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  1. What was eerie in my part of the country was that the sky was filled with contrails. All commercial air traffic was grounded so those were military aircraft. It was a very peculiar feeling seeing how many military aircraft were actively flying. My wife, kids and I were looking at this. The kids were 10 and 6 and were a bit rattled. When they were out of earshot, I whispered to my wife "I wonder what they know that we don't".
  2. These are memories your grandson will always cherish Nick.
  3. Really superb work Marcin! The different shading of paint adds a level of realism that is outstanding.
  4. This is what I do except I use a hobby knife. If the wheel is not white, I will paint it a flat white. The trick that I have found is to use the blade at a very shallow angle to the wheel - like about 60 degrees. The more vertical the blade is to the wheel, the more likely it will dig in or gouge the paint. The last thing is to wait until the black paint has thoroughly dried. If the paint is not thoroughly dry, it will likely chip in places and you no longer have a clean line. As another board member writes from time to time - "don't ask me how I know".
  5. That's a gorgeous looking Oldsmobile Randy. I like it a lot.
  6. Couple of very nice looking Chevys.
  7. Jim N

    Give aways

    Both look really nice.
  8. Great job! Also a nice looking bunch of Chryslers.
  9. Great work! The paint and detailing are superb.
  10. You are absolutely correct Bill. I had the opportunity to meet a Great Aunt of mine when she was in her winter years and I was a teenager. She was always the eternal optimist. One time I asked how she stayed so upbeat with all of the negativity in the world. Her answer was simple. She said something to the effect that some days were a lot harder than others, but that if she let the negative people bring her down, they won. She went on to say "and I will not let them win." It was one of the few times in those years of my life where my ears were open, I listened and learned a very valuable life lesson.
  11. Your model is outstanding. As far as the stripe on the wheel, I have been doing this for some time. Others have mentioned how its done. Here are are a couple of tips that may help. If the wheel is not white, I will paint it. The thing that helps is to use the knife blade at a real shallow angle and scrape only about 1/8" at a time. If the knife blade is too vertical in relation to the wheel, the blade can bounce across the wheel and cause gouges. The last thing is that dull knife blades in this instance are your friend.
  12. Great job Tim! Really looks outstanding.
  13. If you still enjoy them Ray, there is no reason to start getting rid of them. Bill made a great point about cataloging them. I suggest placing a value on them as well. Some are obviously worth more than others and this will help your heirs not get taken if they choose to sell the collection. I have a rather small collection of inbuilt kits (compared to some) at about 150. I cannot part with them; although, I know many will never get built.
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