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  1. '77 Monte ...Update 04/12

    I gotta get me one! !!! That roof looks great can't wait to see where this goes
  2. Kombi van

    Land down under? I got that from the upside down pics lol
  3. uptown dodge charger srt8

    Love it !!!! I'm thinking some color in or near the pinstripes might make them pop even more? Maybe a metallic glitter green ?
  4. '68 Road Runner

    Great dashboard love that blue digital display too
  5. This is why it's important to open your models...

    finally someone got those xray specs to work !!!!!!!!!!! :P
  6. 1/25 AMT '69 Cougar Eliminator

    I like the textured look..... and at least the exhaust/ muffler are a separate part not like the 57 nomad from monogram that I'm dealing with now(made it easy for me to decide it would be partial curbside) lol
  7. some corny jokes

    What kind of cheese is not yours? Nacho cheese
  8. some corny jokes

    My doctor told me im a kleptomaniac ..... its ok.im taking something for it
  9. Chevy Nova "Beverly Hills Cop" Revell 1/25

    "Fall for the banana in the tailpipe I will not " ....Yoda
  10. How would you detail this grill?

    Dont forget to call/email amt and thank them for being geniuses too ...lol
  11. Elvis's Stutz

    Cool !!!! Thanks for the info guys
  12. Elvis's Stutz

    http://jalopnik.com/elvis-presleys-gold-plated-stutz-fired-up-like-a-king-1688427628 Thought this was interesting..... Has a company ever made a Stutz or a Pantera Detomasso kit ???!!! Would be a fun set of cars to build I would think....
  13. Christine's EVIL TWIN

    Is that a subtle red stripe or blood from her last victim? Lol
  14. Just like the title says.... i have 1 1/2 tubes of this stuff and i dont want to just toss it out ,but its very thick and blobby . Anyway to thin it down and maybe make it more "brushable" ??? Sorry if this has been posted somewhere on here previously. ... thanks rich
  15. ’73 Camaro

    You had me at Camaro