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  1. I promise I will have an update in the coming days for everyone. Been handling some things lately.
  2. @BainfordYeah it’s definitely different scale than I’m used to but it’s interesting.
  3. @beeRS Yeah kinda like this little kit haha. Camaro was given to my little cousin after I glued some random 1/32 wheels on it.
  4. I'm going to be doing this little build as I’m getting back into this. The paint choice will either be a Metallic Black or Gloss Red. I will be using wheels from a 1:32 Jada Bigtime Muscle Wide Body Camaro (Shown in second pic and mock up shown in third). Planning on getting a coat of primer on the body soon. I will Update everyone as I go. Hope everyone enjoys!
  5. A little too much camber and too long of an exhaust for my taste but still looks sweet man! Also like the color and wheel choice. Nice Build.
  6. Had An issue come up with the blue metal flake being too old and not spraying like I wanted it to. Got a new can and will paint a second coat tomorrow or friday. Painted The Roll Cage Flat Aluminum and will touch it up to finish it here soon. After the Roll Cage Is done and second coat of paint is applied to the upper part of the body, I will paint the spare wheel for the trunk area. (Second Pic)
  7. I'm going to be doing this little build for my first Model Contest I'm entering Project C-FFWRC=The paint choice will be Testors Custom Blue Metal Flake. I will be using wheels from a 1:32 Jada Bigtime Muscle Wide Body Camaro<-----(Shown In Last Pic). I have until April 14th To complete the build which is plenty of time however I would have liked to be able to complete one of the other Model In Progress I have. I will Update every couple of days with progress of the build, thanks
  8. I decided to not go with primer, want to see how this plays out. I painted the first coat (Top/Sides/Front/Rear) of the Testors Blue Metal Flake. (Wanted To See How The Yellow Mold Plays in with the Paint.) Will Put Second Coat On By End Of Weekend. Thanks
  9. Its been a while haha. So Finally getting around to this thing as I will be going to get primer today or tomorrow. Also I'm changing the paint from the Gloss Blue to a Plasti Dip Black (Flat Black), everything else is staying the same as planned. I'll give an another update tonight or tomorrow. Thanks
  10. I am going to at least do something while still trying to figure out what to do. As previously stated I lost the Tuner Rear Bumper and the Hood From this kit. Well 99% Positive I am getting the rear bumper from a fellow modeler on here (Thanks Againmikewins). And if I'm able to gather the hood I will start and finish my first model! Update: Decided I want a Flat Black Front Lip and Grill/Mesh Areas in Flat Black. Pic below is areas that will be painted and the bottom of the lip almost done. Should finish the lip and grill/mesh areas in a week or so. Thanks and let me know what you guys think
  11. Thanks Jonathan I'm a little skeptical about painting right now since it's now winter time but will paint soon enough! Trying to think of what I could do till the time is right to paint. Will keep everyone updated! P.S. Will post pictures of the finished putty/sanding in a day or 2 so stay tuned
  12. Jonathan It shouldn't damage it, Like I said plasti dip is made to be removable and peeled off. When you say body work I assume you mean the putty and sanded areas? I'm 90% positive that It won't but of course there's a very slight chance for it to mess up if I don't apply right
  13. Got the putty filled in on the front bumber areas and will start sanding tomorrow morning. (First Photo is Before and Last Photo is After)
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