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  1. Jim N


    If they are federal projects, they can move forward since the federal government can and does run a budget deficit. State and local governments may not have that flexibility as they may not be able to run a deficit. Further with the unemployment numbers spiking, state and local budgets are cratering.
  2. Jim N

    Deutz D30

    Great work! To follow along with others have written, the weathering is outstanding.
  3. Great work as usual Steve! It would have been real interesting to see how Tim would have done if he had a full career.
  4. Great work! The extra detailing looks outstanding. These were funky looking cars. I built both Gordon's and Johnson's and still cannot get over at how odd they look.
  5. Great work! Indycals.net might have decals that you are looking for with these kits.
  6. Great work Marcin. Your figures are amazing.
  7. Looks great! Really outstanding work.
  8. That is a gorgeous model. Great work!
  9. Great looking models!
  10. Great work! Really well done.
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