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  1. In 1994 I took a tour of the race shops in Charlotte and saw this car in a parking lot beside the road. The number font, colors, and some of the contingency decals speak Petty . I have a picture of my model of it I built , and a picture of a picture I took with my daughter in front of it. What is the car? ARCA? are there any pictures other than mine of it?
  2. I wish that had been the complete kyle petty version
  3. looks like an Impala with a nova roof to me
  4. Enjoy. https://www.wral.com/wilson-man-shows-off-incredible-love-for-richard-petty-family/18949223/
  5. I am just glad to see someone building cars that were not produced. It does look like a 442 to me , It will be an awesome addition to my petty collection . As was the round headlight monte carlo was which I created the Bristol '78 Petty ride. Remember none of the manufacturers are perfect remember the polar lights Petty torino with the crazy front fenders. Kudos to a company who is trying new things.
  6. how about a whole wall of them Photo - Google Photos.html Photo - Google Photos.html
  7. shafer

    petty fest 2017

    here is a link to all of my pix for the day https://goo.gl/photos/WSn9uKy9qL3zkG898
  8. shafer

    petty fest 2017

    does the google link help?
  9. shafer

    petty fest 2017

    here is a google doc shared link to the pix I created https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vRoHUmixJN-9SjwzhgXujj25mU2J-OLYmvMrmW5Kyxc/edit?usp=sharing
  10. I took all 215 of my Petty models to Petty Fest , Saturday, even had some special visiters. Thad Moffit, Kyle Petty took his own pictures, Mark Petty tells me about his truck I built.
  11. shafer

    New Builds

    That car is owned by Maurice Petty, My car was a conversion to represent a 1937 Plymouth that Lee Raced I am taking all of my models to petty fest May 27
  12. In the book cars of the king , you can see in the 1981 Buick regal section a photo of an employee unmasking a car , look closely at the rear quarter window, it is canted , not straight up and down , so I can only assume this is a mirada
  13. shafer

    New Builds

    Now at over 200 petty kits, I haven't posted the Fusions yet Its been a while since I posted Petty by Shafer Thread https://docs.google.com/document/d/1esQFdOnitqK-oOG8V91otOGOh2naGEH3jMGd_LXIgGs/edit?usp=sharing_________________
  14. I have got to say a big TY to those of you on the forum. I should have enough model kits. Still in need of paints , brushes ect. Again Thanks
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