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  1. shafer added a post in a topic petty fest 2017   

    here is a link to all of my pix for the day
  2. shafer added a post in a topic petty fest 2017   

    Thank you
  3. shafer added a post in a topic petty fest 2017   

    does the google link help?
  4. shafer added a post in a topic petty fest 2017   

    here is a google doc shared link to the pix I created
  5. shafer added a topic in NASCAR   

    petty fest 2017
    I took all 215 of my Petty models to Petty Fest , Saturday, even had some special visiters. Thad Moffit, Kyle Petty took his own pictures, Mark Petty tells me about his truck I built.

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  6. shafer added a post in a topic New Builds   

    That car is owned by Maurice Petty, My car was a conversion to represent a 1937 Plymouth that Lee Raced
    I am taking all of my models to petty fest May 27
  7. shafer added a post in a topic Richard Petty 1981 Dodge Mirada...the car that never run!   

    In the book cars of the king , you can see in the 1981 Buick regal section a photo  of an employee unmasking a car , look closely at the rear quarter window, it is canted , not straight up and down , so I can only assume this is a mirada
  8. shafer added a topic in NASCAR   

    New Builds
    Now at over 200 petty kits, 
    I haven't posted the Fusions yet Its been a while since I posted 

    Petty by Shafer Thread 

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  9. shafer added a post in a topic model car workshop   

    I have got to say a big TY to those of you on the forum. I should have enough model kits. Still in need of paints , brushes ect. Again Thanks
  10. shafer added a post in a topic model car workshop   

    Don't take this wrong.I can see what you mean , however : I can assure you that I am not trying to do things for hand outs. I am a school teacher who puts some of his own money , time , and abilities into this project. I do this so children can find better choices for hobbies that will keep them safe and active. It also benefits my church in that it allows us to do more things for youth since our congregation is an older one. I am proud that over 45 models have been donated, with a big chunk coming directly from this forum. 
  11. shafer added a post in a topic model car workshop   

    Thanks for the responses
  12. shafer added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    model car workshop
    I have been offline for a while and don't really get the time to post anymore. My career keeps me from it. That has not stopped my passion for model car kits. My Petty collection is topping 200 now. Last year I posted a model car workshop event that I was putting together for small children grades k-6. It was so successful that I am doing it again. Below is a copy of the flyer for the event. One of the reasons to its success was the generous donations of unused unwanted kits members of this forum sent me. I do not have sponsors for this event. I pay for the kits and supplies on my own. That can be hard to do on a teacher's salary. All kits are supplied to the kids for free. If you would like to donate a unused Snap together kit , decals , or paints please shoot me an email; 
    I will see it here first. 

    link to the flyer 

    The Wilson Times news paper will be doing a story on this event in April I will send a link 

    Thanks so much, 

    Clyde Shafer
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  13. shafer added a post in a topic model kits needed for a workshop   

    Thanks for all of the donations , I think I am good to go, With the donations from here , several model supply groups and the church we have over 50 models to work with. Again Thanks
  14. shafer added a post in a topic model kits needed for a workshop   

    Mike Thanks for the very generous contribution.
  15. shafer added a topic in Model Club News and Announcements   

    model kits needed for a workshop
    I am trying to teach others how to do the hobby. On March 7 2015, I am organizing a model car building workshop at my church open to children of the community from grades K-5. This will be a free event for the children. We will explore the basics of model building with kits that have been pre-painted and some pre-assembly. Students will Assemble interiors, windows, bumpers, grilles, wheels and tires. They will then decorate their car with stickers and brush paints. Chassis, and drivetrain will be pre-assembled for speed. I am looking to provide 30 model kits free of charge to these kids. Will you be interested in donating an inexpensive kit for this cause. if so please pm me for an address Thanks so much copy of flyer Free Model Car Building Workshop.
    Saturday, March 7, 2015 9am- 2pm
    Black Creek United Methodist Church
    200 Church St. Black Creek NC

    Event open to all Children grades K-5. Each child will receive a model kit free of charge and a hotdog lunch will be provided. Children will learn the basics of assembly and decorating these cars. Please come and join us, all you need is to wear old clothes. This is FREE !

    If you want to preregister to attend or want more information please call :
    Clyde Shafer 252-239-0379

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