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  1. walterbog added a post in a topic Dyno Don Pro Stock Pinto Color?   

    the color of his 1965 cyclone was ford Rangoon red.dyno dons 1966 caliente {not a cyclone} car started as competition orange but was wrecked in his first appearance.the new body was painted ford emberglo. the 1967 cyclone  started out Rangoon red.the maverick and pinto appear to be Rangoon red also.this red has a orange look to it but not as pronounced as poppy red.this info was verified by a gentleman who built a clone of dynos 1965 car.the use of the same color is not unusual considering driver superstition and good luck tendencies.
  2. walterbog added a post in a topic 1962 CHEVY II A/FX   

    in 1965 a fx car could legally relocate axles (front or rear) 2 per cent of the total wheelbase.factory experimental classes (nhra) in 1965 were for 1965 model year stock automobiles only using manufacturers optional equiptment.1965 was the only year this axle relocation was allowed.a lot of race teams built match race cars that had radical wheelbase relocation and engine setback.if these cars fit the rules of the altered classes in 1965 they could race in the national events otherwise they match raced at any strip that paid them or at special meets that allowed them to race.ahra rules in 1965 were more liberal.
  3. walterbog added a post in a topic Thunderbolt colors   

    chris,here is a photo of the tasca car late in 1964 in a/fx-match race cofiguration.in this form the car ran as low as high 10.60s ets and was near unbeatable.
  4. walterbog added a post in a topic Thunderbolt colors   

    chris,all these cars were delivered with borg warner 4 speed trans. a lot of borg warner cars(and ford hx automatics) changed over to the ford toploader 4 speed trans when it was available later in 1964 and approved by the nhra for s/s.the tasca car raced all of 1964 with the borg warner trans.all cars came with a single exhaust system with a united auto supplied monroe "gold tone" muffler which satisfied nhra rules in s/s and a/fx.7" slicks in s/s and 10" in a/fx.aluminum front bumper in s/s and a fiberglass front bumpers and doors could be used in a/fx.when match racing the rules usually did not apply.these cars ( and others with aluminum and fiberglass body parts ) were not legal in s/s in 1965.
  5. walterbog added a post in a topic Thunderbolt colors   

    chris,what cars are you looking for trans info for, maybe i can help.walt
  6. walterbog added a post in a topic Lets see pics of MK AWB Comets   

    walt,what color and type paint did you use on your eliminator 1 ? the model looks great.
  7. walterbog added a post in a topic Thunderbolt colors   

    bill, all interiors were the same.column 3spd automatic shifter.floor mounted 4spd shifter.
  8. walterbog added a post in a topic Thunderbolt colors   

    bill, let us know what cars you are doing in super stock and then I can check my photos to see what wheels they ran. nhra would not allow a lighter wheel than the ones that were offered with the car.t-bolts came with steel wheels and rader wheel were an option.
  9. walterbog added a post in a topic Thunderbolt colors   

    bill, the t-bolts originally came with 9.50x15 firestone drag slicks but most teams switched to m&h slicks because the firestone rubber compound was too hard to get good traction.early on the t-bolts ran a/fx till the nhra required number were built.the problem with the revell kit slicks is the wheel size is too large.finding correct width s/s 7" pie crust(recap style) slicks without going the aftermarket route is possible.another thing to remember is all nhra legal super stocks had to have a exhaust system with muffler. even the nhra legal a/fx cars had to have this type exhaust system although it was removed for match racing and most meets.the muffler used was a aftermarket Monroe goldtone muffler. all the 7" and 10" slicks were the pie crust style, usually m&h.even if you find the correct width cheater slicks they wont have the grooves cut in the slicks that you can find in the aftermarket. it depends how accurate you want to be.
  10. walterbog added a post in a topic Thunderbolt colors   

    thank you karl,i too thought the butch leal car was black till someone corrected me and further research verified it.the California flash name change came after the indy nats win when ford sent butch fiberglass doors which put the car in a/fx but it did not matter as a independent he was going to match race the car because that's where the money was.now for bill,according to my t-bolt vin list the conner ford was delivered with a automatic.it was first raced by don bowles in s/sa but later the designation on the car said s/s which means he converted to a 4 speed he also ran a/fx which let him run 10" slicks.many automatic t-bolts switched to the borg warner 4speed and later in 1964 the ford toploader 4 speed.the bob ford car driven by paulk Harvey and bill Humphrey was delivered and raced in 1964 as a automatic, in fact it was the first automatic car built. it was later converted to a 4 speed by Harold turner ford. the rest of the cars on your list were all 4speed cars.hope this helps.
  11. walterbog added a post in a topic Thunderbolt colors   

    like any model the color you paint your car is your choice but the facts are when butch leal received his thunderbolt it was vintage burgundy and he raced it with the gold mr 427 on the door later he changed the name to California Flash in gold but the car was still vintage burgundy.fred cady was incorrect in saying the car was black with white lettering.a lnternet image search will show several color photos of the mr 427 car and at least one color photo of the California flash car.
  12. walterbog added a post in a topic Thunderbolt colors   

    when did you buy your t-bolt?was there a sponser name on the car?the reason I ask is I was not aware of the interior color other than gold/beige.of course anyone could have had the car painted blue after delivery.
  13. walterbog added a post in a topic Thunderbolt colors   

    butch leal`s thunderbolt was vintage burgundy, it was never painted black.the conner ford t-bolt was Wimbledon white,a creamy off-white.
  14. walterbog added a post in a topic 427 SOHC   

    these engines were sold in two versions; a disassembled kit and a assembled and painted diecast/ model.while I never built the kit I did take apart the model and repaint it. the model`s chrome is very difficult to remove so I left the front cover and valve covers chrome and painted the engine block and in-between the valve cover ribs ford engine red.the headers I painted flat white,the oil pan and heads aluminum,the blower case magnesium and detailed the bolt heads ,pulleys ,magneto etc..the look I was going for was the engine in don purdhomme`s dragster.so if you do purchase the diecast model you can dis-assemble it with a little effort to repaint it if you wish.
  15. walterbog added a post in a topic Dyno Don Pro Stock Pinto Color?   

    i disagree.dyno don`s 65 comet was not poppy red(orange).his 66 car looked like a competition orange but that lasted only one race.his 67 car looked bright red like his 65 comet but later he changed to a darker red.i agree with bill`s suggestion that he used the 1972 factory bright red color.