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  1. Thanks for comments and glad you all like it.
  2. Rat Rods are just so cool that i have to built another one
  3. Interesting, very interesting. I will be following this one. I´ve got similar project.
  4. Toni L.

    ´69 Nova

    Thanks for comments Here is a few old project pic. Hope you like it.
  5. Before and after. New life for this one. When i got this model, it was built by another modeler. And now...
  6. Fan belt is Parts by Parks rubber strips and pullies are made for styrene tubes.
  7. So you like flat head engines also. Here is couple of my old built whit flattie. And thanks for comments.
  8. Toni L.

    ´69 Nova

    Detail Master detail wires. And thanks for comments.
  9. Chopped & Dropped. Used some aftermarket and junk parts.
  10. Built by junk parts. Used some aftermarket parts.
  11. Toni L.

    ´69 Nova

    Pro Street Nova. I use lots of aftermarket parts and Lazy Modeler flame mask.
  12. This was a ´66 junk El Camino body when i got this. And a little bit of modification....
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