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  1. Jim N added a post in a topic Masking color order technique?   

    If it were me doing this paint scheme, I would follow Steven's advice.  The difference being for me is that I would paint the red, mask it then paint the silver.  The problems I have had with some silvers is that the masking tape would pull some of the pigment off.  It would not pull an entire layer of paint like some of us are accustomed to, but would pull off perhaps a little bit of the paint here and there leaving a silver painted area, but it was very splotchy. 
  2. Jim N added a post in a topic "General Ferrari" Charger/Enzo hybrid   

    You put a lot of work into the model and it shows.  Great job!
  3. Jim N added a post in a topic Red Byron 1949 Oldsmobile   

    Great job Mark!  Really stellar modelling.
  4. Jim N added a post in a topic Ferrari 458 Italia   

    Wow!  Looks great.
  5. Jim N added a post in a topic AMT 1966 Buick Riviera GS   

    Excellent work!  One of my all time favorite body styles.
  6. Jim N added a post in a topic Lancia 037 rally   

    Very cool build.  Excellent work!
  7. Jim N added a post in a topic 63 Corvette snapper   

    My sentiments exactly. 
    You did a great job on your model.  I have one in the collection and am trying to work it to the top.
  8. Jim N added a post in a topic Chaparral car?   

    As far as the model kits, Monogram issued a kit of a Chapparal that has been released and re-released over the years.  There are several on ebay. 
    I built this one a number of years ago.  It has a low parts count, but today it remains one of my favorite models.

  9. Jim N added a post in a topic future polish question   

    I have been using Future for about 20 years and it is my "go to" for a gloss coat.  I put it on using a medium flow setting on the airbrush and then quickly sweep the airbrush over the model at a distance of about 6 inches.  Future is thin and will run, which is why you don't want the airbrush staying in one place for very long.  When I have all of the panels covered, I let it sit for about 15 - 20 minutes and apply another coat.  I will usually apply 4 - 5 coats.
    The thing that I like about using Future is that I can "read" the finish and adjust how I am applying it.  If it is drying and the finish looks like real small pebbles, I am spraying too lightly or too far away.  If it is drying in larger blobs, I am applying it too heavily.  The good thing is that Future is self leveling to a degree and you can usually smooth out these problems with the additional coats.
  10. Jim N added a post in a topic Banjo Matthews Ford stock car   

    Excellent work!  It looks great!
  11. Jim N added a post in a topic Just playing around with an old kit   

    Very nicely done!
  12. Jim N added a post in a topic Pizza Hut   

    Looks great!
  13. Jim N added a post in a topic Modelhaus Resin 1967 Chevy Impala   

    Looks really sharp!
  14. Jim N added a post in a topic Meyers Manx in two nasty flavors   

    Both look great!  Not sure I would like to be driving behind the green one though.
  15. Jim N added a post in a topic Ricky's 2001 Ford   

    You're off to a great start!