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  1. Here's a Pyro '40 Ford that I built before the red Pyro '34 Ford I posted here. I kitbashed it with the Monogram Nova kit. The pitiful chrome-like grill and headlight bezels were done before I go some real BMF. Note the hand-stitched upholstery.
  2. re: the Rolls Royce, MPC came out with some 1/32 kits that were basically 2-n-1, where you could build it stock or with custom/hotrod parts which were chrome plated and slightly unrealistic Aurora did a great job "recycling" some of their simplistic kits by adding wacky customizing parts (the Jag). Pyro/Lifelike had a '34 Victoria that (I'm fairly it has dimension issues) is just begging to be street rodded. There is also a 1/32 Rolls Royce that could be turned into a small scale Munster Coach. MPC and Airfix both put out a 1911 Rolls that could be used for this build. Aurora did a great job of releasing real hot rods under fictitious names. (Ram Rod is actually the Beach Boys "Little Deuce Coupe" but really named by the actual owner as Silver Sapphire) With the great job 3D printers are doing now, anyone with decent eyesight (or a good magnifier) and a steady hand can take advantage of lots of unique kits not released in larger scales.
  3. I like it, one of the best builds of this kit I have seen so far. here is a thread for small scale stuff:
  4. I have a similar problem with my 03 suburban, my research turned up a problem with the vent/duct motors of which there are more than expected (and there is a procedure for getting all of them to re-calibrate). That is a bit far back on my "to do" list even though it's really nice to have AC in Arizona.
  5. ^^^^ This. In my experience where I worked in a "tune up" shop for six years (had my hands on over 15,000 cars), most Carter AFB/Edelbrock carbs were aluminium/silver in color, Thermoquad were black(plastic) and silver, most Carter one and two bbl carbs were anodized, most Holley carbs (all types) were anodized, most Rochester carbs (all types) were anodized, most Motorcraft 2bbl carbs were aluminium/silver with 1bbl and 4bbl carbs anodized. (these statements are based on my personal experience and may not reflect your reality) If you really care about a decent representation of your model (car) engine, just do an image search using your search engine of choice and work from reference photos, anything else will be your own artistic choice of engine appearance (and therefore, a valid model building option).
  6. Hey Wick, If you are using Chrome of Firefox to view this forum, you can easily enlarge the screen (text and graphics) by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing the plus key however many times you wish to increase the size of whatever you are viewing in your internet browser, I have not tested this in microsoft edge (I don't use it), to undue size changes, hold down the ctrl key and press the minus key as many times as you wish to shrink the screen. (I make no guarantees as to how this may affect anything else on your computer, nor any issues caused by operator error) (sometimes I typo on purpose) (your mileage may very)
  7. I was just bidding on one of these but got sniped while I was away from my computer, now I gotta keep looking for one that isn't crazy priced. great work on this.
  8. nice, I think I got an ICM kit to do a little street rod work on, never discount the military kits, great source for kitbashing.
  9. nice, I think I have a couple '70 Mach 1 in my stash awaiting some extra lovin.
  10. '34 Ford (yes, it's been posted here before)
  11. Track T (based on an old Pyro kit) Warning, there is a LOT of "imagineering" on this build. Early mockup, motor from a funny car snap kit, slot car wheels A little frame prep for the four-link torsion bar suspension. more frame prep setting the height a little more mock up and setting the bucket on the frame with a little firewall fab. tube front axle created torsion bar front suspension with integral ferro-fluid damping, some white primer to check the body work. side view, a little paint on the block. time for some engine work back yard paint booth a hinge for the turtle deck deck lid fitted, hinge fits well a few more mockups: front rear 3/4 rear
  12. '57 convertible restomod small block chevy from a Camaro kit converted to fuel injection, suspension upgrades. got some hinges to make...
  13. 71 Trans Am Vintage kit that is getting released again the kit motor requires a little rework to make it look like a pontiac engine Doors opened and hinged door openings need a little rework, wheels/tires are snowflakes from a '79 TA snap kit, the kit honeycomb wheels looked very undersized to me. hand sewn leather seats
  14. Post your builds that are smaller than 1/25 (I know there are some out there, I have pictures) (This will be a little "thread necro" of the old Make it Small thread.
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