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  1. Paintshop Pro (also a Corel product) handles rastor and vector files, and it's usually less than $100
  2. Digital media is nice in a lot of instances but I prefer to have a magazine that doesn't require batteries or an internet connection.
  3. aww, darn.. I thought it was the Hole-in Head 9, a car so low that it goes under mud puddles.
  4. in my original post of this artwork back in 2013, I stated: here is my concept for what Ford might have made if they had made a beefy "big brother" to the 67 Mustang: a 67 Galaxy Sport Coupe It's not meant to be a custom, it's meant to be a "What If?".
  5. I knew a guy that put a 421 with nitrous and a shortened GTO 3rd member in one of these, I heard it was scary fast.
  6. I really enjoyed this issue but have to agree the dark photos as printed are too dark to make out the fine details of the photo subject. Unfortunately, what looks great on an LCD screen or a computer screen does not always look good when printed, I have had to brighten up my share of photos for printing.
  7. seen it before, it's still unsettling to look at.
  8. PaintShopPro (which is now owned by Corel) can be had for a tenth of the cost of Photoshop can handle rastor and vector files and may be a bit more user-friendly than Photoshop. All of the "photo-chopping" I have posted on this site has been done with PaintShopPro.
  9. which iteration of tri-power? This page might be helpful: https://pontiactripower.com/pages/id-your-tripower Having built a complete (1966 version) tri-power set up for a '69 Firebird that was entered in car shows, I am a little familiar with a few differences from the standard 4bbl manifold. The most visible (aside from the 3x2's) will be the routing of the upper radiator hose and how the thermostat housing is angled. It's a very tight fit between the back of the water pump and the thermostat housing on the tri-power. Other very visible aspects are the throttle linkage and fuel lines. The currently kitted tri-pwer manifolds should look good once minor corrections are done. The difference in carb size (between early and the later "larger" size Rochester carbs) will not be noticeable by most viewers.
  10. MS is not "doing away" with win7, they are ending support for it...meaning, no more software updates/fixes for new problems that get found. Win7 will still run as fine as it ever did on your laptop. If you want to make your laptop better, change out the original hard drive to a solid state drive (SSD) and it will run better than new. I suggest you check the Dell site for your model of laptop to see if Dell has software/drivers for your laptop with win10 installed and to see if other Dell end users have upgraded to win10 with/without problems. I personally have upgraded desktops and laptops to win10 back when it was free from MS, there may be a charge to upgrade now (don't know for sure). Some older programs may not work or be supported in win10. Do your research first before upgrading to win10, it's not as bad as everyone says but there are things to look out for, CNET has lots of articles covering win10 and issues.
  11. looks quite sporty with the Woodlites on it.
  12. I once convinced a "know-it-all" in electronics trade school that his compression was low because his piston return springs were weak and needed replacing. interesting fact: carburetors have piston return springs that keep the accelerator pump properly positioned.
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