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  1. That would be cool. This is a friend's car. He bought new with every possible option he could get . You couldn't get T-top or a moonroof . The car has only around 10 miles on it . He asked if could build a replica of it. So a couple sets of decal would really help . The decals that are on the car are a second set , the original decals that came with the car are in the trunk ,never put on the car. The car still has all the tags and covers on the car , it came straight off the tralier and was never prepped for sale..
  2. I have a suggestion, since you did the Super Coupe . How about for these?
  3. Bullitt Mustang

    Thank you , I have the 68 Shelby kit and it looks nothing like the 67 kit . I'll have to pick one up. Thanks again.
  4. Bullitt Mustang

    Does anyone know what Shelby steering wheel is in the 1968 Bullitt Mustang and where I could find one?
  5. '50 Chevy

  6. '50 Chevy

    Thank you, I was trying to make look a fake patina paint job. Didn't want it to an old rusty truck with all the custom bodywork.
  7. '50 Chevy

    Thank you.
  8. '50 Chevy

    That is the way i got it , ive done nothing to it . It is a little heavy in the back, but that is my fault . He had to cast it this way so that my chassis wpuld still fit. This is the fourth body of mine he has casted and I'm working on two more , I'm trying to make them a little easier for him to cast .
  9. '50 Chevy

    Its all one piece, not sure if that is the one or not . My boxes have no numbers on them . You might get hold of him and ask . He had them at a show here in May.
  10. '50 Chevy

    Thanks , l understand what you are saying . This is the original body that I made. I did this years ago using baking soda and super glue . I redid the body work and Jimmy Flintstone casted it. I was afraid of putting shinny paint on this one and having problems with it later. I have a few of the resin bodies to do something shinny later , I always liked how this body came out .
  11. Let's See Some Glue Bombs!

    Looking great, can't believe you got that back together! Can't wait to see it done.
  12. Finished this one up. Need to take some better pictures in the daylight.
  13. '50 Chevy

    Almost got this back together. Still need to paint the wheel centers and glue them on.