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  1. Furiousgeorge added a post in a topic 1.1 cars that got away   

    Mine is a '66 Plymouth Sport Fury. An original 383 Commando with buckets, console, power steering and brakes! Loved that car, but had to sell it to help the down payment on our first house. I've been trying to track it down, but can't find it.
  2. Furiousgeorge added a post in a topic Barn find '69 Daytona   

    I got the rest of the body and parts painted and de-salted today. Turned out alright. I need to not have as much of the finer bits of salt next time I think, but it I'm happy with it. I just need to touch up a few spots and hit it with some dulcote. Engine wiring and chassis details are next.

  3. Furiousgeorge added a post in a topic Barn find '69 Daytona   

    Thanks for the tip, I'll keep that in mind when it's time to do the body! I experimented with salt on the hood and a few other parts, and I think I came out good for my first shot at it!

  4. Furiousgeorge added a post in a topic Barn find '69 Daytona   

    Got this one back off the wait pile and got some initial paint on he body and related parts. The engine is nearly done, just have to touch up a few spots and add the distributor cap and wires. I made a PCV valve and opened up the distributor. I also have the throttle spring to add yet. The body was done with Tamiya flat brown with a mix of hull red and orange splattered over it. I think it'll look alright peaking through the paint (I'm thinking light green). Any comments or criticisms are welcome!

  5. Furiousgeorge added a post in a topic Fireball AFB Max Wedge Carbs   

    I just got these today, as well as the street Hemi carbs, bare MoPar steelies and the MoPar steelies with hubcaps. The carb detail is mind blowing! There are details like fuel mix screws and vacuum ports. If anyone is thinking about getting these, pull the trigger! You won't be disappointed!
  6. Furiousgeorge added a post in a topic Barn find '69 Daytona   

    Got to work on the 440, I'm fairly pleased with how it worked out for my first try. The next step is the hull red on the body/chassis and related parts hopefully tonight. 

  7. Furiousgeorge added a post in a topic Would anyone want to see 70 Charger pics?   

    Or better yet, do a wip with it. It'd be great to see one built so we'd have a heads up on any issues.
  8. Furiousgeorge added a post in a topic 69 nova revell > barnfind > fully detailed engine bay   

    This is looking fantastic! Excellent work! I read through the entire post again and didn't see this mentioned, how did you weather the glass like that?
  9. Furiousgeorge added a post in a topic Barn find '69 Daytona   

    I got working on getting a few rust holes in the rear fenders and trunk extensions on the chassis. They need a bit more thinning, but are getting close. I've also drilled a hole in the passenger fender for the missing scoop, as well as a missing wiper arm (I'll have the post sticking out of the hole after paint) and drivers door handle. I drilled out a hole for the fuel fill tube and put a bit of aluminum pipe there, it'll have a rag plugging it in the end. I also got a start on opening up the headlights, and more practice work on gunking up the engine.

  10. Furiousgeorge added a post in a topic Another Restoration, 66 Fury   

    A great build of a great car! I had a '66 Sport Fury a few years back, though it was the most terrible green you've ever seen inside and out, it drove and rode like a dream! Good job!
  11. Furiousgeorge added a post in a topic Barn find '69 Daytona   

    Spent some time playing around with the rust and I think I've got what I'm going to go with. I made  a mix of Tamiya hull red and Tamiya orange (around 1/3 red to 2/3 orange). I'll spray the body in straight hull red, then do the salt method on the areas I'm rusting, then the final paint (not sure on final colour yet). Once that's done, go over the rusted spots with the mix, sprinkling and lightly press the real rust powder into it. Once that's all dry, lightly scrub the access off with a toothbrush. I played about on a test body (just the mix and powder) and it looks good enough for me. I also dry brushed a spare 440 with the powder and it looks good, with a wash added it'll work fine. Also tried making a rust hole, turned out ok, but I'll practice a bit more before going at the Daytona.
    The trunk shot is the paint mix and powder, I got it a bit thick on the left side. The roof shot was a few test spots with the powder over straight orange, the right one just sprinkling the powder on, and the left pressing in into the paint a bit. The hole is just hull red to give me a decent idea of how it'd look, the powder will help a lot there (also not cracking the plastic).

  12. Furiousgeorge added a post in a topic Barn find '69 Daytona   

    Thanks for the tips! I do have the testors rubber, and enough various other grays, blacks and browns to do some experimenting on making my own washes. A good plan or the afternoon!
  13. Furiousgeorge added a post in a topic Barn find '69 Daytona   

    I do have a set of Tamiya weathering power, but I've never used them. What colours do you suggest to use to make the wash?
  14. Furiousgeorge added a post in a topic Barn find '69 Daytona   

    Ok, not much of an update here. I've been laid off since July and have been busy doing interviews, tried a job working in the shop for the local GM dealer, but that didn't pan out. I've got the basic engine painted, and I'm looking into what ways there are for weathering it. I've got rust (real rust from #0000 grade steel wool), I just need to settle on a wash for oiling up the engine. I've got more time now, so hopefully I can put more time into this.

  15. Furiousgeorge added a post in a topic 1961 Chrysler 383   

    If I recall correctly, the B series engines ranged from 350 to 440 cubic inches, and began production in the late '50's. Any MoPar big block engine will work, as the difference in scale between a 383 and a 440 are (I think) indistinguishable to the naked eye. Since you already have the cross ram set up, you're nearly there. I'd recommend the 440 from the Revell '68/9 Chargers and Daytona, if you need a 1/25. Love those kits!