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  1. I too would like to see the return of those Heller kits. Unfortunately some of those along with numerous IMC molds were sold/leased? to Union Model Co. of Japan and were released in the late 70's and early 80's After that they seemed to have disappeared and Union, although still in business is a completely different company and no longer in any hobby related ventures. An additional note, in the late 60's and early 70's AMT also re-boxed aircraft kits from Frog, Hasagawa and possibly a couple others.
  2. AMT had a business relationship with Johan starting in the mid to late 60's There were numerous AMT releases that were made by Johan. The '67 Toronado, '69 and up AMX's, and the early 70's pro-stock Maverick to name a few off the top of my head. AMT also released IMC's GT40 MK2 and a number of Heller F-1 cars and other racing subjects so AMT's reboxing of kits wasn't just limited to Johan tooling.
  3. That AMT AMX will never be seen again given that it's a rebox of the Johan kit, those molds are long gone.
  4. Was watching your WIP thread and it came out great! Well done!
  5. The Ideal body is for their Motorific cars that run on a slotted track (not slot cars) they use a chassis that accepts AA batteries. The buggy is the remnants of the Bed Buggy by MPC. Too bad the Woodlite headlights are gone, probably the best feature of the kit.
  6. The Dream Rod/Tiger Shark was built on a Jowett Jupiter chassis with the VW front end. Was locally owned and I had a chance to see it before it went to Minnesota were it was restored to the original Dream Rod configuration by Mark Moriarity. It was quite a mess and would have been a real challenge to restore the Tiger Shark version much less back date it to the Dream Rod.
  7. Thanks, meant to say bb/pellet but had airsoft on the brain. Thanks for your offer of assistance, it's appreciated and will definitely be helpful. I am definitely a novice with bb and pellet guns other than having a Red Ryder reproduction my wife gave me for Christmas some years ago. I have some model collection purchases that will have my hobby account tied up for the short term. That will give me time to research some guns. Looked at pyramidair.com after your original post and was impressed. With current issues, at least locally, getting ammo for my regular shooters and the fact that my favorite range is closed I'm definitely looking for shooting alternatives. I have a nice size basement but currently all my wall space is covered with shelves and displays so I'd need to change some stuff up to make room for indoor plinking. My friend is a machinist by trade and if his airsoft conversion goes well he's going to modify a really nice pellet gun he purchased at the same time he picked up the airsoft. I don't recall the manufacturer of either but I'll post photos of his .38 when he finishes it.
  8. Those look really nice, especially the CZ75. Your posts are tempting me to buy a few airsoft guns for myself after seeing those. Locally the only dealers I've found that sell airsoft guns seem to only have rather cheap, substandard products and I've been turned off by them. A good friend of mine is machining up parts to replicate a functional Man From Uncle gun from a good quality P-38 airsoft pistol.
  9. Turned out really nice! Hope he continues his interest in models. My dad got me hooked as soon as I could sit at his desk with him. Unbeknownst to me he saved many of my early builds including my first one. I got them back after he passed. He was especially proud of them after he found out I was doing box art builds for Revell/Monogram back in the 90's. It's not only great that your son has an interest but that you're working with him. Over the years I've seen too many guys in the hobby who were rather selfish out their time/hobby and wanted to be left alone to build despite their kids wanting to get involved. Never understood it. Keep up the great work!
  10. That's really nice, picked up one with the other snaps, Ford GT, Mustang, etc... a while back. Good to see it can be finished off nicely, great job!
  11. Should have stated the Imperial sedan convertible/phaeton version.
  12. Beautifully done! As stated in a number of replies, your color choices are spot on and the quality of the finish is very nice as well. I hope the roadster sold well enough for Round2 that they would consider reissuing the '32 Chrysler Imperial with the Gangbusters accessories.
  13. Looks like he hasn't been here since July. If you're interested and have a Facebook account check out Cartoon drawings of cars, trucks and bikes. Lots of very talented artists working in numerous mediums from pencil to digital. Many of them accept commission work. It's a public group so you shouldn't have to sign up to see posts.
  14. Just stunning! Absolutely beautiful, and as mentioned already, outstanding workmanship.
  15. If the kit contains the parts from previous versions you can build it stock, custom and a really cool gasser/drag version. This also applies to the convertible version as well. The Bonneville version has some body panels exclusive to that release and not included in later reissues until this upcoming release.
  16. Very cool! Thanks! Looking forward to seeing the Celica finished!
  17. Very cool! I've always like these and the coupe version. What are the wheels and tires and where did you find them? I have a coupe build that's stalled and have been looking for interesting wheel/tire sets.
  18. Was just at Model Empire earlier this week and was told there will be a open house/rummage this year in November, no date yet.
  19. Ramo's Superbird is owned by a local Wisconsin collector and has been shown and raced at the Road America vintage events. It's an absolute time capsule given how many of the older stock cars were modified to remain competitive, re-motored and re-skined, etc... I've had the good fortune to be able to look closely at it a number of times, also helps that I've known the owner (occasional modeler and slot car enthusiast) and he's an extremely nice guy.
  20. Nice, thanks for posting these. My LHS carries the full line of MCG products, I'll be watching for them when they restock.
  21. Most excellent! That came out really nice. Also is one of my favorite racing liveries.
  22. Excellent build! Any underhood and chassis photos?
  23. As stated before, color and stance are spot on. Really nice looking!! What is the source of the wheels and tires? They really set the car off.
  24. Also stated above; "Star Trek kits are a solid sales-base --a majority-- of their products . Trek fans will spend tonnes of money on good Trek collectables" I built sci-fi kits as well as cars and am involved in a number of groups and forums for that. One thing I don't see is the griping and complaining about price such as I've encountered on model car forums. Quality and build issues are the biggest concerns, but that's endemic of any modeling subjects and their enthusiast groups. Nor do I see much of any attitude where as if a person is not interested in a particular model or subject that they feel the need to put down someone who might be by stating a subject(s) are a "waste of plastic" etc... Remember those Star Trek, Star Wars and items directed towards product collectors (Coke) or anything else that might not trip your trigger help pay for recreating things like Nova wagons and Cutlass kits. Just an observation.
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