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  1. I believe in honest criticism, so I think your paint work was a poor choice. It you would have brushed it on, or even better sprayed it on, it would look 100% better. Again, nothing personal and I mean no offense, I just want to help you improve and get it how you want it. I would strip them and hit them with a spray can if it was me. Keep at it bro.
  2. At first I hated the idea of the V8, but after seeing it, it looks pretty awesome in there. BUT I still vote RB26. The front fenders, are they installed backwards? It seems like the front of the fender should be the slimmer part, but its back to the door.
  3. Well, this was a long and satisfying build. This was almost trashed at one point, but it was rescued and revived. Im very happy with the results. This is only my second finished model, LOL. Feel free to tell me what you think! Thanks for looking and thanks to all the WIP watchers for their tips and advice.
  4. Yea, its just some square styrene rod with some hex rod on each end to simulate the pressure fittings. @Vintage; from the master himself! Thanks!
  5. Alright, this should be my last update before I post this as a finished build. Finished up my chassis detail, ran my fuel lines, finished detailing the motor. Adding the radiator and intercooler and ran the piping. Adding a throttle cable and wiring for the O2 sensor. All Ive got left to do is get the engine permanently placed into the bay and make an exhaust for it.
  6. No problem man! Ive always said, if I have it just laying around and Im not using it, Im always more than willing to donate it to someone else's projects. Great work on that engine.
  7. Thanks to a midwinter 60 degree day, I decided to shoot my clear. After first coat: And completed interior: Thats all for now. Thanks for checking her out!
  8. Yea, its funny how much the S13 coupe and the R32 favor in looks. Even the real thing, the proportions are only slightly smaller from the R32 to the S13. The roof line, and silhouette is almost identical. I know some tuners who have turned an S13 into a poor man's R32. It looks very convincing. Anyway, small update. Trying to get the interior finished up. The only thing missing here is the cage, waiting on the primer to dry so I can sand and paint. Anyone have any suggestions for color? I dont want to do body color since I think it will blur the line of the a pillars and roof and I dont want to do black because I want the cage to stand out. Maybe like a sliver or polished aluminum? Dash is detailed with a popular mod for 240s, replacing the center heat vents with a twin gauge pod. R32 cluster (my S13 cluster decal disintegrated in the water) and a Nardi wheel. Passengers seat is the stock seat since I wanted to maintain a budget racer sort of look. Rear deck lid is flocking, first time using it and the type I got was way too fine imo. And got the decal into the FPR for the engine. Small, but it makes a difference. And last I built the under structure of the hood. Anyway, on to the pics. Thanks for looking.
  9. I have had dealings with a few guys here. Jantrix and I just completed a deal, everything was good, package recieved in a timely fashion and in great shape, would recommend him to anyone. Also would like to shout out to Chillyb1. He answered my call for some carbon fiber and really hooked me up and asked nothing in return. Thanks again, man!
  10. As always, just beautiful work. Im assuming for all the bends and kinks in the brass, you are doing it in small sections and soldering it together?
  11. Yea, it has the detail coil pack covers. I also have the stock ZR1 intake tubes and several other misc engine parts Im not using. Like I said, they are yours if you want them.
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