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  1. Goldminer added a post in a topic Freightliner Argosy, New Zealand Style..   

    Thanks everyone, it was generally a fun build.

    THe 'cage' or stoneguard as we know them is exactly that, an effort to prevent stone chips being thrown up by passing vehicles and such and hitting the screen.

    The pinstriping was applied using KFS/Auslowe striping sets, which come in individual pieces - putting the corners on first and carefully measuring the gaps between for the straight parts - it took days to do the striping on this truck!

  2. Goldminer added a post in a topic australian coe   

    Well cheers Tony..
    As this is not my thread I have posted it here -


    BigBad, I sent you a mesage...

    It will be good to see some more builds of this kit coming through!
  3. Goldminer added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    Freightliner Argosy, New Zealand Style..
    Hi everyone,
    as my avatar suggests, I have untill now been a 'watcher' so guess I better show something I built last year...

    A&N 'Australian COE' transkit, on a Italeri chassis, with a modified Auslowe trailer -

    and the real truck..

    Hope you like it.. there is a full pictorial of it in TMW magazine in the next couple of months
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  4. Goldminer added a post in a topic australian coe   

    No problem jacobus, just trying to help.

    Another tip - You may notice I have assembled the steering tie-rod to the front of the axle, depending on what engine you use it may foul on the oil sump, If you intend to display with the cab tilted, no engine parts can sit more than 20mm above the top chassis rail before hitting on the cab floor.

  5. Goldminer added a post in a topic australian coe   

    Hi jacobus,
    this is a great transkit, I have built and finished one, and started a second.... It looks to me you have made a mistake in the positioning of the front axle. With the FLD chassis, remove the 'blue' extensions and measure 36mm from front of chassis to the centre of the steer axle, (or 40mm with the supplied bumper mounts installed).

  6. Goldminer added a post in a topic 1/16th Cat 657G scraper Scratch build   

    Quote - "I don't build Mack's or Peterbilts"...How did the Klos KW turn out Tony, any progress?
  7. Goldminer added a post in a topic Pro Star and 53 ft Great Dane reefer   

    Not something I'm ever likely to see 'in the flesh' but very nice indeed...
    I like the fact the headlights are a separate 'chromed' piece, will look more realistic at the end.