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  1. blunc added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    sometimes, inconsiderate drivers on the road as the same time as I am really bring out the turrettes in me!!!
  2. blunc added a post in a topic Posting Your Build on the Other Guy’s Thread   

    "Swell Old Boy"  
  3. blunc added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    because sometimes people don't do their job the way we think they should...   
  4. blunc added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    it's an illegal (in most states) street car.
  5. blunc added a post in a topic New magazine scam...   

    Here's some free advice (worth exactly what you paid for it) for those that don't already know.
    When you receive and email that LOOKS like it's from your bank/credit card/sensitive account of any type, NEVER CLICK ON THE LINK IN THE EMAIL!
    If you have an account on a website regarding/referenced in the email you just looked at, exit your email program and log in to the website through your own saved bookmark/favorite and verify the actions suggested by the email you received.
    Hackers/scammers have it easy because most computer users are not awake enough to check links included in email messages for strange company name spelling or no actual company name at all and it's easy to "name" a hyperlink with a valid company name that still sends you to a hacked website.
  6. blunc added a post in a topic engine comparison   

    I think your math may be a bit off.
    The Austin motor would have been anywhere from 0.8Litre to 1.2Litre while the 427 would have been classed as 7litre displacement.
    The stock Austin motor may have grunted out 35hp on a good day, there are ways to up that number quite a bit. The Surfite was basically designed as a vehicle to take a surfer and boards to the beach... reliably, that means an economical and reliable motor like the Austin.
    The 427 most likely would not have been rated or produced 600hp in stock form, most stock engines in the USA don't produce more than one HP per cubic inch (without major penalties from the insurance companies).
    The chevy motor probably produced about ten times the HP as the Austin motor.
    There are other more knowledgeable members here that can supply more exacting data on this, but this apples versus oranges comparison only yields fruit cocktail.
  7. blunc added a post in a topic I,m back   

    welcome back.
    sounds like some weird IP address blocking demon.
  8. blunc added a post in a topic Is it me or is it my builds?   

    My first thought is to ponder why you would bin your models due to lack of posting in your threads... do you build to satisfy your own creative outlet or do you build to get attention from other builders?
    I'm not picking on you, just want you to think about WHY you build.
    I don't get massive amounts of traffic in threads I generate and that's okay with me because I build to suit my standards and creative outlets.
    My last completed build was over 30 years ago but I'm slowly creeping up on getting my first "new" build done since my focus has returned to model building.
    One of the common mantras on this site is "I build for me" and "I only build for fun", I invite you to take these to heart whether you build curb side or full blown detail down to the lint in the glove box.
    I'm fairly certain there are members here that will appreciate some or all aspects of your build style.
  9. blunc added a post in a topic Posting Your Build on the Other Guy’s Thread   

    I only do it to illustrate a point already mentioned in the thread.
  10. blunc added a post in a topic 27 Ford Rat Rod ,   

    very "ratty" indeed, I like all the little details.
  11. blunc added a post in a topic Two Little Deuces - 2-1/32-32 Roadsters   

    Thank you for the interest, I like exploring scales that have unique opportunities.
    I will be posting a WIP thread for the T-Bucket when it gets closer to being done. I've been taking photos but haven't started a WIP thread due to how long it's been taking me to work on it.
    House projects and twelve hour night shifts tend to reduce my projects to a crawl.
  12. blunc added a post in a topic Two Little Deuces - 2-1/32-32 Roadsters   

    There are 1/32 (glue and snap) kits with engines in them if you wish to do hoods off, most of the nascar snappers have motors that can be massaged to look better, the Lindberg ZR1 kit has lots of parts that can be used to update the old Pyro/Life-Like/Lindberg/Palmer kits.
    Here are some examples of slot car wheels in 1/32 scale...


  13. blunc added a post in a topic Two Little Deuces - 2-1/32-32 Roadsters   

    Those turned out great!
    I bet if you hadn't posted that they were 1/32, most viewers would have assumed the larger standard scale of 1/25-1/24.
    Regarding the kits, my brain thinks the kit designers made the grille/shell too narrow and changed the curve of the front fenders to compensate.
    Your excellent results show that with a little work, the smaller scale can yield great models that occupy less shelf space.
    If you run across an AMT "All Stars" '40 Ford 2dr sedan or a Gunze Sanyo '55 Nomad at a reasonable price, I'm guessing you could have some fun with those.
  14. blunc added a post in a topic Battlestar Galactica Vipers   

    Revell and Monogram marketed the Viper MK1, I have not heard that it has been reissued so you will have to search auction or collector sites.
    I had heard of a guy that made one out of toilet paper rolls... it was fondly referred to as a Colonial Wiper.  
  15. blunc added a post in a topic Favorite British band   

    Elbow, they've been around for a while.
    some concert videos on the you tube.