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  1. MsDano85gt added a topic in General   

    New home Entire model collection under one roof
    So I finally have a  moment to get online  and we have successfully setup internet at our  new  home (5 years old)   NEW  to us
       Long story short this is the  first time back on mcm since the move, We  BOUGHT  a House   its so very  nice
    its great to be homeowners now and my whole styrene collection under one roof or should i say garage
     Honestly i have been  spending alot of  time  away   on  FB   model  groups as well its  just more conveinent since it on my phone i need to  upload mcm on there and try to get it  going  mobile as well
     Hope to be getting a hobby station going and  projects rolling to the  finish lines again!
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  2. MsDano85gt added a post in a topic Dodge Warlock 4X4   

    wow superb do share how does one achive the blue tint fret band on top of the window
  3. MsDano85gt added a post in a topic Cobra's that never were   

    great work pete
  4. MsDano85gt added a post in a topic What are the chances Modelhaus will find a buyer for their business?   

    wowo better stock up !!
  5. MsDano85gt added a post in a topic Facebook "Ford" page I started   

    a few more folks had jumped on board just making sure folks here saw this post
  6. MsDano85gt added a post in a topic What if Monogram had done 1/25?   

    same here altho i prefer 1/25 mpc never did a chevy citation monogram did even tho its in 1/24 i still have a couple to build
  7. MsDano85gt added a post in a topic Facebook "Ford" page I started   

    awsome never have enough Ford folks
  8. MsDano85gt added a post in a topic Dodge Pick up grilles? (Long Shot)   

    got my grille from modelhaus 75' awsome work they do there also got a tailgate and some missing taillamps from them not to mention proper front/ rear bumpers
  9. MsDano85gt added a post in a topic 1990 Mustang LX "Street Beater"   

    Love it chuck if i had one of those supercharged t bird drivetrains i Too would love to put one in a foxbody love the peguses rims too nice build for sure
  10. MsDano85gt added a topic in Links, Advertisers, and Web Sites   

    Facebook "Ford" page I started
    I started a Facebook page for "FORDS" and yes that includes the lincoln and mercury division as well

    i know alot of folks here at mcm are not much for facebook ( i could be wrong) i was just letting everyone know and if you have a moment to check it out one of my now best friends in modeling Bartster (Bart Deatherage) i met here on mcm i chat with freqently on fb his work is found on fb nowadays he says this site is no longer friendly for his phone

    anyways check it out like what you see feel free to join and chime in or post your ford stuff

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  11. MsDano85gt added a post in a topic I See a Little Silhouetto of a Man   

    bet you could scratch a twizler dispenser from a parts box teardrop or gem "porthole" window from a ford or chevy van kit drill a hole in a side find some Red thread close to twizzler Red thread it through the hole and carefulle spool it up in the clear part and glue to roof of car
  12. MsDano85gt added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    We got a House!
    The wife and I of 7 wonderful years and 2 baby girls later have Had an offer for a home approved WE have a House!
    now i can set up a studio like hobby area!! and i can leave everything out on my Bench!!

    just thought i"d share we are rather excited about this

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  13. MsDano85gt added a post in a topic I don't know what my problem is lately...   

    nothing wrong with hoarding!! i mean stashing away like a squrrel..... you and i should jack our jaws jesse on that old thing called a telephone......I find my phone is about 85% fellow mcm members now ones that if they don't want to talk we at least once in awile shoot some texts with model pics back n fourth once in awile and get the model conversations flowing i find this alot of times motivates me.........
    we seem to have alot in common

    pm me your info (tele) if you'd be interested in jacking jaws sometime........?? talk 5.0's talk models heck talk family whatever i find chatting with fellow members therepudic like bench time.......

    yes netflix is now the Devil lol we have the same prob around here veg in front of netflix see who falls sleep first lol
  14. MsDano85gt added a post in a topic '78 Dodge "Warlock" 4X4. , ,May 10, cab and box mounted   

    simply awsome man!!
  15. MsDano85gt added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    exactly using the "4 tec" iron duke 2.5 4 bagger engine from the fiero kits along with the pontiac rims that were the same on the sunbirds too!!