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  1. Excellent job on a snap kit. Besides the super shiny interior the wheels look a little out of scale(too big) but it could just be me. 

    actually, since '56 wheels were 15" and '57 were 14" that could be correct too. Very nice '57 I can't get enough tri five Chevys 👍

  2. I see people that are talking about using the Revell kit to build a full detail conversion but wouldn't it be easier to do most of the chassis work using the AMT full detail kit from the concept, they are still pretty easy to get, & cheaper than the Revell one at that.

    No the amt concept kit does not replicate a production car in any way, the engine and suspension are completely different. The revell kit is the only choice.

  3. If you mean the ZL1 wheels, yes. I will take some pics and post tomorrow AM.

    The standard wheels for the ZL1 are the black ten spoke that are shared with the 1LE, the five spoke wheels are an extra cost upgrade. I was hoping for the ten spokes. Oh well maybe the Revell one will have them.

    Thanks for the pics

  4. Hey I do need some advice, what do you guys do with the inside of the body? I was thinking either yellow or just primer grey. I'm having a hard time finding any pictures of the 1:1. Also while I'm at it, I'm a little worried about the decals. I've done them before, but I have no idea how old this kit is. It was a gift from a friend. I believe he picked it up on eBay. Do they deteriorate over time or should it be okay? Thanks for the help and kind words, Joey
    The inner body was moste often the same color as the chassis.
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