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  1. MS is not "doing away" with win7, they are ending support for it...meaning, no more software updates/fixes for new problems that get found. Win7 will still run as fine as it ever did on your laptop. If you want to make your laptop better, change out the original hard drive to a solid state drive (SSD) and it will run better than new. I suggest you check the Dell site for your model of laptop to see if Dell has software/drivers for your laptop with win10 installed and to see if other Dell end users have upgraded to win10 with/without problems. I personally have upgraded desktops and laptops to win10 back when it was free from MS, there may be a charge to upgrade now (don't know for sure). Some older programs may not work or be supported in win10. Do your research first before upgrading to win10, it's not as bad as everyone says but there are things to look out for, CNET has lots of articles covering win10 and issues.
  2. looks quite sporty with the Woodlites on it.
  3. I once convinced a "know-it-all" in electronics trade school that his compression was low because his piston return springs were weak and needed replacing. interesting fact: carburetors have piston return springs that keep the accelerator pump properly positioned.
  4. no clearance found by me at Az Hobby Lobby on friday
  5. too many favorites for me to pick from but my first love is the 1956 Crown Victoria
  6. this kit doesn't come with glass.
  7. what happens if you graft the left over cab to the left over sedan?
  8. the nose on that hood always reminds me of Hudson pickups. nice "bashing".
  9. blunc

    Mini trucks

    just find your favorite older mini truck and pay to get it refurbed, you will then have a virtually "new" old truck that fits your wishes and things that usually failed can be upgraded during refurb.
  10. I think I prefer the original custom of this car over the "restyle" that happened to it... kind of like the later restyles of the Lil Coffin were jarring to people that were used to the version kitted by Monogram
  11. hmm, never noticed before that the driver-side front fender looks like a sheet metal replacement. a little photo research shows that a partial fender replacement had happened, it just wasn't an original fender that was grafted on.
  12. are you sure the salesman didn't say "Toxic Yellow"?
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