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  1. Great work! Looks fantastic.
  2. Looks great! Really, Really nice.
  3. Interesting, they must be trying to limit the high speed collisions that contribute to some of the concussions.
  4. Wow Tim. That is superior workmanship! Really outstanding.
  5. Rick, If they force you to the EFT route, I suggest that you go to your bank and set up an account just for these transactions. Keep the minimum amount in the account and then transfer when the companies are going to request their payments. My employer forced everybody to direct deposit and I set up an account at my credit union where the money is sent. This is the only thing this account is for. If my employer gets hacked, and the hackers get the bank account information, there will be very little money for them to take. There is another possibility and that is the company you are dealing with is losing your check on purpose. I have heard of companies doing this to ratchet up the frustration of the customer and he or she finally relents and goes the EFT route. The only way to know for sure is to send a payment by certified mail with a return receipt. Very expensive, but you may find out where the problem lies.
  6. Great work! Really stellar paint work.
  7. Bill Walsh, the great 49ers coach said that the key to winning is to have a late game pass rush. I always thought that was an interesting comment from a coach who was a offensive genius, but he is right. The San Francisco pass rush had Mahommes looking quite mortal most of the game. Then in the last 7 minutes of the game, when they needed the pass rush the most, it disappeared. Don't know if KC finally figured out how to slow them down or they ran out of gas, but Mahommes finally looked comfortable in the pocket and KC dropped the hammer. Conversely, the KC pass rush came alive during this period too, and Garrappolo was under very intense pressure. San Francisco could not sustain any drives to score or at least take chunks of time off of the clock. That was the game right there.
  8. As far as what I have read, Mike's Decals (MikesDecals.com) has contracted to buy and then sell the first 2,500 kits. They will be generic. He is also going to have a number of decal sheets of the various 2+2's printed. Mike has stated that if someone buys a kit and a sheet of decals together, he will bundle the price. Mike has not released any pricing information. The 2+2's are supposed to be ready in April according to Salvino.
  9. Great work. Paint and decals look outstanding.
  10. When I was a preteen in the 70's, I could name just about every car on the road by sight. The imports at that time were trickier because there were fewer of them on the road, but over time, I could name the bulk of them too. When my attention shifted to trucks, I could do the same. This is because I was a kid with time on my hands and these subjects interested me, so I spent the time learning. Fast forward 30 + years and I could do the same today if I put the time and effort into it. The thing is that my time is consumed by other things, and I see little reward in spending the time learning the cars and trucks all over again. The bottom line is I grew up. I have a feeling I am not alone in this regard.
  11. I am not a Chiefs fan, but would like to see them win. They are living dangerously by allowing their last two opponents get double digit leads.
  12. Great work Tim. Really outstanding as usual.
  13. Mark, if it is the guy I think it is, he took the Fusion body from the Revell kit and modified it to make the Mustang. His work is on Randy Ayers site.
  14. Great work! Looks really nice.
  15. It never ceases to amaze me at how people will try and ruin a perfectly good holiday with their stupid and ridiculous take on starting new traditions. Particularly, when there was nothing wring with the old traditions. Watching our kids open their Christmas gifts when they were young was priceless.
  16. Looks great! The stance and the rake of the car looks really good.
  17. Looks great. Really nice work.
  18. Another great looking Chevelle.
  19. Jim N

    Foyt Laguna .

    Great job Bruce. You nailed the stance.
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