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  1. Headlights

    I use Elmer's clear glue , I just wet my fingertip to pick the up.
  2. Some day I would like to get another one. It seems like life just keeps getting in the way . I did get another one about 15 years ago it was a 73 street basin blue , white stripe and black interior. Ended up getting married and sold it , should of kept the car. For now I'm trying to put my old Dodge pickup on the road , but as always life gets in the way finding a new job after 28 years at the same place. This one not getting away 😀
  3. I know it was a real Road Runner. I just thought the placement of the decal was odd. It still had all the original Road Runner parts blacked out grill and taillights , horn interior emblems, exhaust tips , fixed quarter windows , sway bars ,hood ... The original 340 was gone , but I did one in it my senior year of high school. It sat low , always hitting and the driveshaft hitting the tunnel with people in the back. Had alot of fun with it .
  4. Wish I had other pictures of mine . Mine was triple black with the weird vyinal top and pinstripes. It had the running Road Runner decals on the quarters under the vyinal top . Not sure if someone added them or not . It was a Road Runner just with no stripes. Ya I had the torsion bars loosened up the k frame was about an inch and a half of the ground and the front leaf spring hangers were flipped to get the rear down about three more inches
  5. Maybe the 66 Malibu with the tilt front end.
  6. Willy's pick-up

    I made it that way , so it could be finished in different ways . This way it can be built with the straight axle or the pro street chassis. Figured it would be easier to make a bed floor than to have to cut one out to fit the build style. If you use the pro street chassis you should be able to trim the kits floor to fit. Or you could just make a bed cover. This is one of five bodies he has casted of mine , it's always cool to see to see how other people finish them . Trying to learn the best ways to make bodies that aren't putting any limits on how they have to be finished. Thanks for asking that question. I will keep that in mind next time. Can't wait to see what you do with it.
  7. Thanks . I want to finish this one day , but I will probably use a tan Road Runner body instead of the orange one. I owned my 73 (340 triple black)for almost 15 years .There are a few more things I'll change to make the body look better.
  8. Willy's pick-up

    The ones he sent me are pretty clean. He has my 4-door Barracuda body too. He said he would be sending it next week.
  9. Willy's pick-up

    I just took a look at it. I'm going to build the original body as an old drag car , incase any of the body work comes back to haunt me. The only thing I hate about having a body casted is that they sometimes get damaged. But it is cool to see how other people finish them.
  10. Thanks. It makes the a pillars look better by being inside of the door and fenders instead of on top of then . The window trim and window shield are better on the Charger and it just makes it stronger.
  11. Willy's pick-up

    I got a package from Jimmy today , so I'm guessing it's available now.
  12. This is as far as I got with it.
  13. Took some quick pictures.