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  1. Have you considered using magnets to allow formpanelsmtomto be installed/removed as desired? I'm used just such methods now on many of my builds because the small rare earthmagnets can be placed within components and finished over making thin unseen.
  2. Joker, Where did you get the '59 El Camino Body from? I'm doing a Resto on one of my father's models; a '59 Lonestar Camino. The 'A' pillar is broken and an entire mosaic looking piece missing from the roof from a crush I suppose. If like to repair, but the styrene is so acient that body work is difficult. Maybe I can ship the body to one of you masters to help me with??? Great thread Doc! V/R, CWO3 Beaman
  3. It's been awhile since I've seen any of you 'masters' talk about the subject of books that are worth owning. I figure with the influx of new members and the experience that's already here, that there might be some good substance to come from just such a thread. Personally I don't own any modeling books, but have considered doing so. I subscribe to two magazines(Scale Auto Mag & Model Cars Mag), but really wondering what I might learn from a Covert, Gustavson, Doty, or Irvine book. I know that there's probably nothing in those books that can't be found buried in the WIPs of this forum, but also know that a logically organized and indepth book of 120+ pages or so would be the perfect complement to the mental checklists required when setting upon certain tasks. Thoughts or Recommendations?
  4. I some how had missed this.... Wow you've got my attention now.
  5. Tamiya Blue/Green Irid over satin black, sealed with matte.
  6. I'd be happy to join them at a club meeting to meet some fellow builders but have yet to meet anyone (that I know of) from the club. I'm a Marine Corps Officer stationed in NYC and live in Garden City. Does anyone know if they are in Nassau or are they way out on the east end of the island?
  7. This is an awesome thread with some crazy talent.... Thanks for all of the tips/links/advice
  8. He's actually shutting down on the 4th of November. He and Alex are talking about possibly hosting a non-active archive of BMC on italianhorses. There's a lot of good stuff up on BMC, it would be a shame to lose all that knowledge. I for one will be spending some time Fri night and Saturday reviewing the Tutorials and Tips forums for anything I want to take notes on in case it doesn't either (a) get hosted anywhere or ( takes a long time to get hosted anywhere.
  9. I've downloaded the app and tried to open it, but can't get past the opening screen that asks for forum name and address. It seems as though no combination I've tried is acceptable for IPS to allow me to move forward.
  10. Are there any forum apps for iphone or iPad that currently function correctly or could be suggested? IPB seems to be all messed up.....
  11. Another great point, it's good to lacquer over...
  12. Awesome! Fixing to start one just to pull a Great Dane Extendable trailer.... Will probably hit you up for some help.
  13. Has there been any talk of group/community builds for 2013? You have to remember that for us Marines, the new year started October 1st cause we run fiscal years, not calendar years....
  14. great tip!...... I just destroyed an old DVI cable when I switched a monitor over to HDMI.... The interference wrap also comes in handy for creating heat shielding.
  15. Looks as though you have things well in hand...... I'm waiting for some putty to cure on mine right now; can't wait to sling some paint.
  16. Look to have done a fine job with it. I have one on my bench right now that I've painted rattle can krylon 'bright idea' yellow. Will shoot the clear this week and then post a work in progress. Do you have any closeups that you took of the engine?
  17. I'm with Cranky on this.... Its a great kit. Personally, I think this kit allows enrichment for both the builder who's trying to build as clean as he can with a little pushing out in to Box Stock+ techniques (wire, hose, al-clad, etc...) ALSO to for the builder trying to cast and scratchbuild. Glad there's a new release so I can stock up with a few more Willys. You never know when your're gonna need some parts from one. I buy funny car models anytime I see one for under $20 so I always have frames/etc to build up other models as drag cars. I'm working on building my first scratch drag frames now.... Piles of kits and 'overly simplified castings' have gotten me to this point and I may have to attend SAA (styrene addicts anonymous) with Dr Cranky.
  18. Erik, I have just come across your build and will follow/comment.... I too, am building an Enzo (1 Revell and 1 Tamiya). Kept it coming, I have particularly liked the recovery after the warped/bent/melted door fit. That was potentially a game breaker and you saved it with your clothespin press. Thanks a ton and I'll send you a friend request so we can share the build... -Shannon
  19. Running into this same issue, will try a fix and post my workaround.
  20. Like the building design.... Wide open while still capturing the look you need. A great idea to always keep in mind when building up and out. I particularly like Cranky's way of modular design, he's able to then 'get out of his own way' within the space.
  21. Could you go over your engineering of the swinging hood?? Thanks, Shannon
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