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  1. Got some color on the Grand Prix, a little BMF and clear up next . Got a few other stalled projects in primer too.
  2. Base colors on and body work done , ready to start making it race ready.
  3. Added some ground effects, a lower chin spoiler , and hinged the hood.
  4. Thank you ,everyone.
  5. Actually got the Grand Prix sitting on the suspension. All the interior and windows fitting. Going to start getting primer on everything.
  6. Thank you ,everyone!!!!
  7. The front one are from the 29 Ford and the rears are Fast and Furious Cuda die cast.
  8. Very nice , I did that body for Jimmy . Good to see one done, I haven't built the original body yet and the several Jimmy gave me.
  9. Pat Minarick

    Rat Rod

    A quick build of the Hawk Woodie kit.
  10. Still need license plates and radiator cap for the bug.
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