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  1. Well, anyone who can plunk down $11,000.00 for a diecast model has a lot more disposable income than I do.
  2. Bobby Labonte

    Great job Bruce! You are right, this was the Labonte family BGN car.
  3. Looks great. I have seen a couple of these on the roads lately. They are different, but cool looking.
  4. Steve Grissom

    Looks very nice. As I recall, the Luminas had the option of different grill openings for a couple of years. I think in this case, the grill would have restricted air flow and may have improved down force.
  5. Buddy Baker

    Looks really nice!
  6. Another Steve Grissom

    Great looking model. I have not heard Steve's name in a long time.
  7. John Andretti

    Great looking build - well done!
  8. 1968 Roadrunner

    Very nicely done. The paint and the detail work are superb.
  9. '83 Oldsmobile 442

    Looks real nice!
  10. 70 Buick Wildcat convertible finished

    Looks real nice!
  11. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Proofreading is a skill that is not taught anymore. It used to be that newspapers were impeccably proofed before they went to print. In the local newspaper, there will be spelling or grammatical errors that occur with enough frequency that it is no longer humorous. I also read an article recently where businesses are having to train new hires to write letters and memos. The person quoted in the article said that schools are not teaching this skill with enough frequency that it is making a lasting impression. The person went on to say that one new hire, who was a college graduate, used "cuz" instead of "because" in an internal company memo. This was the company's "aha" moment that they had to start a training program to address this. How this decline has happened in the span of only two generations is as breathtaking as it is sad.
  12. Under the Tips, Tricks and Tutorials category, there is a 15 page thread on paint booths. It's locked so it is at the top of the screen. There are a lot of tips and good advice there. If you want something inexpensive, you may want to consider making one yourself. I bought a small unit from a company that advertises in the modelling magazines. The name escapes me as I am away from home, but it was between $300 and $400. I like the unit and do not have any complaints, but if I had to do it all over again, I think I would build my own.
  13. Dave Marcis 1995 Olive Garden MC

    Looks very nice. I remember building this one and either the hood or roof decal cracked or wrinkled. I order a second set and the same thing happened again. So I learned to live with it.
  14. Dewcision 2016

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. I appreciate it.
  15. 65 Impala

    My favorite Impala of the 60's. Great job.