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  1. Patrick, I am afraid we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one. I understand the concept of mortality. My father’s second wife passed away last year at the age of 68. At the age of 55, she received her Alzheimer’s diagnosis. A good friend of ours will not see his 60th birthday. He was battling cancer and was having some success. He then had a stroke last month. He recovered enough that he was in rehab. The other day, he had a second stroke. The family has been told to contact hospice. As far as life insurance, it is merely money in a savings account. It does not replace the person who passed. I believe very firmly that when a man has a family, he has responsibilities that extend beyond himself. If he has a son, he is to raise him on how to be a man. If he has a daughter, he is to raise her on how she should be expected to be treated by men. The father should also instill his life experiences in his kids so they have the tools to participate and have some success when they become adults. None of this happens if the father, such as in my previous post, participates and succumbs in a dangerous hobby. This also applies if a person has a dangerous career. If that person survives an encounter with death, then perhaps it is time to find a safer job in that career path, or it may be time to find a different career. I am sure there will be some on this forum who will read that previous paragraph and make a snarky remark about all of the irresponsible parents. They are correct, except that the number of responsible parents far out-number the irresponsible; otherwise, this society could not function. You are correct, we are not guaranteed any time but the present. The obituary pages of a newspaper remind of that every day, but I do not believe that does excuses a person who has responsibilities to a family to abdicate them for their selfish pursuits.
  2. Great job with the weathering. It makes the fit issue you had seem like its a truck that had a hard life.
  3. Very cool that you can make a model of your actual car. The cars I buy never seem to make it to kit form.
  4. "The Stig Collection" -Tina's 56 Ford

    Many kudos to Tina. That is outstanding work!
  5. Camaro and Camry

    Thanks Neil. Appreciate the information.
  6. "The Stig Collection" -De Tamaso Pantera GTS

    Great job Dann! i always thought this was one real sexy car.
  7. Camaro and Camry

    Good luck Neil. Do you mind letting us know where you got the bodies?
  8. Ricky Rudd's Quaker State Buick

    Great job Steve. I remember building this one a long time ago and the chrome grill piece and front bumper were a bugger to make fit and look good. You did a great job!
  9. 2014 Daytona 500 Winner

    Thanks for the kind words everybody. I appreciate it. Thanks for the suggestion Mark. I actually thought about using Future, but the peeling was getting seriously bad where I thought the decals may start peeling from the sides of the body. I went with the Elmer's as I thought it might have a bit more holding power. The red decals seem to have stabilized. It's too bad the decals have this problem because it is such a beautiful set. I read about the name change for Future too. I don't know how Johnson and Johnson can keep this item relevant as they seem to change the name every 18 - 24 months.
  10. Meyers Manx

    Very cool. I like it a lot.
  11. 72 Goat

    Looks great! This generation of GM cars is one of my all time favorites.
  12. 2014 Daytona 500 Winner

    I started this one over a year ago and then lost the ambition to finish it. I started it back up about 2 months ago and now it's done. It is a Revell snapper, with Powerslide decals. The paint is Duplicolor Linen White. The decals went on well, but the red on the lower part of the body is a decal and it has started to peel away from the bottom of the fenders. This is particularly evident on the passenger side. I usually clear coat the body, but with the foil numbers, I didn't want to ruin those decals as a clear coat can turn the foil black. So I took some Elmer's glue and brushed it along the bottom of the decals to try to keep them from peeling any more. Since the winner's flag decal is on the car, it represents the car after the race. For the rest of the car, I lowered the front and rear for a more realistic stance. I also trimmed down the steel axles and sanded the wheel backs so the tires fit is the wheel wells better. I added some sheet plastic to the bottom of the doors to extend them a little for the speedway look. While the model was sitting, the tires mysteriously disappeared, so I got some of the old Monogram tires out of the parts box and had to do quite a bit of massaging to get them to fit. This in turn required me to cut out some "brake rotors" and fit them to the back of the wheels. Since the kit tires have the backs filled in, I had to add these to provide a more realistic appearance. Finally, I scratch built the shark fin. Overall, I think it turned out pretty good. Thanks for looking.
  13. "The Stig Collection" -Lotus Super 7

    Outstanding work. Really spectacular!