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  1. Awesome. A great Mopar drag legend. BTW, for anyone else that wants to make this car the decals are available from Slot Car Fever.
  2. https://www.nhra.com/news/2018/legendary-top-fuel-and-funny-car-racer-tom-mongoose-mcewen-passes-away Post up your Mongoose models!
  3. So I decided to build the kit mostly as-is out of the box, but with the roll cage modified. Forget the innacuracies, even if you build it box stock the wedge doesn't fit over the valve covers. I had to cut more than half of each valve cover off to get the wedge to sit down. I also had to move the engine as far forward as possible and extend the driveshaft accordingly. This is ridiculous. I would also say the way both axles attach is fragile and dumb. That I can live with, but for the wedge to not clear the valve covers is unacceptable.
  4. Reworked Supercar Collectibles 1/18 scale El Toro. Decals by John Beckens at Special Appearance. House of Kolor Tangelo Pearl.
  5. This is a reworked Supercar Collectibles California Flash 1/18 scale diecast. Decals by John Beckens at Special Appearance. House of Kolor Passion Purple Pearl.
  6. Looking great. Can't wait to see the finished product!
  7. Awesome. LOVE the Mopar AWB cars. I'm still hoping for a diecast of this someday from Supercar Collectibles, if not it'll be on my build list.
  8. I never have problems with Model Car World Automotive Finishes paint and Future clear coat.
  9. What do you use to apply the mixture so it won't leave debris?
  10. Has anyone tried sanding Future clear coat runs? Or can you just buff them out with a wet cloth?
  11. I posted this on the wanted forum, but I think this is the forum most likely to help me as many drag cars from the 60's had windows tinted in rainbow colors. I need half a sheet of .005" transparent purple sheet plastic. Midwest Products used to make it, but now they only make .010" thick and that won't work for my application. Or if someone else has an idea on tinting windows purple I'm all ears. I've used Tamiya clears to tint windows with varying results over the years. Thank you. -Jeff
  12. Special Appearance is still alive and kicking. I just bought a bunch of Mopar drag decals from him. A pretty big catalog, very high quality, and he will print them in multiple scales: John Beckens specialappearancedecals@yahoo.com
  13. The truck cab is available in resin from Keith at sourceks@msn.com. I have one on the bench to be built. Very nice quality.
  14. By Modelhaus, with a few mods made to the body and chassis to fit the wheels. Paint is House Of Kolor Sunset Pearl Orange. Aoshima wheels and Pegasus Hobbies brake discs and calipers.
  15. I was going to build the black Prudhomme Snake III Cuda off of multiple Slixx sheets, until Chuck Boerne brought out his set.
  16. I think the colors may be wrong, but Fred Cady did a set of Cable decals for an earlier Grotheer car.
  17. That DVD (Once Upon A Wheel) is available to purchase on Ebay or Snake's website, among other places. In addition to the video it has a LONG slideshow that is a great source of reference photos for building Snake & Mongoose models.
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