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  1. Figured out the wheels and tire to use , now which engine and were to put it?
  2. I've been wanting to build one also , this was my triple black '73.
  3. Ok ,actually going to get started on my build . Almost forgot to post a picture of my kit.
  4. Not a problem, this is why pulled the bumpers down and added to the bottom of the body . The squished front end and the bumpers sticking out are the main things I wanted to fix. It will just be nice to have a replica of my car , miss it more than Cuda's and Road Runner's I've owned.
  5. Mine was slammed, raised upper a-arms and cranked down torsion bars . Rear spring perches flipped with A-body springs and clearanced the transmission tunnel. A-frame was about an inch and a half off the ground. Yes it bottomed out all the time and plowed snow up into the fan. Made the top lotook that much taller.
  6. Lowered the rear bumper and sunk it in a little. Added to the bottom of the body. Reworked the front end and added the plastic covers on the tops of both bumpers. Fit the hood to the body and molded the doors into the body and cut new door lines . Also fixed a bunch of problems in the casting.
  7. Drove a 85 Grand Fury for over twelve years, 400, 000 + miles, a couple of engines and transmissions,the roof is really tall on a real one .
  8. Pat Minarick


    Thank you, going to start building more . Just haven't felt like it and been working on my Rat Rod. Have a lot of unfinished projects. 😁😁
  9. Pat Minarick


    Thanks No this was a 24 hour build . Got it done in time , just not in a straight 24 hours. Planning on starting the Cannonball pretty soon.
  10. Working on getting this ready to be cast in resin
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