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  1. Hey I'm not gone ,just been busy working on a real one .
  2. I really think that would have been interesting to watch them try.
  3. The episode of Wheeler Dealer that I just was watching is about getting there 1916 Cadillac ready for the Peking to Paris race. I only caught the end of it, but they didn't make the race.
  4. Really like this , glad to see it finished.
  5. This one maybe? You did a nice job on yours. Going to do a '70 as soon as I get a few missing pieces.
  6. Redoing the rear wheel openings made the front ones look bad. So I did the front ones too.
  7. I used 66 Fairlane quarters to make some stretched stock looking wheel openings.
  8. Ok , I was going to build a '51 Chevy but have changed my mind. Just not happy with kit , the only thing I like is the body. So it's getting a Nascar chassis and slammed. So I've decided to do a '40 Ford instead.
  9. I was going to throw away some old contest ribbons. Decided to cut them into strips and used a black marker on them. Could be used for seat belts or straps.
  10. I'm building a '51 Chevy, I'll be using a couple boxes off parts. I would like #6 again.
  11. Love the bus !!!. I'll be building a '66 Barracuda, not much of the kit will be used. Got a few pieces gathered up, hood scoops from the Duster kit,rims from '70 'Cuda, Fairlane rear wheel openings, and some parts from The Fireball 500 kit.
  12. I remember this , it will be good to see it done.
  13. I would be interested, I never technically finished mine. I still haven't put plates, numbers , or plaques on mine.
  14. Very cool.. Wish I had an older issue of this. On the newer issues the wheel openings are off from side to side.
  15. Thanks , I have to get another kit I used that body for the 4- door 'Cuda.
  16. Finally got a hood ornament 😀
  17. Well I finally finished up last year's Cannonball car. I got a hood ornament for the Up in Smoke VW.
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