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  1. chris chabre found it.
  2. Cars from songs. Little Deuce Coupe Hey Little Cobra Sammy Hagar's Trans Am Hot Rod Lincoln Little Red Corvette Dead Man's Curve Pink Cadillac Little Nash Rambler Beep Beep Sir Mix-A-Lot My Hooptie Beach Boys 409 Convoy Greased Lightning Red Barchetta Think we could build just about anything!
  3. Jim Croce, Rapid Roy. I could do a non cartoon version.
  4. Got the paint polished out.
  5. Well after sanding through the paint , I managed to save it. Trying to give it the clear coated patina look. I think it came out ok.
  6. Grand Prix Southern Stocker kit.
  7. Finally got the paint the way I wanted, patina with a satin clear coat. Should be done with this soon , everything is painted just have to assemble and weather it..
  8. Just use some some round strips and liquid cement after you get it sanded. Use a little super glue and beginning to get it started and use the liquid cement to be able to move it around and get it straight.
  9. Great work guys , i really like the Cameo. I haven't got much done on mine , moved to a different building and shift for the company i work for. Has really messed with my sleep schedule and just haven't been motivated to work on anything.
  10. Thank you. Thank you.
  11. Forgot about that one.
  12. Thanks , can't remember what the tires came out of. Pretty sure a newer kit.
  13. I was thinking of this one.
  14. Well its getting weathered, touch up came out to dark, it did work just way to dark. I hate shinny anyways☺☺☺
  15. Very nice, I want one.
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