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  1. tvandmoviecars added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    CHEAP Sanding sticks
    Most know about using emery boards for sanding...
    Today I was in DOLLAR TREE (Everything is MAX $1!),and they had 36 Emery boards in 5 different sizes for $1. Range from very thin ones to regular size.. I used the smallest one just today to sand the pillar between the front doors and back side windows, and the C pillars on the AMT 75 Chevy Blazer, and it was PERFECT size.
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  2. tvandmoviecars added a post in a topic Dukes Of Hazzard with a twist   

    Got a new job a month ago, that included a move.... tonight I pulled out the Rolls at the new place, and about to do some work on this very primitive kit... I know either my old one, or the re-release had some seriously warped parts.. guess I will know as soon as I open the box.. if it is the old one!<LOL>
  3. tvandmoviecars added a post in a topic The "NAKED" Styrene CBP   

    interesting idea.... I have a old Johan kit that has parts modled in DIFFERENT colors.... that could be interestng!<LOL>
  4. tvandmoviecars added a post in a topic My Weird but lucky day.   

    Bought a model once at a yard sale for 50 cents.... nothing great.. just a fiero, but for 50 cents... figured "what the heck".. noticed it was kinda "heavy" after I got it n the car... opened it up... and it had a fair amount of parts.... but the kit was GONE... but, it was all good.. the "extra weight".... was a bunch of almost full bottles of model paints.... that were selling at that time for about 75 cents each!<LOL>
  5. tvandmoviecars added a post in a topic the one that got away.....   

    Miss a few I used to have... 2 Mustang IIs.. 1 was my 1st car... 1 didnt have a motor, and other blew the motor...
    Had a Nova in High School that I wished I could find again.. if it still exists.... probably doesnt, since I sold it to a buddy, who sold it on payments to another guy that screwed him over, and hid or possible junked the car.

    Other was a 96 Ford Mustang.... closest thing I ever had to a NEW car.... 1 year old and 15,000 miles... sold it to mom, so I could get married and get out from under the payment (lost my good paying job jst before I got married, so $$$ was tight with less pay and more bills.) She sold it later because she needed a larger car...

    after getting married, I was coming back from a jobsite and seen this... $1000 obo. Didnt run,

    wife said "No, don't even think about it!!!"

    9 months later I was divorced, and paying off her almost new truck, that we couldnt aford when we got it, and she left in the burger king parking lot, when she took off... so I had no Mustang... no 69 Charger.... and a 1997 Ford F150 long bed that i had no use for, and couldnt afford payments on....

    BUT.... I did make up for my losses....
    I later got this (drove it a few years and sold it.)

    and currently have THIS as 1 of my current cars...

    which is what the $1000 wold have been.... for a lot less then I got in this one!<lol>
  6. tvandmoviecars added a post in a topic What's the story behind your user name/avatar?   

    I run/ran/founded a website that was all about TV and Movie Cars (http://tvandmoviecars.com), sadly my server decided to STOP providing the website option, so my site has been a lot less then it was... in 2000 I started building a Adam 12 replica, in 2005 I built a Hazzard Sheriff car, in 2007 I bought and started work on a General Lee.. all 1:1 scale.... THUS, the name.

    the Avatar... I seen a thing for a site to "Simpsonize yourself", where you can/could make a SIMPSONS character to resemble yourself.... so, I did. Currently I am clean shaven!<LOL>
  7. tvandmoviecars added a post in a topic How Many Of You Have Kids Going Off This Fall?   

    My baby is 8... I keep telling her to stop growing, but she tells me she can't!<LOL> So I enjoy every day, but know that iI'll miss her, when she grows up.... gotta cherish every moment....
  8. tvandmoviecars added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    Green car is a 77 Monaco with around 66,000 original miles.... had 54,000 when I bought it a year and a 1/2 ago.. .it's my daily driver. Also have a 68 Satellite, not pictured.
  9. tvandmoviecars added a post in a topic Score at hobby lobby   

    yep, I want to pick up that Gremlin, too... love the 40% off coupons... makes model kits almost fair priced... although I did my biggest buyig, when kits were $10 or less, so still get sticker shock when I go anywhere to get kits.... (love the hobby swap meets, so still can find deals, there.)
  10. tvandmoviecars added a post in a topic My Mopars   

    if I can ever afford one, that is what my future Challenger will look like
  11. tvandmoviecars added a post in a topic A Tribute to my First Car I've ever Bought! My 1982 Ford EXP   

    always liked that era of teh EXP... before it turned into a Escort... I even test drove one, once... but couldnt come to terms on it, with the lot.
  12. tvandmoviecars added a post in a topic Pics of Dodge Monaco's please   

    only pic I had of the replica of 1 of my cars.... (Actually photo of replicas of 3 of my cars.. since I DO own a GL also.)
  13. tvandmoviecars added a post in a topic Pics of Dodge Monaco's please   

    just posting Monacos, and I have DOH monacos in 1:25 and 1:1 scales!>LOL< BUT... have more that are NOT, then I have that are.
  14. tvandmoviecars added a post in a topic Lets See Your Replicas of Yours/Your Families Cars   

    here are 3

    the green one was SUPPOSED to be color matched.... from a paint shop... they used the codes from factory color... they said.
  15. tvandmoviecars added a post in a topic Pics of Dodge Monaco's please   

    what sort of info on the beater?

    and.. seeing as 1 is a hazzard Sheriff Car... I did post 2 of those!<LOL> Also Have a replica of the one being built... about 1/2 done, and did 1 of the green car, using paint mixed to original factory color.. or so they said.