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  1. Thanks for the interest, it's a phantom '78 Ranchero GT, some day it will get re-finished, (old)WIP thread here:
  2. dang, I was hoping the web page was up so I could sponsor an award...
  3. that is a beaut! 50's fords were my first love, hope to see this at the next Desert Scale Classic.
  4. that would have been my concern also, however, there are many good options for 1/16 scale wheels on ebay and I think fireball may have a few..., and there is also the option or some 3d printed wheels and tires.
  5. we're living in wacky times, glad to hear you're hanging in there.
  6. Here is a link to photos I took at the fall Goodguys show in Arizona. https://www.flickr.com/photos/blunc/albums/72157720159630108
  7. great work on the Bird, I have a "backburner" project to build a replica of a '68 I used to own. I got some Fireball minilites to shoe the Bird with.
  8. The "Fish" carb is a real thing (I examined one that my late father was tinkering with). It had minimal moving parts and actually did double the fuel mileage of a full size motor home he installed it on and a 63 Biscayne 6cyl. It required special tuning of the engine and lacked cold weather compensation (choke), which in Arizona was not a big thing. My father was no slouch in the engineering area, I drove a 1950 F1 that he converted a 272 y-block to run on 4 cylinders...it was gutless and sounded like a model-T but it was reliable and got good mileage.
  9. reminds me of an old joke... If they make olive oil from olives, where would you think baby oil comes from?
  10. a very nice rendition of "The Little Deuce Coupe" I have one of these in my stash to do some extra detail on.
  11. unless you're using your voice in your own home (or writing notes on paper and then burning them), you should consider that nothing is "private"...and even then there is no guarantee.
  12. even if you don't build it box stock, that thing is loaded with some parts perfect for swapping.
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