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  1. For those of you who are spaying plastic models with Automotive paints, Can you fill me in on the mixing ratios and what materials you are using? I would like to paint my next project with a House of Colors Candy and I want it to come out correctly. Thank you in advance!
  2. I wanted to kit bash and build my own Bellytank lakester, I found a pair of droop tanks from a 1/24th scale WWII fighter and I had planned on using the front suspension and engine from a 1/25th scale street rod kit. However, when I get the parts side by side, the tanks look way too big. I didnt think there was that much difference between the two scales...Suggestions or Ideas?
  3. They are resin. Rob goes by the screen name checkmate on this board,
  4. A big Thank You to Rob for these beautiful 32 Ford Sedan Delivery bodies. I recieved them last night and can't wait to dig in. But, due to the limited space I have to work, they will have to sit in the queue until my current project is completed( kit bash, scratch build 1/24th scale 40's style Belly Tank salt flat racer). This was a smooth transaction and Rob shipped right away! He even included some cool resin cast bits I can use for other projects down the road! Thanks Mate!
  5. Hooknladderno1, I saw your post and will also be watching your progress. So far, it looks fantastic. I also went back and read the whole topic on the Circus T. I start the project tonight and will post pics along my way.
  6. My grand dad told me stories about growing up in northern Maine. he told me they used tracked T's in the logging industry. He also told me they'd put there T in the barn and use it to run a saw mill all winter. Took a tire off, mounted a pulley and ran a belt over to the mill. It's what made them money during the winter.. Good luck with your project and yes, little girls know the strings to pull.......
  7. Thats correct. I'm going to build my version on the mail truck from the Christmas Special, Santa Claus is coming to town. It was a request from my little girl. Who could say no to that?
  8. I got a request for a build after somebody saw my 32 3 window. Can anybody guess what I've been commisioned to build from this pic?
  9. Built this for my car club model contest being held this sunday night. havent built a model car in a looooooong time. Anyway, It's as done as it's going to be so here are a few pics. It started out as the Revell 32 2 window kit. Be nice..LOL
  10. I asked on you Riv post, what flake are you using and which tip size on your airbrush? Are you using HOK paints?
  11. Looks killer! Fill us in on the paint and what flake you used. What size tip do you have in your airbrush? I just bought a Paashe and would like to try a paint job like that...
  12. Almost ready for under glass. Just a few more things like rad hoses, grill shell supports and door handles! Then a wax and polish. Our show is this sunday!
  13. Three new pics from today. Almost there. I am having difficuly placing the headlights, terrible attachment points very weak.
  14. Charlie, We'll see what happens. Dad mentioned something about BAYCON as well. I'm not so sure it's at that level to be honest with ya....
  15. Thanks for the thumbs up guys! JimmysSSG, Thank you for the color compliments. I cant wait to get the firewall glued in place. I painted that a nice cream color. Really looks bitch'n when I set it in place!
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