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  1. do you know the PC requirements for your new machines?
  2. I can probably help you with the regular PC stuff if you want to move this convo out of this thread. I've been building my own since before windows 3.1
  3. it may be possible, did you do an autopsy to find out what died on the computer?
  4. what is the newest operating system that your alps will operate with and what type of cable connects it to the computer? quick research indicates that 32bit win7is compatible, is this false?
  5. on a side note, it looks like the Brooks Boxer was the precursor to the Glaspar G2 and seemingly could be considered the prototype for the G2.
  6. don't discount your skills, you can bend plastic to your will.
  7. you could make it a bubble top
  8. Alan, I think you will find that just about anything that can be done with 1/25-1/24 scale can still be done in 1/32 scale, it just requires a little more work sometimes (and maybe a magnifying glass)
  9. about 25 years ago I acquired a 65 catalina wagon that I had planned to convert into a "Catamino", unfortunately that never got done and I had to get rid of the car. here's a factory color Catalina motor, also a decent detail shot if you're going to detail the engine. factory engine color
  10. pontiac engine color for that time period is like a light turquoise blue. taking the time to check fitment of the grille assembly to the front fenders will make it look better when done, reference real car pix for examples. I had a 67 Tempest, sometimes when I see builds of 66/67 GTO's, I cringe when I see the fitment of the headlights to the fenders (similar style as the 2+2).
  11. really enjoying your fine detail work.
  12. there is free meditation style music on youtube called binaurals that may be helpful to you if you don't mind using headphones or earbuds, there are times when I listen to one and just zone out for a while.
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