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  1. I found this quite fascinating: However, I'm not EVEN going to start with that (unless I win the grand prize of the Powerball).
  2. the next shortage will be "murder" wasp spray.
  3. I think most of the body is close enough to rework, the rear window would most likely be easier to fix than the work required to create the front and rear bumper and facias, I guess this will remain on my far back burner.
  4. Randy, those look great and there is surely a market for those. I was thinking more of deep-dish model-A wire wheels similar to what monogram put in their '30 woody, or kelsey-hayes style suitable for caddy, t-bird, chrysler
  5. Possibly anyone that has 3d modeled the front and rear facia and bumper assemblies for a 1/16 scale MPC '79 Trans Am.
  6. Are there going to be some street rod type deep and regular offset wire wheels in the development queue?
  7. definitely the Pyro "VW" sun roof sedan (I'm looking at the box as I typed this)
  8. looks pretty "silky" to me, since I know exactly what you had to work with. I think I've finally spotted why this body looks so "disproportionate", the doors are too short for a two door sedan (and of course, the front of the car is too flat).
  9. Try searching the Mechwarrior universe for the Rifleman. (personally, I prefer the Marauder over the Rifleman) I encountered mechs back in the 80's through the first Mechwarrior game (which would run on a "286" based PC. Battletech has been around for longer than Mechwarrior (the computer game) and has a large audience, there is a free online version of Mechwarrior that has very good looking graphics. I have a few "gundams" because of the mechwarrior game but they are over 30 years old at this point and I never finished one yet ( I also have mint unbuilt star wars R2D2 and C3PO ).
  10. should work if the scale of the healey isn't too far off, I remember it being on the small side.
  11. those look great, if they had two-ear'd knock-offs they would work for Triumphs and MGs
  12. actually not just a vertical squish, it was digitally sectioned and shortened (I know this because I did it), part of it was a vertical squish to give the impression of a laid back windshield. it would have to be "modeled" similar to how Foose built the Imposter. it would also require more artwork since just a profile is insufficient to styling cues for the front and rear ends.
  13. sorry guys, I guess someone redeemed it already and they no longer have unlimited uses. I was not aware they had added that policy.
  14. Coupon link (if this doesn't work, paste the line below into your browser) coupon link> https://www.michaels.com/coupons?cm_mmc=EMAIL-_-Circ%2FPromo-_-200301USCircular_L_1-_-60AORPI&cm_mmca2=136211571238&customerEmail=QkxVTkNAQVRULk5FVA%3D%3D&emId=6b0702dec97dc25d601ac35194607ea3eccd93261419956e8514d1e2d489cefa&email=QkxVTkNAQVRULk5FVA%3D%3D
  15. Paintshop Pro (also a Corel product) handles rastor and vector files, and it's usually less than $100
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