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  1. blunc added a post in a topic It's not just California. The southwest is in a serious draught.   

    flan, it's not just for dessert anymore.
  2. blunc added a post in a topic Good Guys Pleasanton CA show this weekend   

    umm, pics or it didn't happen.   
  3. blunc added a post in a topic Short Circuit - Nova Van   

    "No disassemble"
    "With friends like these, who needs enemas?"
    nice replica. 
  4. blunc added a post in a topic Try this at home. Paper V-6 run on air   

    I thought that photo looked like it was marketed for British applications, that v8 intake manifold reminded me of a Rolls Royce I performed a tune up on a while ago, the owner made me swear not to touch the side draft carbs.
    I bet the side draft adapted versions were easier to maintain than SU carbs since you wouldn't have to keep adding oil to the carb venturi dampner.
    My father told me that the Fish had only one moving part in it, quite a feat for those days.
    OMG, variable venturi brings back very bad memories of Ford's total failure on their variable venturi card. The concept might have been sound but the materials used made that carb a failure.
    We are so lucky these days for fuel injection... even though I prefer "none-electric" carbs on my own "fun cars".
  5. blunc added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    now I know Arizona and car batteries don't get along well so I shouldn't have been surprised (or irked) but what did irk me was how much I had to remove/loosen/bend/"abuse the heck out of" to get the dead battery out of my 96 Century "people mover".
    and oh yeah....the door mirror "post retaining clip" (that lets you rotate the fancy mirror flat to the door instead of breaking it off) in the on my wife's Honda decided to fail and the mirror was flopping around. After a couple hours outside in 105deg temps of trying to get that forever to be damned clip forced back down onto the post (which had the electric mirror adjusting wires going through the middle of it) I got the clip down onto the post but as I released the clamping tools the clip came right back off. At that point I said screw that's what I did, that part of the assembly no longer swings in or out since it's now screwed together till it gets bumped too hard, then I'll go buy another mirror.
  6. blunc added a post in a topic Try this at home. Paper V-6 run on air   

    ummm, the Fish carb is real, and even though the 100mpg was a bit exaggerated, a big improvement in MPG could be realized with proper tuning.
    I know this firsthand because my father had one and had tried it on several engines. He was able to double the fuel economy on just about every application he tried it on..including a mopar powered motor home.
    Admittedly, you won't see high performance due to the restrictive nature of a single throat carb but that's not the goal if you're working to maximize fuel economy.
  7. blunc added a post in a topic Most fun you had in a car. KEEP IT P.G.   

    there was this time when I was in a local Pontiac car club where a fellow member and I were returning from a meeting and we decided to "let the dogs run".
    I had a '68 Firebird with a 400/turbo-400 from a junkyard Bonneville, bone stock but well cared for, I had put a Thermoquad on it (yup, you read that right, I knew how to work on them without ruining them) because most people back then were throwing them away, and my buddy had a '73 Lemans with a warmed up 455 (but in my opinion rather under carburated...he should have had at least a 750cmf carb on it but had a lower end Holley)
    We were pretty even till a little over the century mark, both wide open throttle and I started pulling ahead, this all happened in less than a mile.
    Fortunately, the reservation cops were elsewhere that night.
    This event happened in this car:

  8. blunc added a post in a topic Has anyone ever hot rodded to your standard Greg?   

    yeah, not much to worry about...
    except "100 year floods" every two or three years.
    and crappy drainage so that your car gets flooded like it sat through hurricane Katrina.
    but other than that, not much to worry about.  
  9. blunc added a post in a topic remotely controlling a full size car   

    Just about any device that is capable of "wireless" communication can (and most likely will) be hacked...if your vehicle has this technology then you are potentially at risk from the bad guys and the "good" guys.
  10. blunc added a post in a topic how to replicate bare metal surface   

    does it involve #0000 steel wool?
  11. blunc added a post in a topic Big Bugatti in the house!   

    the Pocher roof line and rear quarter glass seem a bit off compared to the reference photo (and the boot hinges are missing).
    Hrmmmm...I wonder if Harry will correct his Pocher (and no, that is NOT a euphemism).
    Oh, nevermind...that Pocher has more errors than the new Revell 57 Ford sedan AND wagon.   
  12. blunc added a post in a topic Revell 56 Ford F-100-Seating Upgrade 08/28   

    nice work on finicky little parts.
  13. blunc added a post in a topic Revell Jaguar XK120- The Gentleman's Racer!   

    I agree with Harry on this one, nicely done.
  14. blunc added a post in a topic 1956 Mercury   

    another gem, someday your collection of builds will end up in the Model Car Museum.   
  15. blunc added a post in a topic POLICE JET BALL #25! Seaquest & Robot Kitbash is Finished!   

    Moonscope, and later...the Space 1999 Alien Lunar Rover