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  1. cwobeaman added a post in a topic 1/16 camaro pro-mod wip   

    Looks amazing.... I'm following! I've dealt with Ted for small items that cross over into the 1:12 and 1:24 world that he stocks. He is very knowledgeable and communication was great back and forth. I highly recommend all scales at least check him out.
  2. cwobeaman added a post in a topic Ferrari 458 Italia in Rosso Dino   

    Question for you on the Hobby Design P/E and you may think I'm crazy.... Where do part 1 and 2 go? The instruction sheet depicts [bottom center of page just above the rotor diagram] cutting out what looks like a vent in the C pillar (if there such a thing on a Ferrari 458). I'm stumped... Any other P/E tips you have for this set also would be nice. Thanks, Shannon
  3. cwobeaman added a post in a topic 1/25 Galaxie Ltd. '46 - '48 Chevrolet Aerosedan   

    The Galaxie team are producing models much like them moebius team....They are amazing and I really wish revell wound take some lessons from the two upstart companies that are proving that things can be built right.
  4. cwobeaman added a post in a topic Galaxie '46 Chevy sedan delivery   

    I love the Galaxie builds. My hey are are of the detail and quality found in Tamiya and Moebius...
  5. cwobeaman added a post in a topic A couple iconic cars that need better model versions   

    See the Galaxie releases of the '46-'48 Chevrolet Sedan and Sedan delivery... Unmatched details and unlimited custom ideas.
  6. cwobeaman added a post in a topic New "COUPE " from Galaxie ltd ?   

    Galaxie models are among my favorite. I would rather build a Galaxiem or Moebius over any other kit...
  7. cwobeaman added a post in a topic Galaxie 48 Chevy Sedan Delivery   

    I'm building two of them....they are by far them most detailed models I have ever seen. Pricey when first release, but have seen them down to $26 dollars direct from Galaxie recently. I really wish that Revell would adopt the quality and attention to detail that Galaxie and Moebius have. It would begin an new era within the hobby for sure.

    I'm slapping some HoK inca Gold on one of them this weekend and really look forward to every Galaxie or Moebius release.
  8. cwobeaman added a post in a topic TAMIYA FERRARI FXX   

    Have you considered using magnets to allow formpanelsmtomto be installed/removed as desired? I'm used just such methods now on many of my builds because the small rare earthmagnets can be placed within components and finished over making thin unseen.
  9. cwobeaman added a post in a topic SHOW US YOUR STYRENE GLORY IN PRIMER!   


    Where did you get the '59 El Camino Body from? I'm doing a Resto on one of my father's models; a '59 Lonestar Camino. The 'A' pillar is broken and an entire mosaic looking piece missing from the roof from a crush I suppose. If like to repair, but the styrene is so acient that body work is difficult. Maybe I can ship the body to one of you masters to help me with???

    Great thread Doc!

    V/R, CWO3 Beaman
  10. cwobeaman added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Modeling Books and Publications
    It's been awhile since I've seen any of you 'masters' talk about the subject of books that are worth owning. I figure with the influx of new members and the experience that's already here, that there might be some good substance to come from just such a thread. Personally I don't own any modeling books, but have considered doing so. I subscribe to two magazines(Scale Auto Mag & Model Cars Mag), but really wondering what I might learn from a Covert, Gustavson, Doty, or Irvine book. I know that there's probably nothing in those books that can't be found buried in the WIPs of this forum, but also know that a logically organized and indepth book of 120+ pages or so would be the perfect complement to the mental checklists required when setting upon certain tasks. Thoughts or Recommendations?
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  11. cwobeaman added a post in a topic 49' Mercury Speedster.. It's Done 5/4/13   

    I some how had missed this.... Wow you've got my attention now.
  12. cwobeaman added a post in a topic Confused 49 Merc   

    Tamiya Blue/Green Irid over satin black, sealed with matte.
  13. cwobeaman added a post in a topic Contacting Members of the L.I.A.R.S Club   

    I'd be happy to join them at a club meeting to meet some fellow builders but have yet to meet anyone (that I know of) from the club. I'm a Marine Corps Officer stationed in NYC and live in Garden City. Does anyone know if they are in Nassau or are they way out on the east end of the island?
  14. cwobeaman added a post in a topic tube chassies   

    This is an awesome thread with some crazy talent.... Thanks for all of the tips/links/advice
  15. cwobeaman added a post in a topic Brians Model Cars Forum shutting down   

    He's actually shutting down on the 4th of November. He and Alex are talking about possibly hosting a non-active archive of BMC on italianhorses.

    There's a lot of good stuff up on BMC, it would be a shame to lose all that knowledge. I for one will be spending some time Fri night and Saturday reviewing the Tutorials and Tips forums for anything I want to take notes on in case it doesn't either (a) get hosted anywhere or ( takes a long time to get hosted anywhere.