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  1. jward110732 added a post in a topic Real or Model #195 FINISHED!   

    I think it's REAL!!
  2. jward110732 added a post in a topic 1931 Bugatti Type 41   

    What colors did you use and what brand were they? Looks amazing!!
  3. jward110732 added a post in a topic 1931 Lindberg Bugatti Royale   

    Hey Skip,

    If you look at the images you sent me for google I'm just referring to the trim on the car and the canvas top. Those parts are dark green. I wasn't talking about the whole car just those parts. Thank you for all your help!!
  4. jward110732 added a post in a topic 1931 Lindberg Bugatti Royale   

    The green I'm talking about is the dark green trim on the car. The canvas top and the trunk are the same color as well. It looks black but the outdoor pictures I've found of the car really show the green. Thank you as well Skip I did not know about this rebuild it looks amazing!! I'm in the process of looking for the colors and I'm having issues finding the colors in the recommended brands, but I did find one from Automotivetouchup.com. What are your opinions on this paint?
  5. jward110732 added a post in a topic 1931 Lindberg Bugatti Royale   

    Thanks!! I'll make sure I look that over and Bob's model looks amazing!! Hopefully mine can be half that good.
  6. jward110732 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    1931 Lindberg Bugatti Royale
    Hey everyone,

    I'm just starting to get serious into modeling and I want to make this model look great!! I love old cars and I'm researching the actual colors for this car. I've found oyster white and dark green so far. My question is has anyone done this kit and what did you think? What are some tips I can get for making great paint jobs? Finally, if you have any other tips on making this car look as original and nice as possible I'm open to all tips. Thanks for the help everyone and I'll try and post pictures and updates on how the car is doing. I'm really excited for this and all your insights.

    - Jim -

    P.S. What brands of colors should I use because I'm going to be spray painting for the first time. I've heard dupli-color looks real nice.
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