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  1. Thanks! The charger rear end definitely looks better! Im actually using pics I found online of this car for reference and inspiration! It does look good with that colour combo.
  2. I’ve got this in the go now that the GTX is done. I’m doing something a bit different with this one, though I’m not sure how it’ll work out, so I’ll keep it under my hat for now 😏. So far I’ve got the basic engine together (440 six pac), it’ll have basic wiring and plumbing. Some body work and engine bay detail were added, since these kits are a bit light in that area. I’ve used some parts from the Revell ‘68 Charger (braces and bolts) as well as building the hood latch plate. I just have to add the spring. I’m also using the Charger front suspension and rear axle, since these Super Bee and Roadrunner kits all seem to have the wheels way to far in. It'll have steel rims and dog dish caps (Fireball Modelworks resin pieces). I haven’t decided on a colour combo yet, suggestions?
  3. Thanks! I added some bits of scrap under the front of the rear springs to bring it up some, and I cut the “spindles” off the front, drilled them and the mount for a pin, and moved them up a touch.
  4. Thanks! I just used Tamiya fine grey primer. It turned out pretty good! I didn’t clear it, since the last couple I tried clearing went sideways.
  5. Painted Tamiya Metallic orange with black interior. I decided against the stripes, mainly because they fell apart when I tried to apply them. The hood doesn’t currently sit properly because there’s one plug wire that pokes up a wee bit too much, and I somehow lost the air cleaner! I had to raise the rear end a bit, as well as lower the front to get a proper looking ride height. But all in all, a decent kit, and a nice build to park besides the one I did 15ish years ago.
  6. Ok, this ones all wrapped minus the air cleaner I somehow lost. I’ve got another one, but I have to redo the chrome on it. Pictures over in Under Glass.
  7. Nice! I did a turquoise-ish one many years ago (15-20). I still have it on the shelf (just the one picture of it though). I’m going to have these side by side as a reminder of how far I’ve come. I got the ride height sorted out, looks much better imo. I just have to add the hood ornament, scoops and stripes and this one’ll be done!
  8. Got some work done raising the rear suspension a bit, now onto lowering the front a wee bit. I had to strip and redo the hood, got all the chrome bits on, and detailed the rear light panel, though I need to touch up the red in a few spots I see.
  9. Got a bit more time for this over the last couple days. I didn’t like how the plug wore boots looked, so I redid them, and got a quick mock up. The front end sits a bit high, but the suspension isn’t glued in yet, the car is just sort of perched on it. I added power brakes from the Revell ‘69 Charger, heavy cars with Hemi power need power brakes! So far things are going well!
  10. Shambles- Thanks! Yes, all the trim is BMF. I’ve never really had trouble with it like other seem to. It can be tricky, but nothing else looks as good! Brutalform- I’ve always preferred the 440 over the Hemi. Hemi’s rules the tracks, but 440’s ruled the streets both in numbers and drivability (and who doesn’t love a six pac?!). I’ve always wondered why the Pentastars were only on the passenger side?
  11. On the two 1:1 cars I’ve had (‘66 Fury Sport and a ‘69 Monaco) they were a goldish colour, so that’s what I go with.
  12. Thanks! I usually use Tamiya Titanium Gold for the pentastar, but I did forget!
  13. Not a lot getting done on this, a lot of my time is being soaked up by another wip (‘09 Challenger) and dealing with being laid off last week (Mosaic Potash, as a company, sucks). I did get the glass in, and the motor wired up (minus the coil), and fuel lines in. I’m not too worried about the fuel lines not being perfect, as the air cleaner will cover a lot of it up.
  14. I’ve always loved these cars, and yours is coming along great! Looks a bit familiar 🙂
  15. Thanks! Though the Hemi is never a bad choice, I wanted the 440 just to be different. The emblems were foiled after paint, since the Belvedere part is fairly large and an easy rectangle. The GTX and the 426 Hemi script was hand painted with Model Master Chrome, since there’s no way I could foil tiny letters. I’ve never tried foiling before paint. Something for the next project I guess.
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