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  1. Pat Minarick

    Cars in Songs

    Jim Croce , Rapid Roy.
  2. Pat Minarick


    Painted this in the early 90', it received alot of damaged and had to pretty much repaint the whole thing.
  3. Good to see you back , you been gone a long time.
  4. Very cool , really like the look.
  5. Very nice. I have this kit , it looked like a good kit . Hope to get around to building it someday.
  6. With the nose being so long on the front of this , made it difficult to build a hinge . But I think I figured it out.
  7. Just plates and some touch ups it will be done.
  8. Not that I know, a guy sells it at the St Louis shows.
  9. https://www.fastcap.com/product/speedtape www.fastcap.com
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