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  1. I think John Teresi was inspired by this concept to build this a few years ago:
  2. I commend you on a very thought-provoking build as well as your skills in metalwork and design vision. I look forward to seeing your choice of windscreen... single, dual, full windshield laid back at just the right angle... I would like to suggest Woodlite headlights to further add to the uniqueness of this build, I think they would compliment the lines of the body.
  3. yes, he can say "haboobs", saying "haboobies" is getting a little edgy.
  4. what irked me last night...Christmas Eve?!!! fireworks for most of the night from various neighborhood houses, and several other areas based on FB posts. WTF?!!!, save them for New Years!!!!!!!!
  5. repost of images that went away with my old photobucket account: Gremlin Pick Up The "Dats-AM" Ranchero GT
  6. Another problem to look for is that your computer will slow down when the hard drive starts to get "full", five years of updates can really fill up your drive with updates that get used once but never remove themselves after they install. When your hard drive gets to be 90% full, it will start to run out of places to put temporary files that it creates every time you go to the interwebs. Performing the clean and defrag should help a lot. Be aware that if you have never performed these actions in the life of your computer, that it may take a while for these actions to complete. IMPORTANT: Do the clean first and then the defrag. When performing the Disk Cleanup, be sure to click all boxes that refer to temporary files, there will be a box of the cleanup window that says "Clean up system files", perform this also...it will clean up gigabytes of space on your hard drive. If you decide to get a new computer, the program Classic Shell is a free program that will make Win10 "look" like Win7, I used to use it but am now used to Win10 and don't need it. You can get it here: http://www.classicshell.net/ Note that the developer stopped working on it at the end of 2017, so there will be no updates or fixes created for it unless other users do the work and post it to that site.
  7. you can tell it's very old..., the rear bumper fits properly. well done.
  8. I own all versions of these Monogram 1/32 kits, I've opened all versions, they all have the exact same size tires, even the Ford EXP kit. The wheels are all the same diameter that fit into the tires which are all the same size. That being said, a few of the bodies will look just fine with the smaller tires/wheels (Nova, Ford EXP), the rest of them (IMHO) will not look like they are filling the wheel opening of the car. (see below) This is a photo of the 71 TA, the chrome honeycomb wheel rear wheel/tire is from the kit placed/assembled in the kit location, the front is a snowflake wheel/tire from a 79 TA snap kit. My "opinion" is that the kit wheel/tire is too small for the wheel opening, so I will be dressing up the snowflake wheels for this build.
  9. There are a couple "outliers" missing from Casey's lineup, the "street machine" version of the TA and a "customized" version of the Z/28. The customized Z/28 has a TA shaker scoop cast into the hood and custom wheels, the TA has dual carb intake with Edelbrock style air cleaners and custom wheels. I've always thought the wheels/tires appear a little small and don't fill up the wheel openings very well even though they photographed the models in a way that minimizes this issue. The street machine parts in the Charger are outstanding (IMHO), the Hemi, Cragars and dual carbs with short velocity stacks were well done. I would wish for Atlantis to "bonus" the custom parts into their new release of these kits. FYI: anyone wishing to use the engines in these kits for kitbashing will have to cut the bottom half if the engine out of the chassis.
  10. thanks for the response guys, I'm not the only person looking for better engine options and quadrajet carbs for scale bigger than 1/24. Fireball Modelworks has some great carbs for all GM engine types but he doesn't do 1/16 scale. Other people do great Ford, Chevy, and Hemi engines in various scales, the people that want to have a decent looking Pontiac engine in anything large scale (don't forget all the dragsters that used Pontiac motors) are just left wishing.
  11. I really hope that the crickets in this thread mean that someone is out there working on this...
  12. thank you, FYI, the wheels/tires are 1/32 slot car.
  13. just cast a bunch, the larger scale builders will line up.
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