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  1. They do it to avoid product liability lawsuits. Yes, it is a pain, but how many commercials do we see on t.v. from law firms chasing down class action lawsuits? Those are just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, of the product liability lawsuits that occur. As far as an electrical device, if it isn't plugged in, the chances of it causing a problem are highly improbable.
  2. It really depends on what one considers time travel. If one looks at it as people picking a time in the past or future and traveling there, that is likely impossible with what we know now. However, it is a known that as an object approaches the speed of light that time slows down for that object. Carl Sagan made the point on his Cosmos show that if an earthling could travel at speeds approaching the speed of light, that person could circumnavigate the known universe (at that time) and return to earth in several decades; however, the time elapsed on earth would be in the thousands of years. One would certainly have to consider this time travel. As far as life outside of our galaxy, I can believe it. I do not believe that intelligent life has been visiting our planet. To paraphrase Carl Sagan, our solar system and galaxy are in an uninteresting part of the universe. There is nothing of interest here that would cause one from another area of the universe to look here and think that this is a place they have to explore.
  3. Great craftsmanship! Really outstanding.
  4. I vote, but it gets harder and harder to convince myself that it is worth the effort because nothing changes.
  5. Really looks great! Outstanding work.
  6. Great looking model! I like it a lot.
  7. looks really nice!
  8. More than likely, this person was uninsured, so your friend would have been responsible for the deductible anyway. It isn't fair, but the states will not commit the resources to really address this.
  9. Great work Tim! Really outstanding.
  10. Really outstanding work Mark! Looks fabulous.
  11. Great job Steve. Really outstanding work!
  12. That is genius Ron. I will be copying this as well.
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