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  1. That's interesting to know, I hadn't heard of that retrofit. I bet the trigger circuit in the standard electronic mopar distributors could be used with GM HEI modules (pre-computer). I have an HEI ignition module and coil hooked up to the the electronic distributor on the 2.6liter Ford engine I put in my TR4. Runs great, never any problem with spark.
  2. for all the advice given in this thread... it's great that the people here participate. some advice in this thread (seems to me) has been spot on, and some may not have been the quickest path to the original poster's answer/solution. the differing opinions (and subsequent back and forth) merely muddy the waters. I hope Cale has some decent in person help to guide him to the decision on whether the engine is suitable to his purpose.
  3. I would express concern about trying to use the carb on this engine as it currently sits. The thermoquad carb has internal mainwell seals that dry out (and crack/leak) if not kept immersed in fuel, this causes major carb problems... I am not expert in all the areas Bill is but I do have a lot of experience in this era of automotive fuel and ignition systems. My respects to mikemodeler...but, pulling the starter would not be my first step in diagnosing an engine cranking problem. If you know that this car was driven to where it sits now, there should be no wiring problems unless critters have been eating it since it was parked. Even without a manual, checking all the fluids will tell you a lot about the motor without turning a wrench. If this motor is viable, don't contaminate it with old gas (if there is any in the tank).
  4. I suggest that you really don't need to get it started, you really only need to crank it over to see if there are any cylinders that have no compression. Everything else is just engine tuning /service. It probly has a thermoquad on it, not a bad carb if you know how to work on them. I put one on my 68 firebird since it was in better shape than the Q-jet that was on it, ran real good.
  5. the car may have a neutral safety switch malfunction, have you tried it in park and/or neutral? some mechanics would activate the starter solenoid manually but the above advice about oiling the cylinders before cranking a dormant engine should not be ignored. my father's favorite lube for this is Marvel Mystery Oil.
  6. What Irked You Today?

    I run into (or avoid running into) the "cell phone issue" every day at a very large semiconductor company that has explicit policies regarding cell phone use... Twits doing the following with their cell phone: stopping on the stairs walking and staring at their phone standing in the middle of a major walkway staring/texting their phone pushing a cart with product on it, looking at their phone outside, riding a bicycle, looking down at their phone there are times I feel like not going around them and just letting them run into me or vice versa because I tire of having to go out of my way because of their inconsiderate manners
  7. Gamers - 2018

    or the airbag?
  8. Weird cars Post em here.

    three of these were made...
  9. This thread was inspired by another thread: Aurora made more than one show rod model kit but used kit names that didn't require licensing (I'm guessing here). One of the first that I spotted being the Car Craft cover version of the Li'l Coffin which (as far as I can tell) came out as "32 Skid-Doo"...as mentioned in the Li'l Coffin thread. The next Aurora show rod I spotted was the Silver Sapphire or, otherwise known as the Little Deuce Coupe from the Beach Boys song...which Aurora sold as the Ram Rod I am wondering if anyone here has ideas or info on what cars or show rods Aurora use as inspiration for the following kits: Old Ironsides Meat Wagon Hot Surfer 39 La Salle Hearse Beatnik Box Snap Dragon "T" For Two (I think I spotted this one but forgot where) Sad Sack Wolf Wagon Road Raider Moody Monster Woodin Wagon Scat Cat The Charger Shiftin Drifter Hi Stepper The Spyder

    Good luck to all tomorrow. I won't be there due to company has me working in Oregon till later this year.
  11. I was going to suggest something similar, break the cut out design into sections that have same or similar pattern, the seams could be hidden behind the reinforcement strips.
  12. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Recently, while sitting through a power point presentation regarding construction in the semiconductor industry, a slide came up that covered "electric wenches". I told the instructor that a wench was not the same as a winch and she remarked that I was the first person to point that out, at which point I noted that this presentation was created about seven or eight years ago. I should point out that the instructor was not the person that created the power point presentation but I do get an "eye roll" out of her every time I point out spelling mistakes, like... "by passing", as in defeating a safety feature. I told her that bypassing was actually one word. I find the blase attitude of well paid industry professionals with regard to documentation and spelling/grammar to be irritating and contributory to the dumbing down of not just the USA, but the whole world.