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  1. Tamiya Kits *Flashing

    well for me just getting back into the hobby not to long ago. but a lot more serious now. I wasnt expecting it after doing other kits from other manufacturers. this is though my first tamiya kit and i am loving it. finished up gluing the body and putty some body lines. im going for a sleek look. lol
  2. Tamiya Kits *Flashing

    Just a random comment, if anyone has had the great outcome I am seeing. I got the Skyline R34 from tamiya a while ago and just now opened it, late night and nothing to do I decided to start. but back to the point I am amazed at how little to no flash this on this thing. saves me so much time from trimming with an exacto. again just a random comment!
  3. Body filler of choice ?

    I have found the pronto kombi spot putty to work really well. I also have an off brand putty I got from hobby town I like as well. comes in either green or white. I like both, and color doesn't really matter. I like the green because I can see it better when I am sanding down. I advise it all be primed before paint as always! hope this helps.
  4. First one back! '70 Challenger

    Undercarriage fully completed. Interior close to being finished but still working on it. Air cleaner finished along with the rest of the undercarriage. even got to apply my decals! 2nd and final coat of paint after gassing out for a few days and a nice wet sand.
  5. First one back! '70 Challenger

    thanks everyone! I will do!
  6. First one back! '70 Challenger

    well I'm letting the car gas out now wet sanding it, putting down another coat and then clearing it. so hopefully it will be pretty smooth. I will have to post pictures of my make shift paint booth. I have tons of lexan but no time to make a nice booth.
  7. First one back! '70 Challenger

    First kit back and I am all excited. Just shot the first bit of color last night. using boyd enamel orange pearl.
  8. brake disc and bolts!

  9. brake disc and bolts!

    hey everyone, going back to model building after a long time off. I have searched the forum for quite a while and not much luck finding anything on what I need. how is everyone building or buying their custom brake discs? I mainly stick to doing nascar models so I need to know what to use for the wheel studs and what size as well. any websites that carry these items? or are most scratch building? any help is appreciated!