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  1. Picked up my VW convertible kit today. Maybe I can get started this weekend.
  2. The Revell of Germany VW convertible is out of production, wasn't sure if I was going to find one. Have one waiting for me to pick up this weekend. Going to start figuring out if I can use the bumpers and other pieces from the Polar Light kit , then figure out with end to put the engine.
  3. Ok, going to change up what I'm building. I was able to find the kit I needed to do what I originally had planned to do. Going to get it next weekend. Going with the other car in Up In Smoke.
  4. That's funny I was looking at the other day. I used a Monaco roof on my Cuda 4 door body. also working on this Diplomat.
  5. Just getting ready to build a Monaco , not totally accurate but the chassis from the 71 Charger kit fits pretty good and the Monaco's interior tub will still fit .
  6. You might find out the rear wheel wells are off from side to side. I had to cut one side and move it to center the wheel.
  7. Figured it was , I wish I could remember where I saw the body that fit over the kit body. I know it was 1/24 ,1/25 scale it may have been a toy or a die-cast.
  8. Not sure the scale on this , but I do remember seeing a vacuum formed body that fit over the kit to transform it.
  9. Think I've finally decided on building Hunters car . Had to go with a green car, every Cannonball car I've built has been atleast partially green.
  10. Got the body for this back , really going to try getting back to work on it. The only damage from casting it is a lose a-pillar and scrubbing the release agent off.
  11. I'm definitely in for the one, now just what to build? I have alot of ideas.
  12. Looking good Rob, you could make look like new welded in metal with a little sanded bare metal foil.
  13. The phantom theme would work too. Station wagon and mid-rear engine will also work, just want to make sure I build something this year.
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