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  1. I've built all the third gen camaro kits. My favorite is the AMT (the one without T tops). It has the best engine compartment detail, the chassis, the body looks correct, overall seemed the moste accurate, although it has a manual trans eventhough the crossfire was only available with an auto. The revell one is not good, the engine is a weird Pontiac/Chevy thing, the body is not quite right the grill has no license plate surround etc. I'll try and get some pics soon.
  2. I agree completely, a 57 nomad and 56 hard top are next on my got to have list!
  3. I'm curious about this car, any pics who makes, the decals?
  4. Wow, it looks real. I've built the 83 z28 but always have trouble with the large scale. You obviously don't, looking forward to seeing mor from you.
  5. Yup any engine was available with any model, a 150 could have a fulie, and bel airs had 6cyl. The vin does not specify the engine it came with, so restorers often put v8s in cars that originally had 6s.
  6. I built the last release of this kit, the engine is the very simplified, it is a 5.0 litter H.O. With a carb and the dual snorkel air cleaner. The older 1982 version of this kit had the crossfire intake.
  7. to the the best of my knowledge COPO 427's did not have center consoles. your build looks great, I just finished a Yenko from that kit, think I will go back and open up the grill now though
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