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  1. Keesee added a post in a topic '64 Vette   

    The AMT Prestiege kit of the convertible was rumored to actually be a 1964 car even tho the box art billed it as a 1963....
  2. Keesee added a post in a topic Can somebody I.D. this concept car?   

    I would have guessed early '70's GM anf quite possibly Buick in particular, but the Holden or Opel connection is posible too. kinda ha a '69 Riviera nose while the roofline resembles a mid '70's 4 door Electra/98.
  3. Keesee added a post in a topic '63 Ed Martin Ford Galaxie 500...Curtis Turner's ride   

    In my opinion, the Rangoon Red looks correct and it does have a hint of Orange. It was also a very popular Factory color for the 1955 Chevrolet and should be readily available thru MCW or a host of other sources. The car would have ran Firestone tires typical for the times.