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  1. Not a ringing endorsement for the markerszone markers! The "magic chemical has evaporated" was my working theory, since I had tried near everything else. If I crack open my next pen and get good results, I may immediately dump the ink into an empty paint bottle in hopes of prolonging it's usefulness. Thanks for the crystal clear comparison! I searched but only found one other reference to Molotow turning gunmetal gray. It's not even very good at that- it turns splotchy! THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR RESPONSES!
  2. I bought a Molotow marker from Hobby Lobby a couple (or few) years ago when they became the talk of the town. I finally got around to needing to do some chrome touchup this past weekend, and cracked open the package and the marker itself for the first time. Fortunately, I decided to try it on a spoon first. Needless to say, it did not work for me- otherwise why would I need help.😏 The ink immediately turned dark metallic gray, and shimmered but never coalesced into the mirror finish that everyone raves about. I've tried doing some searching, but there have not been a lot of troubleshooting videos. I've played with amounts, I've played with alcohol thinner, and every so often I see the mirror effect right at the end of a run that is mid-curing. But otherwise, it just cures as a splotchy dark gray metallic. I've uploaded a Youtube video here for you to see. Let me know if you have had similar experiences and if there is a fix. I've got a second marker, but I model so slowly that I don't want to crack open the second one only to put it away for months. On another note, I've looked up Molotow so much the last few days that ads for chrome markers from markerszone.com have popped up in my FB feed- anyone take the bait on these and are they any good? Not endorsing them- honestly, they make me think of knock-off Sharpies!
  3. Just to be abundantly clear, since I saw you replying similarly to a message about a classic Beetle, that you have the wheels and tires from one of these?
  4. Can anyone point me to the right size aftermarket/ eBay tires for this kit? (https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-85-2382-vw-new-beetle--501060) I had it assembled and mounted to a base, but glue and heat must have caused the tires to crack and break apart. I've pulled just the stock tires off the wheels and want to replace them with something that fits and looks stock, but all of the tires from my parts box are much too narrow. My caliper dimensions have them at 8mm wide at the wheel, with a ID of 19.5mm, and an approximate OD of 26.5mm. Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Read this and immediately thought Discount Drug Mart. Checked your bio to see that you are from Ohio. I miss them.
  6. I built one of the 1976 issues of this kit, and used it to propose to my wife. It is a nice little kit with few issues for its age. I made a little video showing the construction, which should give you a sense of the parts available. You can check it out here:
  7. I have a bunch of these crimped onto 12 AWG solid wire, which is then coiled into a stand. It means they are freestanding, and I can just bend them up or down to balance whatever I'm working with. I also have slipped small pieces of plastic tubing (aquarium airline tubing) over the ends to keep the teeth from digging in.
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