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  1. Mega Millions.....

    Tom, I don't want this to come across as argumentative, but Michael Jackson did. Which, according to the news reports, was why he was planning to go on tour again. He was broke. ESPN did a 30 for 30 show called Broke. It's about all of the athletes who made millions and blew it all. It was largely because of the hangers on who brought them down. Some of those athletes, Bernie Kosar in particular, said the best day was when he filed for bankruptcy. He didn't have anymore money so everyone left him alone. I think people really underestimate this and how hard it is to say "no". As another person posted, this is why many lottery winners wind up in the same monetary state within a few years of winning the lottery as they were before they won. On a much smaller scale, I see this about every 18 months. We have a neighbor who has a 19 - 20 year old daughter. The daughter has gone through 3 - 4 cars in the 5 years they have lived in the neighborhood. Why? Because some relative always buys her another car after she has destroyed the old one. This kid has a sense of entitlement and the relative can't say "no".
  2. What Pleased You Today!

    Had a great time at Kansas Speedway over the weekend. Son and I saw a couple of real good races. Sunday's race was intense. Had a feeling it could be as Happy Hour practice on Saturday looked like a race on several occasions. He got to see his favorite driver, Chase Elliott, win on Sunday. Second time he has gotten to see a favorite driver win. Jeff Gordon was his favorite and we saw him win in 2014.
  3. Matt Kenseth Roush All Star Race

    Another nice one. Good job.
  4. Paul Menards Menards 2018 Ford Fusion, WBR

    Looks real good.
  5. 2015 Dale Jr Talladega winner

    Very nice. Good job with the paint and decals.
  6. Tips for lowering stance on new nascar kits

    Mark J shows how he does it in his Toyota WIP. He is working on one of the modified snap kits. If you are building a kit with an engine and drive train, I have cut squares out of sheet styrene and glued the squares to the wheel backs. Then I glued this wheel assembly to the model to get the stance I want. If the axles have spindles for the wheels to attach, I cut them off.
  7. Stevie Reeves

    Great job!
  8. Thought to share..

    Great job on all four.
  9. 1972 GTO

    Looks very good.
  10. 2018 IPMS knockouts

    Incredible craftsmanship! It blows my mind what people can do with these models.
  11. Very nice work! Really looks outstanding.
  12. Wip ARCA 2018 Ford

    Great work Mark. I agree with Bruce, I don't think I would polish the body.
  13. 79 Chrysler 300

    Very nicely done. Great work!
  14. Sometimes, it's about more than just the car...

    Very cool story. Thanks for sharing it.