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  1. I still have an unbuilt in my stash, but i'll be willing to by a reissue as well! Nicely detailed kit!
  2. Wow! I will buy it for sure, along with the Bandag Bandit !!!
  3. Wow! Awesome work, i like the front fenders mods, the relocation of the wheels opening made that truck look really good!
  4. Your Challenger is beautiful! Not often seen as this trim as a model, very nice hubcaps. Perfectly detailed overall, i like it!!!
  5. Sorry i can't take pictures for the moment because i'm moving out and the kit has been packed immediately after the tires pics...
  6. And i forgot to mention that this reissue is including clear headlight lenses, it's by far the best reissue of this Chevelle yet! Very nice decals and molded in white with very nice chrome parts!!
  7. Yes i think they are from the same tooling with different markings!
  8. They are the same as previous issues from round 2 (Good Year Polyglass) except it's printed a Blue line on one side and red line on the other and the slicks are Drag 500's and they are beautiful!!
  9. They come from Scenes Unlimited and they are very first quality!!
  10. Thank's for all the kind comments!
  11. Wow! Awesome build, this Monte-Carlo looks really good!
  12. It's included in the Model Car Garage Photoetch kit!!
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