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  1. When I was a kid living in LaPorte Tx, one of the kids at the high had a maroon 53 Stude. I always loved that car......
  2. The hub caps you are looking for are in the JoHan 1968 Plymouth Fury Police car. You will have to figure out the Plymouth emblem. Good luck.
  3. Manufacturing engineering manager for Armor truck programs.
  4. Movie cars do not have rear view mirrors.....
  5. I love the tuck and roll. I remember back in the day, a guy that made tuck and roll from soldier. He made a mold and rolled it flat with a jar, cut it into strips and sealed the seams with white glue. The method with the paint is a whole lot cleaner. I love the pipping on the seats too, the knobs are a nice period touch as well. True craftsmanship.
  6. Gents, Sounds like the beginning of a writing campaign to some model companies. I wrote Revell a few years ago, their response was zero interest. Heck if Revell did a bone stock coupe, the reissue could be a Mofat Bathurst car, or The Beast. Thanks. Doug
  7. Thanks for all the input. I will look at all the options. I have written Revell, and other kit manufactures on this subject but as of now no takers. I have wanted one since my dad took me to see Mad Max ..... Thanks again.
  8. I have the opertunity to buy a Mad Max, Road Warrior Falcon. My only interest is in converting it to a stock Falcon. So my question is to anybody that has seen the kit and a real Australian Falcon, how accurate is the kit, is it worth the effort? Thank you.
  9. I did an AMT Kiss van like that back in the late seventies...... errr, I mean I saw a picture of an AMT Kiss van done like that back in the day.
  10. This is super cool, I collected all of those stickers when I was a kid.very well executed model.
  11. This is fantastic, reminds me of speed racer!
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