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  1. I have often had issues with the windshield, dashboard interface on that kit, causing that issue. I trimmed the bottom of the windshield on one of them
  2. Another thing that changed on these kits was the roll cage. In the stp and pennzoil kits more bars where added around the drivers seat, the 4th gen firebird had a narrower cage, in the current kit the cage is still the narrow one.
  3. The engine cover is from a 2006 Pontiac GTO, polar lights made a kit of it, round2 released it not long ago
  4. Great idea! The AMT 60 Chevy pick up has the correct 6 cylinder, not the correct air filter though.
  5. what a blast from the past. I built my own by following your article. Thanks for sharing it.
  6. Shaker hood, honeycomb wheels, and a gold hood bird. Happy dance time!
  7. the kit of the gold car has the same spoiler as the orange one, which is incorrect. They are the same kit except the decals
  8. I don't know about the engine, but the "valve covers" are from the exhaust on the monogram paddy wagon
  9. I'm loving the look of this, please keep up with the progress pics
  10. Here are some pics of the contents of the snap 2016 Camaro
  11. actually, since '56 wheels were 15" and '57 were 14" that could be correct too. Very nice '57 I can't get enough tri five Chevys ?
  12. The one with the pink car on the box is the only one that cannot be built stock, it has the transverse leaf spring option that is in the nomad kit. All the other kits have stock parts.
  13. Here's a Grand National I built a while back
  14. AMT made a 1993 2wd splash, out of production at the moment.
  15. There are two versions off this kit, one is stock and street machine, the other is street machine and drag (dropped axle and slicks etc.)
  16. Nice builds guys, looking forward to this kit. Off topic I know, but I dig that '57 ragtop.
  17. Nice work so far! I will be starting mine soon, keep the pics comming.
  18. No the amt concept kit does not replicate a production car in any way, the engine and suspension are completely different. The revell kit is the only choice.
  19. The standard wheels for the ZL1 are the black ten spoke that are shared with the 1LE, the five spoke wheels are an extra cost upgrade. I was hoping for the ten spokes. Oh well maybe the Revell one will have them. Thanks for the pics
  20. Pics please? I think I saw it had the optional 5 spoke wheels, it this true?
  21. Looks good, I like the rims, gives it a hot rod look.
  22. Wow what a great build, love it. But the valve covers need to be rotated 180*. Keep up the good work.
  23. I love it! The only color for the 43. Now if they could get petty blue in victory lane.
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