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  1. Well okay, since I am still new here I will attempt to post my pics of the truck I am working for this build. I am huge fan of zombies, (rather killing zombies that is) so I figured why take a stab at this. I started with a '77 GMC Wrecker Truck Model by Revell (name of project to be determined),I wanted a truck that could easily run in the case of an EMP so no electronic ignition systems.(yeah I know a little over the top with the thnking aspect) The plans for the truck is to keep the wrecker boom, build a cage for the flatbed and of course add weapons of various degree!! Anyway below are the pics of the begining of the build nto much to talk about right now except the chasis seems to be pretty decent. More to come later.
  2. Well first of all I would liek to say EXCELLENT builds and cudos to all. I am new here and actually stumbled across this forum just today. I am very interested in this contest and I had a question. have read all the rules but what if some has already chosen the "base" model for the build, say a 1980 Ford Bronc, does that matter? Anyway great work and look forward to seeing more builds!
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