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  1. Did a little bit this morning before I left for work. I cut out the bottom of the motor/trans that's molded as part of the chassis. I did a quick mock-up with a motor I cobbled together from the parts box. I wanted something that looked like it had more than the 215hp the box said the original motor had. Still trying to sort it out.
  2. Might get in on this one. I picked this kit up a couple of weeks ago for Chevy Cheeseburger's "2017 ACME Community Build" on YouTube. His group build idea was for the YouTube model community to build a Camaro (any year, body style, etc.) to bring to the ACME show in November. While I like the 60's Camaro's, this was the body style that was out when I was in high school (I made parole in '87. Lol!) and I thought they were cool at the time - especially my buddy's '87 IROC. I haven't done anything to it yet other than take it out of the box. Still trying to figure out what direction I want to go. I usually build pretty close to box stock, but going to try and step out of my comfort zone one this one. It may not end up being the best one you've ever seen built, but you have to start somewhere, right? You can see my videos of it on my (rather modest) YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/sixgunner68
  3. That is an awesome paint job!! I didn't know you could get a finish that good from craft paints. I'm impressed!
  4. I live in Cleveland. I belong to the Ocoee Model Club here in town. We have a couple of members on here. You can find our club on Facebook.
  5. Hey Rob, Sounds like it could be interesting. I've got too many builds started, but I may get in on this one - only time will tell!
  6. I have the same kit in my stash that my brother-in-law gave me. I'll be interested to see what you do with it!
  7. Welcome!! glad to have someone else from Tennessee!!
  8. Had a great time! Jeff did a great job on setting up this show. Looking forward to next year!
  9. Finally getting back to the Bronco. Trying to put together a monster motor.. Using the Bronco's engine/transmission, and the heads/intake setup from the '57 Chevy Pro-Sportsman ( No, I don't care that it's a Ford block and Chevy heads!.. its only plastic ) The intake and heads for the Bronco were awfully small looking for this build. Hope it looks like it'll be a big enough torque monster!!! Thanks for looking!!
  10. I tried it with the whitewalls, but it looked to stark white against the Ivory, so I thought I would try it with the green (It's not quite as dark as it looks in the picture). They're not on there permanently though, just case I find some better wheels some day (the ones in the pictures are the kit wheels). This is only the 4th car I've built, so my parts box is a little shallow (along with my model budget!) I built it more to try the two-tone & the BMF.
  11. I finished this one recently. I tried some stuff on this one for the first time - first two-tone interior, first time wiring an engine, and first time using BMF. It came ok I guess...I used Krylon Satin Finish in Ivory and Pistachio. Sorry for the cellphone pics, I misplaced the tripod for my camera. (Still need to fix the windshield) Thanks for looking!
  12. What?!? You mean I might actually have something finished and you won't be there! I'm sure what ever you do, it'll be great (as usual!). Are you using the kit motor, or you going to get something to replace it from Chip?
  13. Oh no! Not you again! I suppose you'll have this one done before our club meeting Saturday since you have a whole week? Can't wait to see what you do to this one, but I have one question: Shiny or Rusty?
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