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  1. It's got the lincoln insignia in the middle
  2. Can anyone help? One of my Lincoln hubcaps has rolled off into oblivion. Right now I'm showing it as a wheel w/o a cap
  3. I think we all got spoiled with Modelhaus. I never got a bad one with them
  4. Ha! Lots of flash. Pieces wouldn't fit. I'm going to really have to hack at it to make it work. I'm just not in the mood anymore.
  5. One of my favorite subjects. Beautiful job!
  6. I bought his '73 Caprice, and I've got to say I was very disappointed. Anyone know how to get in touch with him?
  7. I've still got a Black Widow that I built as a kid. I had thought of getting the reissue just for the fun of it.
  8. Anyone have a windshield for AMT '66 Fairlane?
  9. How in the world did you catch that??????
  10. It looks like they are super swampers, not a traditional truck style. One picture is in comparison to a stock tire.
  11. jsc

    1939 Chevrolet Hood

    Sounds great. What would you need in exchange?
  12. Are those the same as the High Sierra?
  13. I'm looking for the full hood to fit Monogram's '39 Chevy hot rod. Would be willing to trade the "open hood" that comes with the kit. Thanks John
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