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  1. This is a great tip and I have copied it for future use. Many thanks. I have a question if you do not mind. The coaxial cable has a wire going through it that you remove and replace. Why replace the wire in the coaxial cable?
  2. Taste is certainly subjective, but I find this to be a very uninspiring looking car. I remember the 240, 260 and the 280's were very, very cool looking. It seems to me that each successive generation has become more and more bland. I really cannot remember the last time I saw a Z on the road.
  3. Great work Bill! Looks superb.
  4. After about 60 years or so, the concept of free trade is collapsing. It's going to take a very long time to undo what has been done.
  5. I saw on the news the other night that a poll was done about this. The people who wanted permanent DST or standard time split evenly. 8% liked the changing of the clocks. The enticement of DST is the extra hour in the evenings. It is a lot easier to get yard work done and such when not fighting the clock. Kids can play outside longer. There are benefits. Keeping DST permanent was tried in the mid 1970's as a way to save energy. It was argued that with the extra hour of daylight, homes would consume a little less energy, and in the aggregate, it would help a lot. One of the problems was that there was a record number of kids hit by cars walking to school in the mornings because of the darkness. After one year - maybe two we went back to changing the clocks twice a year. A lot changes in nearly 50 years. In my area, I don't think many kids walk to school. I will not comment on other cities or towns. The U.S. is a country that splits 50 - 50 on almost every issue. To have 92% of the population say they do not like changing the time twice a year, the politicians will get this done. Most who favor the other time will adjust. And then there will be boards like this for people to vent about how they were in favor of the time standard.
  6. I had the same thing happen, and I think it is because I put the second coat on a little too heavy. I got to two points and did not move the can quickly enough and the paint built up a little bit. This is where the paint wrinkled.
  7. I saw that, and while I am not much of a baseball fan, there are a lot of common folks who earn their living at the parks. I am glad they will be earning money soon.
  8. Jim N

    AJ Foyt Olds

    Great work! Looks really nice.
  9. When I was young, one of the biggest conspiracy theories was that the car companies were in cahoots with the oil companies. I don't know how many times I heard that, and from people who were intelligent. At least back in the day that was the way to sell these things as the car companies had no vested interest to improve gas mileage because they are in bed with big oil. With that argument being very prevalent, it was easy to find an audience for these things. I am a little surprised that there is still a market for these things with the fuel economy of today's cars.
  10. Great looking model. This one gets trashed a lot, but it builds up really nice. Great job.
  11. The “good ol days” of racing are old, and they are not very good. I have read about the supposed halcyon days of F1 when you could look at a group picture of the drivers before the start of the season and KNOW that 1 or 2 of them would die before the season concluded. I remember reading about drivers being crowned as champions posthumously. Those are not good ol days. I could not understand Jackie Stewart’s almost fanatical demand for safety, until I read about the time he raced, and then I understood his point of view fully. Dale Earnhardt, Sr. is not with us today because the good ol days were far too dangerous. Some of it was Earnhardt’s lack of understanding of safety. A driver seat that was not suited for racing and his insistence on wearing an open faced helmet, but car design, more specifically, front chassis design had changed to the point where the front ends were so stiff that a driver could not ride out the collision. The race cars looked like a 60’s crash test where the car crumples to the front wheels and then bounces back. I remember the 2000 season where a truck series driver, Adam Petty and Kenny Irwin, Jr. lost their lives. I remember members of Congress telling NASCAR after Earnhardt Sr’s death to get their act together and fix their safety problems, or Congress would gladly fix the problems for them. Reading about or seeing race car drivers in caskets far before their full number of years have elapsed is not a cause for celebration in my book and is why I will never view the good ol days as being anything but old days. Today's racing is very real, and thank God, not as openly dangerous as the good ol days.
  12. There are a couple of other considerations. Starting any hobby is hard. There are a lot of skills that have to be mastered and at each level frustration can set in that makes the person give up the hobby. There is a reason we see a lot of lightly used sporting goods at garage or yard sales. Model building is no exception. It can take 5 to perhaps 10 models before the person sees real improvement. There is the monetary cost, but there is also the fact that frustration may set in and the person does not want to stay with the hobby. The other point that I think is important is that the time a lot of kids have is highly regulated. They go to school and then are whisked away to an activity after school. Then they go home to eat supper and then either have to do their homework or they may be whisked away to another activity. My kids are in their 20's and we did this to a certain extent, but I hear some parents talk about how they run their kids around, and the kids don't have the time to start many other activities. The Playstation or the Xbox are easy diversions. The games cost about $60.00. They could have hundreds of fails learning the game, but the cost is still $60.00. Bluenote made a brilliant point about the sheer number of other options there are available to kids, but they are also available to adults. Times are vastly different now and there is so much more that can draw a person's interest.
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