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  1. How in the world did you catch that??????
  2. It looks like they are super swampers, not a traditional truck style. One picture is in comparison to a stock tire.
  3. jsc

    1939 Chevrolet Hood

    Sounds great. What would you need in exchange?
  4. Are those the same as the High Sierra?
  5. I'm looking for the full hood to fit Monogram's '39 Chevy hot rod. Would be willing to trade the "open hood" that comes with the kit. Thanks John
  6. Does anyone make a replacement hood for Monogram's '39 Chevy hot rod? I'm trying to make mine look more stock. Thanks John
  7. It sounds like it's the MPC kit. Thanks to all! Gee, I wonder why I can't remember all of that? I was 11!!!
  8. Thanks. It's the right body style, but I wonder if it's molded in Petty blue? I obviously did not bother to use the red sides. Were those decals, I wonder?
  9. The other day I was going through my "built before becoming a teenager" stash and ran across a Richard Petty Charger, molded in Petty blue and black. It looks like I didn't bother to paint it, just slapped it together and put the decals on. I thought it was a Johan, but now I'm thinking MPC. Anyone have a recollection of this kit? And who made it? Thanks John
  10. Does anyone have a pdf of the instructions for the old "Red Alert" Chevelle? I want to see how many parts I'm missing on my original one before I tear it down for a rebuild. Thanks! John
  11. I love old wagons, but the Continental add on is not the best. I'd vote for a Ranchero!
  12. I've got another '57 Nomad that has Torq Thursts. I really like the look, but just wanted to keep this one as stock as possible.
  13. Thanks, all! I don't like the way the wheels turned out, and I could change them if I really wanted to. The antenna is guitar string, which looks better than the chrome part they had. I also did gold chrome foil on the emblems.
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