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  1. The thing is, I don't really care if I need to do extra work to get where I want to go with this; I have everything I need to do it. There are plenty of model builders out there that do not have the things needed to make some of these kits an accurate model of the subject stated on the box. I regularly cut, fill, scratch build, and research stuff like many of us on this forum. I think it's not fair for the kit maker to not be honest about what they are selling. Just putting a "4" on the box doesn't tell the whole story.
  2. My guess is the posts were solid in some previous release but to save a few grams of styrene they modified the tub so the posts were hollow, so now I gotta cut the posts off, fill the void with styrene and bondo the seams. Piece of cake. Easy peasy. Maybe I'll just use the roll bar. 🤔.
  3. Maybe the box should also display a disclaimer that states "The model kit described herein is not necessarily what you are getting. You will need a Dremel rotary tool and a supply of Evergreen styrene shapes. You will need to use your research skills in order to find and correct the inaccuracies the manufacturer has included in this kit."
  4. It's going to take more than that, Brian. Gotta fill the void, too. And then cover the top well. It's easy stuff but it's not a Boss 302 as claimed. I don't mind doing the mods but c'mon, man 🤔
  5. That's somewhat valid due to the "4" on the box but knowing the plan to squeeze subsequent versions for decades of a 1:1 car that was available in many manifestations, wouldn't it be appropriate to tool up two tubs or the parts to add to a "base" tub? Think about it. I guess the thinking was to put a skill level 4 on the box and let the guys with Dremels worry about authenticity, right? Some stupid kid won't know the difference anyway.
  6. I'm done with buying these roadsters but I still have one kit left to build. If the frame isn't too badly warped, one way to make-do is to eliminate the top rail and replace the provided "glass" with some clear acetate and....VOILA! Chopped! Just touch up the top of the posts with Molotow.
  7. Thank you everyone! I plan on building this kit OOB. Revell should really provide a correct tub for this version, shouldn't they? Removing the roll bar artifacts and covering the top well seems a bit much to build a correct rendition of the Boss 302. Coincidentally, I get e-mails daily from Hemmings and yesterday there was an in- depth article on the Boss 302. Some really good info. https://www.hemmings.com/stories/2022/07/08/1969-70-ford-mustang-boss-302-buyers-guide
  8. My experience with "flock" told me to never do it in the house(again). Then I learned that the only way to be rid of the residual fibers was YOU CAN'T! They get all over everything. Tiny, little hair-like creatures clinging to the whole interior tub. An unmitigated horror. Nope, never again. I am in possession of all sorts of embossing powder (well, Wifey has most of it for her card-making endeavors) that I thought I would add to a clear-coat for a little sparkle but never did. Lost my nerve. It's amazing stuff but I still haven't found a legitimate use in car model building. I think it may be useful to add texture to an interior floor but the method needs to be experimented more. I've seen Wifey use it to great success but she has all the stuff to use it properly. I will quiz her on it when she awakens . Maybe she can help us 🥴. More on this later.
  9. Oh, don't get me started on flock 😬. I will NEVER EVER EVER USE FLOCK AGAIN. oh, you said embossing powder. Sorry. Flock is a very sore subject for me 🥴. When I want carpeting I will use self-adhesive felt. And not often because it's a little too thick and difficult to cut (but still do-able). 10 tries? Yup, you are certifiable insane 🙂.
  10. I picked up a Revell Boss 302 kit today and, after inspection of the innards, I have a few questions. The first thing I noticed was an extra engine block. I'm guessing remnants of another version, but what? Also there are these odd "posts" with holes on top on either side behind the front seats that appear to accept a roll bar that is among the "extras " and is not called out on the parts list. There's also side scoops not listed. What version do these parts belong to? After studying pics on the web of '69 Boss 302s I noticed every single pic of this model had the quarter glass up in place. Was that glass fixed on the fastback bodies? I thought I would open the glass on my build but if they don't open on the 1:1, well....anyway, I know there's a mustang expert out there that would like to enlighten me on these items. I would appreciate it.
  11. Thank you.....I was just about to....question my own.....oh well, never mind 🥴
  12. Yup. I keep a check on the local weather for a "no blush" day and today looks good for a clear-coat job on my '66 Riv (which was repainted silver after a bad decision to paint it "Dusty Rose"). A day like today is rare here ( 56% - not ideal, but better than most days down here at sea level. Im very close to the bay and I won't see really good painting weather till October either. I used some "auto primer" that wouldn't dry on a '56 Del Rey that had been customized using bondo. Had to plunge it in the pond. Quite a clean-up on that one. The darn primer WOULD NOT DRY! I couldn't sand it! My '30 coupe went into brake fluid for a week and then the purple pond. A total re-do on that one. I imagine that many of us have stuff like this to deal with. Sometimes it's just trying to get something done when it shouldn't be done. My patience is somewhat limited when waiting for a good time to paint so I force it even though I know what can happen. And I pay the price all too often. What's the definition of insanity?
  13. I feel your pain, Mike. I drop approximately 80% of everything I handle due to hand weakness from arthritis. I keep a small LED flashlight on hand and use it frequently to find stuff on the floor. I keep a long stick with tape wound sticky side out to retrieve items from the floor. Getting old sucks. I recall filing down headlight lenses that wouldn't fit. You can imagine how that went for me. On my hands and knees with my flashlight looking for a clear lense less than a quarter inch in diameter 😞. Lately, my frustration is due to paint problems on all three projects currently in "progress", two of which swam in the pond. I haven't touched any of them in over a week and the time off helps to diffuse my frustration. When I go back to it it will be with a fresh attitude, hopefully with a smile on my face. It gives me time to clear my head and think about my next move. My frustration has prevented me from posting "in progress" shots of anything lately; when things are that bad, 😑 I just can't be bothered with posting. There's nothing like a little commiserating, huh? 🥴 I feel better now. 😌
  14. Yup. I'm glad I started this. There's nothing like bringing a great project to a close when you have the paint polished out to perfection and all that's needed is to attach those tiny tail lights and one of them jumps out of the tweezer and flies across the room and.....well, you know 🥺. How many times have those headlight lenses that you thought you put in straight not been straight? Yup. Been there. 🥴
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