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  1. gluebomb1 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Tom McEwen 1974 pics?
    was wondering if anyone has some reference photos of McEwen's '74 rail dragster or any dragster from that year would be helpful!

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  2. gluebomb1 added a post in a topic What's your opinion on clearcoating over decals?   

    most of the top cars are fully cleared and polished out for the Daytona 500... they even made a big pre race show stating the fact and showing the cars and how the clear coating takes away all the edges of the vinyl decals. sure they don't do this for every race but they do it for that one.
    so to say that clearing the car is wrong is just stupid. I would clear it myself also because when the time comes that you wanna dust off your model you aint gonna wreck it if its clear coated!
  3. gluebomb1 added a post in a topic 32 Ford hot rod   

    thanks fellas, why was my post edited? seriously I cant show it because of my license plate? I have seen on here mini porno mags in interiors why are they not deleted? thanks I'll find another place to share my work then.

  4. gluebomb1 added a topic in Under Glass   

    32 Ford hot rod
    Hi, I finished this car. revell 32 ford 5 window

    thanks for looking

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  5. gluebomb1 added a topic in General   

    One-Piece-at-a-Time Cadillac
    I was wondering is there any kits that would be a good base start to build this ?


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  6. gluebomb1 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Hi, have never posted my work before. I came across a few sites so figured i would share.

    here's my take on the revell 5 window kit. out of the box for the most part. a couple details on the engine and some tires from my extras bin.

    so here's a few progress pictures hope you like it so far

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