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  1. Just use some some round strips and liquid cement after you get it sanded. Use a little super glue and beginning to get it started and use the liquid cement to be able to move it around and get it straight.
  2. Great work guys , i really like the Cameo. I haven't got much done on mine , moved to a different building and shift for the company i work for. Has really messed with my sleep schedule and just haven't been motivated to work on anything.
  3. Thank you. Thank you.
  4. Forgot about that one.
  5. Thanks , can't remember what the tires came out of. Pretty sure a newer kit.
  6. I was thinking of this one.
  7. Well its getting weathered, touch up came out to dark, it did work just way to dark. I hate shinny anyways☺☺☺
  8. Very nice, I want one.
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