ones in the first issue. I'd have to pull both from my collection to compare sometime. Eventually I'd like to build the later issue in Ivory with a saddle interior, his was molded in a rich dark red which he simply polished and detail painted the rest of the kit. FYI styrene addiction is genetic and can be passed on to the next generation 😁
  17. AMT/Round2 had a number of parts packs engines available not too long ago, one had a nice Hemi paired with a turbo Corvair motor. Out of production but shouldn't be too hard to find. I'd think it could be finessed into the Fiat with minimal fuss.
  18. The 392 is in the Miss Deal kit along with a number of other partial Parts Pack items.
  19. Richard Carroll tires. Have a few sets of those waiting for the right project.
  20. Slot racers definitely will buy bodies. There's a commercial raceway near me and I've worked with a number of racers painting bodies for both regular tracks and their scale 1/4 me drag strip. The oval and road course guys generally aren't interested in details that can come off after the first de-slot. The drag guys often have cars built to slot racing concourse standards and want all the details. Many cars at first glance don't look like slot cars as much as a static kit build. Drag cars are a mixed bag as far as interior use, otherwise most classes they're almost never used, just a cardstock or vacuum formed interior plate. I've acquired many donor chassis, engines and interiors over the years from racers at very reasonable prices or trade paint and assembly work for extra model parts. One thing to keep in mind is that many classes only use certain body styles while the drag guys are open to just about anything, at least at my local track. Something else to consider, many slot racers can whip up a really nice brass chassis but often can't do nice paint or modeling work. If you're local track has a dragstrip you might consider doing some painting and body assembly. The drag guys around here want their cars to look as good as they perform and have paid local modeler's good money for their services.
  21. A couple more photos, the GT40 is a re-boxed Fujimi kit. The were new boxes for the Buick GSX, '67 Vette and the '37 Ford pickup although he didn't have any examples of the new decal sheets included with them.
  22. Ed Sexton was at the Milwaukee NNL today with a number of test shots for upcoming releases. The Camaro's have great decal sheets for multiple paint versions.
  23. Ed Sexton was at the Milwaukee NNL today with a number of new release test shots and graciously answering questions. The revisions to the rat rod look really nice.
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