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  1. shafer added a post in a topic model kits needed for a workshop   

    Thanks for all of the donations , I think I am good to go, With the donations from here , several model supply groups and the church we have over 50 models to work with. Again Thanks
  2. shafer added a post in a topic model kits needed for a workshop   

    Mike Thanks for the very generous contribution.
  3. shafer added a topic in Model Club News and Announcements   

    model kits needed for a workshop
    I am trying to teach others how to do the hobby. On March 7 2015, I am organizing a model car building workshop at my church open to children of the community from grades K-5. This will be a free event for the children. We will explore the basics of model building with kits that have been pre-painted and some pre-assembly. Students will Assemble interiors, windows, bumpers, grilles, wheels and tires. They will then decorate their car with stickers and brush paints. Chassis, and drivetrain will be pre-assembled for speed. I am looking to provide 30 model kits free of charge to these kids. Will you be interested in donating an inexpensive kit for this cause. if so please pm me for an address Thanks so much copy of flyer Free Model Car Building Workshop.
    Saturday, March 7, 2015 9am- 2pm
    Black Creek United Methodist Church
    200 Church St. Black Creek NC

    Event open to all Children grades K-5. Each child will receive a model kit free of charge and a hotdog lunch will be provided. Children will learn the basics of assembly and decorating these cars. Please come and join us, all you need is to wear old clothes. This is FREE !

    If you want to preregister to attend or want more information please call :
    Clyde Shafer 252-239-0379

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  4. shafer added a post in a topic Please becareful   

    good to know
    I thought it was just me! I wonder how many more have been conned, no wander he left the site.
  5. shafer added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Please becareful
    I want everyone to be aware of people who want to make resins for you. I have not had a good dealing with magnum4342, this is a copy of the letter I am sending him. Please be careful

    Kevin, I have just read your post on the proboards site. Honestly, I have to admit that I am very disappointed with the deal I have had with you. It has been almost a year and a half since I sent you $519.00 for cars that I have ordered for you. This was for 19 cars to date I have received 8. This is not right. I realize that you have problems that you need to take care of; however, financial problems should not be a problem, because I sent the money to make my cars. That money should have been used to fund this project. According to your post , I have to wait until you are financially able to fill my order. This is unacceptable. The delays for my shipments have been due to one excuse after another. The last shipment did not even get here, I wonder if it was really shipped. I have tried to PM you since December with no response. I have been more than patient and forgiving. I am done now. I expect I will never receive the rest of my order, but that is Okay, because I am going to make sure that you do not cheat other people out of their hard earned money. I will be posting this letter online. Sincerely, Clyde Shafer

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  6. shafer added a topic in Where's Waldo?   

    where is magnum 4243
    havent seen or heard from him in a while, he has not been on this site since dec13
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  7. shafer added a topic in NASCAR   

    petty dart dirt track
    built this version to represent a dirt track winner

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  8. shafer added a topic in NASCAR   

    dinoco king
    built this from a stock superbird kit

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  9. shafer added a post in a topic the car that made a king   

    I modified the chrysler rearend and front suspension and repositioned it to fit the gtx wheel wells, this was attached to the polar lights frame
  10. shafer added a post in a topic the car that made a king   

    thanks to all

    a petty bear?
  11. shafer added a post in a topic saturdaynight special   

    pix comming soon
  12. shafer added a topic in NASCAR   

    saturdaynight special
    take a petty kit car , win a few races , cellabrate by jumping on the roof, replace panels as needed and add a little dirt
    will post later copy and paste not working
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  13. shafer added a topic in Diecast and Resincast Models   

    petty 1950 plymouth
    this is a diecast i got for 1/2 off at a flea market my only shot at getting a plymouth in this bodystyle

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  14. shafer added a post in a topic the car that made a king   

    completed project

  15. shafer added a post in a topic the car that made a king   

    so I now have paint and decals on the gtx you will see that a test fit of a torino stock car chassis is a perfect fit , it required some midifications of the under hood area but i am very pleased with the results i have issues with pictures this am click here to see the progress