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  1. if you are running a popup blocker, it may be stopping the "recaptcha" option.
  2. An accurate 69 Cuda

    the link to Rico's Shapeways shop isn't working, is it dead?
  3. 1969 Chrysler 300 4 dr. ht. Air Trax resin built up

    I concur, excellently executed
  4. 31 Days of Oscar

    Silent Running Enemy Mine Spaceballs 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Space Cowboys Brainstorm
  5. Ford Deuce GT

    and this...
  6. Ford Deuce GT

    and this...
  7. Ford Deuce GT

    I found this...
  8. Desert Scale Classic XV - April 13

    Ahhh, the good old days.... when the contest was called Copper State Model Car Contest, I remember the 1am master awards discussions. :-)
  9. Rumour about the GSL Bi Annual Show?

    or maybe an existing show/contest can up their game...
  10. Making Door & Hood Hinges

    Old post quoted and photos added due to the Photobucket debacle
  11. Desert Scale Classic XV - April 13

    YAY, quit the job that kept me away from this last year!!! Now I have a job that fits better ..., and, I get to go to DSC again. Nothing ready to enter, but I can take photos again.
  12. AMT/ERTL 64.5 Mustang 1/16 scale

    I have this kit in my queue, am well aware of the kit shortcomings but am ready to remove the ugly and add details to my level. Of course, the windshield angle will have to get fixed, the suspension upgraded and some better tires/wheels (along with strengthening the body to support better hinges and open the trunk). I feel the 1/16 scale kits are a neglected canvas with regard to detail and there are many opportunities to turn a pigs ear into a silk purse. I just have so many other projects ahead of this one
  13. rather than pie-cutting the rear quarters, you could add/mold in some plastic to the top of the quarters to resolve the straight top line of the wagon rear quarters.
  14. Adding Memory to Computer?

    Google search mainly shows Optiplex GX620 machines. I have experience with the GX models, I have seen them typically run the fan very fast on startup, a lot of people upgrade the original CPU's to Pentium D (dual core Pentium) and Pentium D CPU's tend to run hotter than original CPUs. the smaller form factor cases usually have slots for only one or two stick of RAM and the motherboard chipset can only make use of 4gb max of RAM even if 64bit Win7 is installed. I expect that Win7 32bit was installed since you stated it had 2gb of ram (nothing wrong with this version of Win7). the size of hard drive could still be a factor in your computer performance.
  15. Adding Memory to Computer?

    I assumed (based on TJ's original post) that TJ may not be familiar enough with computer terms to accurately relate the problem he is having with his computer since the general public is usually not aware of the finer points of computer memory. If his computer lives on the floor, it may be totally clogged with dust and may indeed be overheating. if I knew the exact model number of his Optiplex, I could tell him how much ram he could install and if it would benefit him. C R A P Cleaner is free for personal use and can help clean up his hard drive but he should still defrag after cleaning, and if he has less than 10% space left on his hard drive then the hard drive could become corrupted when downloading large files like windows updates. There are most likely programs that launch when the computer is started that are not needed and are using system resources that make the computer slower.