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  1. AMT Sunbeam Tiger

    nice build up, this is a kit that is on my "way back" burner
  2. thanks for the ideas and inspiration Tim.
  3. looks like something made for a tv show that died before pilot release.
  4. Lindberg 1949 Ford Tudor Coupe. 1/32 scale

    this turned out well, IMHO. I have been putting off building this kit due to the dimensional problems. I wonder if the convertible version of this kit will look as bad as this version. To me, the kit looks like the molds were designed based on the "perspective" artwork on the box.
  5. MPC Mustang II Cobra kits

    I like the MPC version of this better than the AMT version.
  6. '55 Nomad - KingDigit Design Replica

    excellent replica.
  7. Carbs

    the Porsche carbs are the wrong type for two reasons, they are down draft and they are two sets of three rather than the three sets of two that is needed. I know there is a kit that has a cross-flow intake manifold and four side draft webers, I just don't remember the exact kit. You may find what you're looking for at Shapeways...
  8. Engine Ideas

    Actually, the Pontiac 301cuin and 301-turbo "may" be called small block due to reduced deck height of the block.
  9. I like them all, thanks for posting different and coherent build styles.
  10. That's interesting to know, I hadn't heard of that retrofit. I bet the trigger circuit in the standard electronic mopar distributors could be used with GM HEI modules (pre-computer). I have an HEI ignition module and coil hooked up to the the electronic distributor on the 2.6liter Ford engine I put in my TR4. Runs great, never any problem with spark.
  11. for all the advice given in this thread... it's great that the people here participate. some advice in this thread (seems to me) has been spot on, and some may not have been the quickest path to the original poster's answer/solution. the differing opinions (and subsequent back and forth) merely muddy the waters. I hope Cale has some decent in person help to guide him to the decision on whether the engine is suitable to his purpose.
  12. I would express concern about trying to use the carb on this engine as it currently sits. The thermoquad carb has internal mainwell seals that dry out (and crack/leak) if not kept immersed in fuel, this causes major carb problems... I am not expert in all the areas Bill is but I do have a lot of experience in this era of automotive fuel and ignition systems. My respects to mikemodeler...but, pulling the starter would not be my first step in diagnosing an engine cranking problem. If you know that this car was driven to where it sits now, there should be no wiring problems unless critters have been eating it since it was parked. Even without a manual, checking all the fluids will tell you a lot about the motor without turning a wrench. If this motor is viable, don't contaminate it with old gas (if there is any in the tank).
  13. I suggest that you really don't need to get it started, you really only need to crank it over to see if there are any cylinders that have no compression. Everything else is just engine tuning /service. It probly has a thermoquad on it, not a bad carb if you know how to work on them. I put one on my 68 firebird since it was in better shape than the Q-jet that was on it, ran real good.
  14. the car may have a neutral safety switch malfunction, have you tried it in park and/or neutral? some mechanics would activate the starter solenoid manually but the above advice about oiling the cylinders before cranking a dormant engine should not be ignored. my father's favorite lube for this is Marvel Mystery Oil.