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  1. Got the roll bar built and hidden pretty good. Still need to add rear downbars.
  2. The nose, hood, and rear bumper are pretty much interchangeable. The deck lid and taillights look like they would work too.
  3. Starting to clean up everything and start painting.
  4. Well I got the chassis shortened about an eight inch to fix the wheelbase. Removed the door handle patches , hood and trunk pins, and the fuel filler. And also made rear interior quarter panels. Also cut the rear seat to at least look like it's there.
  5. The rims may stand out a little to much , but they are the only ones I like.
  6. Got the windshield, the dash and door panels fitted.
  7. Ok got the newer Nascar chassis fitted to the Grand Prix body and going to use cage from the old chassis. . Not sure what rims and tires im going to use yet. Stole a few things from a Grand National kit , glass door handles, mirrors,and going to use alot of the interior and seats.
  8. Ok ,staying with a Grand Prix just another year. I have a Grand National I can steal parts from.
  9. Snake , looking good. I've been trying all day to figure out how to do the body on the Grand Prix . Got some of it looking good but ever thing I'm cutting up from the stock body I have ie breaking, it's very brittle. Just about to give up on it. I know its the first day but ill never finish it this way. I was being careful with this and it just shattered. Not sure were the missing piece flew.
  10. Not sure if my plan is going to work , lot more than I expected. But not giving up.
  11. Going with the Grand Prix, going to make look like my old one.
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