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  1. Yup. You nailed it, Greg. The Dusty Rose is brighter than I thought it would be. I was expecting something a bit more subtle ("dusty" 🥴). My original plan was white pearl. I think I can just wet sand and hit it with fine surface white, then go with plan A. The headliner had been painted and masked off a month or so ago using regular masking tape and I was getting worried it might be trouble having left it on that long. So I rushed the job. Anyway, thanks for being honest, I really do appreciate the input from all members.
  2. Thanks, Dennis. It's gonna be a while now that the humidity is high. Not too many opportunities for me to paint now. Glad you like it.
  3. I'm not sure where to put this thread but hopefully......anyway, those of us whom have built the Revell '29 A roadster recently know about this. For those just discovering the issue regarding part #50, relief is simply a matter of asking for a new one like I did. I got a very quick response and got the new part(s) within 2 weeks. My care package arrived today from The Fatherland in a small corrugated box, carefully packed in crinkled paper and some polyethylene full of EU air. Below is what was in the box. You can see the windshield frame is not perfect, but better than the one I got in my kit. I guess I'm spoiled because I expected a perfect part because I know that this part can be perfect because the ones I got in my other kits were but alas, this must be the best they can do now. There is a bonus, though. On the tree is a nicely plated radiator/shell, an instrument cluster, and a pair of door handles that will come in handy somewhere 😀. Gotta love that.
  4. Thanks, Greg, but what do you think of the body color with the interior color 🤔?
  5. I got some paint on it yesterday but Wednesday ( less humidity) would have been the best day for outdoor painting (my only option). There was an occasional gusty breeze that made it difficult and the finish suffered. This paint will need wet-sanding and re-coating. Luckily, I have plenty of Boyd's Dusty Rose enamel. I chose this color over my original idea for white pearl (Tamiya rattle can) because I thought it might be a bit more dramatic and might go well with the burgundy interior. Ya'll can be the judge of that. I present these pictures just to demonstrate the color of this amazing paint. I'm not sure the combination is great but the Dusty Rose is a really cool color for this subject, in my humble opinion 😌.
  6. Whoa.....this is in a class by itself. I wish I had the patience and fortitude to bring a project to this level of excellence. Just a magnificent work! There was a time when some of us thought of these '50s cars as dinosaurs and, when in disrepair, just junkers or rust-buckets . Anyone lucky enough to have owned or driven these Mopars will tell you just how great they were. They were such fun! I think we appreciate them now more than ever. Some would say they were gaudy and over-done but beauty is in the eye...😍
  7. Thank you, Gents, I suspected it was the case of the 1:1 units. The kit situation is , of course, bleak. The RMCM route looks like the way. Thanks all!
  8. I see these headlights frequently on 1:1 rods and I wonder if anyone can identify them. Are they factory items or aftermarket? Have they ever been kitted? Thanks for your interest. 🤓
  9. Just got one of these kits (latest ver.) And will be following. I'm very interested in what can be done with it 🤔.
  10. After seeing this build and considering the idea behind it, I think I just might start building with fenders for a change 🙂. Great idea, John, and quite inspirational.
  11. Last night (wee hours) I was successful in navigating the Revell website (I had to guess which button to click to bring me to their service request page.) I sent the request around midnight so they were probably sitting at their desks when my email popped up. This morning I was elated to find an email in my in-box with a weird foreign looking address. Yaaaay! My windshield is on the way ! Wunderbar!
  12. Thank you, Richard, I tried to navigate the website but kept getting tangled up in 404s I can't make my email go out, Richard, is that address correct? Nevermind, I got it straight! Windshield frame is on the way!
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