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  1. My choices would be -Phantomball Run -Mid-Engine -Pick-up trucks
  2. I've been trying to keep an eye on everyone's builds and still plan on finishing mine. Still been busy working on my full scale truck and doing some weathering on it now. A little peroxide , salt and vinegar.
  3. Hey I'm not gone ,just been busy working on a real one .
  4. I really think that would have been interesting to watch them try.
  5. The episode of Wheeler Dealer that I just was watching is about getting there 1916 Cadillac ready for the Peking to Paris race. I only caught the end of it, but they didn't make the race.
  6. Really like this , glad to see it finished.
  7. This one maybe? You did a nice job on yours. Going to do a '70 as soon as I get a few missing pieces.
  8. Redoing the rear wheel openings made the front ones look bad. So I did the front ones too.
  9. I used 66 Fairlane quarters to make some stretched stock looking wheel openings.
  10. Ok , I was going to build a '51 Chevy but have changed my mind. Just not happy with kit , the only thing I like is the body. So it's getting a Nascar chassis and slammed. So I've decided to do a '40 Ford instead.
  11. I was going to throw away some old contest ribbons. Decided to cut them into strips and used a black marker on them. Could be used for seat belts or straps.
  12. I'm building a '51 Chevy, I'll be using a couple boxes off parts. I would like #6 again.
  13. Love the bus !!!. I'll be building a '66 Barracuda, not much of the kit will be used. Got a few pieces gathered up, hood scoops from the Duster kit,rims from '70 'Cuda, Fairlane rear wheel openings, and some parts from The Fireball 500 kit.
  14. I remember this , it will be good to see it done.
  15. I would be interested, I never technically finished mine. I still haven't put plates, numbers , or plaques on mine.
  16. Very cool.. Wish I had an older issue of this. On the newer issues the wheel openings are off from side to side.
  17. Thanks , I have to get another kit I used that body for the 4- door 'Cuda.
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