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  1. sleeper added a post in a topic my restoration of the 32 tudor   

    just happen the 32 as of today as i know that i said it probably this coming Friday but L.O.L. i did finish today i guess i just was to impatient the windows were finish of a mixer of wash and pastels the little hole is a baseball that went through i split the deck lid to give that open appearrence look so every body can see the motor.most of it the dust look also done in pastels the top was finish with baking soda,with panzer paints for the rust effect also the bottom side also with pastels the interior was done with panzer flat yellow paint with decal i tore the decal to give that old look as if it was wore out.some there are tricks as the headers as i put in if you seen the undercarriage.if anybody had put it together this kit you know how difficult to be place in correctly.I know all who see are major master model builders,one time that i was on a different forum some one told me if it was not that good they don't even put anything down on a post,I guess you are wright who said that.sorry to offend you any such way but i do have experience and maybe i did slip of what i know over years,I thought Mike flinn saw something in me but I also was wrong.also Jim Hault to and Gregg Hutchinson too.sorry i am such a disappointment to the community i wish all of you good luck on your builds and good luck in all of your contest wins.here are the picks of the rest of my build.

  2. sleeper added a post in a topic More Yost Sweet Eye Candy   

    very nice doctor you did it again
  3. sleeper added a post in a topic 65 Pontiac Grand Prix old school lowrider   

    very nice build cool graphics
  4. sleeper added a post in a topic A Dodge Charger for a chosen few, or lets roll with the CHP.   

    it's nice congrads
  5. sleeper added a topic in Under Glass   

    my restoration of the 32 tudor
    well here i have what i have work on for a few weeks hope you enjoy this is my motor

    this what i have done with my interior

    and this is my undercarriage

    I hope that next week i can finish for all to see i will tell you of how i did if you don't know thank's for looking.
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  6. sleeper added a post in a topic How Old Were You When You Built Your First Model   

    that is awsome that you gave your dad a perfect fathers day present
  7. sleeper added a post in a topic '66 Revell Impala!   

  8. sleeper added a post in a topic My '77 for 7/7   

    not bad! where did you go? and did you enjoy the show where ever it was.
  9. sleeper added a post in a topic There's a fine line in this hobby between fun and torment.....   

    a long time ago I started to get serious with my builds back in the 90's started with a jps Mk 111 after market this aftermarket that on to the car,.And this kit was a 1_12 scale so I thought everything came out very good until I wanted some clear went to my local hobby shop and they tell me they didn't have any clear they gave me a bottle of clear and the sales people ask me if I had an airbrush to put the clear on,funny at the time only thing I herd was you have a brush.I said of coarse i did so I bought the bottle of clear went home as quickest I can and started applying the clear with the brush start to be great until my decals started too roll or some people call peel.Did everything what I can to lay back the decal, I even try to mak-up the torn parts by testers paint no matching of the paint.....I was sooooooo mad at myself about this happen to me I went back and talk to the people that sold me the product and they told me that I needed an airbrush not a regular brush,again sooooooooo mad and frustrated at my self.I looked at it i said fine!!!! Went quietly to the dumpster and was glad to get rid of it even i put out at the time over one hundred dollars in to it i wash my hands and just relax after all that and i did and bought a John Woods 37 Chevy panel truck with yellow skirts and a green cab.
    all that my 37 came out pretty nice
  10. sleeper added a post in a topic "American" cars?   

    aint' it a viscous circle how we try to make the world a better place. i guess my world looks pretty good after all ,thanks i will keep looking at this thread.and soon "maybe" post a new thread of my latest build.
  11. sleeper added a post in a topic "American" cars?   

    I will say this.lets take us back in time shall we.It was mid's 70's when we had our first," as I remember"our first gas".Crisis lines around the block,odd days/ even days,at this time people was thinking to go light on there cars not heavy like Cady's I know because at the time my friend mom had hers and she loved it at the time.Also at this time period,What i saw demonstration how union'steamsters always are on strike for making $20-$30 an hour better benefits more hours so for so for.List goes on and on,Until an engineer came the big three that can save everybody there job in a timely structure way.the big 3 say it was impossible because we just signed the contracts for the union's so the engineer took his work and his ideas to another country he must of spent countless hours on a plane going to Western Europe and other countries finally he saw an opportunity at japan.He sold his ideas to them because of there dedication and there loyalty there big japan firms are now on the move where the big 3 in amerca trying to get through the contracts.GUESS WHAT!!!!It is now the 80's all of the sudden the big 3 are now facing millions of jobs loses, because at the time everybody is buying Toyota or Nissan or Honda..(Geeez ) what the hell happen now its recession time and we Amaerican's are starting to get angry at these japanese which hate to say it we are the ones are causing the problem not them they took an idea from an american and work with it.now in the 90's NAFTA FREE TRADE AGREEMENT.Here we are trying to make our selves look good and all we do is complain about buy american when all this time when people don't understand of change they still be in first gear and here we are pushing., and" I hate to say this" but we do have neighbors now"its global"its the higher political parties who decide our faith we put them there for a reason,move with the transition people because if you don't there will be powers will say enough we will do our way.and geeeeez then all of the sudden we ask them to be voted out or worst,so for now i just sit back and shake my head as of no.Here we go again
  12. sleeper added a post in a topic How Old Were You When You Built Your First Model   

    I hop on board with this one ,me I was 5 years old in the early seventies,my brother encourage me to model build it was the cherry bomb by monogram productions the kit came with a chopper, a trailer for the chopper and a hot rod,he tells me that anything goes,I can do my own design and be proud of it which I was.He also took me my first drag race O.C.I.R. in Irvine at that time it surrounded of groves of oranges,specially when my dad knew some people and my mother to,we live all around drag racers some even congratulate me on my drawings like Bill maverick (tall man, skinny too) when we had a charity fun raising at Lindbergh elementary high school and Jim Dunn was also there with Tom MC Ewen and some other racers at the time sitting at all one table to me it was like Christmas,that was when I was six at the time and Mr . Tanner was the principle.lot of old memories where i came from,I even pick a fight with Mike Dunn out of his cousin's front yard Chris Dunn.So when i do my inspiration is now only through magazine articles that I see like M.C.M.and others like street rod/ old skool at the time when i could get my hands on or another ,L.O.L can't say on this forum but you know which one; and if know one can take a guess where I came from if Southern California at the time i grew up with multiple tracks,now there is only 2 lift Pomona off the 10 freeway/Irwindale off the 605 freeway.
  13. sleeper added a post in a topic An Escape?   

    Ya I agree with you 100% of all of you on this thread everybody needs an escape I myself at work try to think complex items to use on to my builds and to see what my creations will be, some I just tried to imagine around my work what I can use for scratch build materials I have so many things to decide on and do this way I don't have to think about the quota i have to produce that i make but i usually make them anyway.
  14. sleeper added a post in a topic Baby Girl's Model A,My Daughters Coupe Finished   

    good work!!!
  15. sleeper added a post in a topic The famous Mooneyes dragster crashed yesterday in Belgium...   

    Thank god he is o.k. but i am so surprise that the track official's didn't let no vht on to the track for prep and probalably the track had moister on it.Driver should been aware the circumstance.