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  1. Four-door 'Cuda

  2. Four-door 'Cuda

    Thank you.
  3. Four-door 'Cuda

  4. 53 stud wagon

    Very cool!
  5. Four-door 'Cuda

    A 4-door has to have a bench seat.
  6. Four-door 'Cuda

    Thanks everyone, this should be ready by the end of the month. Jimmy Flintstone will be casting it , so it should be available from him soon after that. It will have door panels and a bench seat. Not sure about the chassis and floor plan ,I stretched them about a quarter inch and not sure if he will be able to cast them .
  7. Four-door 'Cuda

    I copied the door lines from the the body I stole the roof from. I'm pretty sure on a factory B body the rear windows didn't roll all the way down. I know on my old 85 Fury 4- door had like a fake rear vent window and they rolled all the way down,.
  8. Four-door 'Cuda

    Gettg the body pretty close to be casted, real happy how it's going.
  9. 2018 Cannonball Run

    Thanks Rob , got it now. This would give me a good excuse to build something I've been wanting to.
  10. 2018 Cannonball Run

    Rob ,sounds interesting, after reading the rules for a qualifying car it said no military vehicles, trucks, trailers ,or support vehicles. Cars are pretty much stock and period correct , carrying your own tools, spare tires and parts. Will that be the rules we follow?
  11. 1967 Pontiac GTO/Monkey Mobile - What if...

    Very cool
  12. That would be cool. This is a friend's car. He bought new with every possible option he could get . You couldn't get T-top or a moonroof . The car has only around 10 miles on it . He asked if could build a replica of it. So a couple sets of decal would really help . The decals that are on the car are a second set , the original decals that came with the car are in the trunk ,never put on the car. The car still has all the tags and covers on the car , it came straight off the tralier and was never prepped for sale..
  13. I have a suggestion, since you did the Super Coupe . How about for these?
  14. Bullitt Mustang

    Thank you , I have the 68 Shelby kit and it looks nothing like the 67 kit . I'll have to pick one up. Thanks again.