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  1. Rescue_312 added a post in a topic Revell electronic set for truck and trailer   

    Wouldn't be to difficult to make up yourself, I'm in the process of putting in light and sound into one of my builds, hardest part is trying to hide all the wires lol
  2. Rescue_312 added a post in a topic exposure model trucks (JABBEKE, BELGIUM)   

    wow, some very impressive trucks
  3. Rescue_312 added a post in a topic Michigan L190 Build   

    This was produced by Kit Form Services (KFS) in the U.K., unfortunately is a now discontinued item.
  4. Rescue_312 added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Michigan L190 Build
    So my latest project arrived as the dozer and western star transport build comes to a close..

    The plan is to build the KFS Michigan L190 Front End Loader, a trailer and a tractor unit to go with it.

    So far I haven't decided on the trailer or tractor unit so suggestions are welcome.

    Thanks Dave
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  5. Rescue_312 added a post in a topic IH Paystar 5000 Heavy Haul   

    Nice truck, have you got a trailer and load lined up for it?
  6. Rescue_312 added a post in a topic Euro Truck Simulator 2   

    Heres another couple of truck related ones which could be fun..

    http://www.justflight.com/product/heavy-freight-simulator-boxed (for those who like large loads..)

    http://www.uieg.de/index.php/en_roadworks_simulator.html (for those who work in civil construction and like to take their work home..)

    This company here seems to offer download as well to save going to a shop..