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  1. Started with a Tom Daniel Tijuana Taxi......Im back tracking to share yall the jounry its been the last couple of months
  2. My screen name as I am known on serveral different forums comes from the name of my old Lowrider bike,which the graveyard/mortuary theme was airbrushed on the tanks,so into that stuff it led into my career as a funeral director,the 81 is the year I was born
  3. Thanks Bryan,Because the engine is not going to allow the hood to close,I went about fabbing up a coffin hood scoop.Not a plan I originally wanted to do,some might like some wont,but thats fine.Im also building up a kustom front seat,styled after the casket couches that Ive been seein lately.This is being made from a shortened Dragula body.
  4. I would not have have known thats such an old paint job,good stuff.
  5. Three Grails for me are the Laramie Stage Ghost, Johann Hauling hearse,and Heavenly Hearse.
  6. So many choices,might have to build 2!!
  7. Ok all seriosness here,did a little work 2 days ago,molded side skulls on the trim.
  8. Yeah It's all in good fun,this guy Sam builds the cleanest Donks in NC,he's turning his 63 Monterey into a high riser,adding spinner rims as well.He likes to stare at pics when they are big and dark,which is why he hangs around me LOL
  9. More progress,made this firewall,the engine Im using is a the Ram injected hemi from the double dragster kit...
  10. Lol thanks fellas,and Sam,your B-day comin up,might send something your way,back on subject since the curbside frame isnt gonna fly by me for what I want to do to it,Im going to build my own frame and floorboard.This will let me dail the stance correctly the way I want it,Im starting with the floorboardsAlso added a skull to the tailgate....
  11. Thanks guys,and sorry Half bout my size lol I just deal with it(pic size dont know what you were thinking lol)Heres some pics to bring you all to speed. Started by cutting open the doors....
  12. Thanks fellas I've made a bit more progress since I've started it Ill have those pics after work,it's a Jimmy Flinstone resin body,about 30$ very nice as curbside but mines going full detail so there's quite a bit of work involved here,pics coming soon!!
  13. Well I got ANOTHER PROJECT this time for LISM(Lowriding in Scale Magazine)s 100$ build off on facebook,although I had this body for a few months already been itching to build it.This build off is all about wild radical lowriders but mines reletivly tame.Im going more for a radical led sled then lowlow,I know Im not going to win,not doing to win,just having fun and letting loose.Heres what I started with
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